Season 3 Episode 13

Finders Keepers

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • So now we're getting to know Millie? And she's OK after all?

    I think I know what's happening with Millie. It must be something they teach in TV writers' school. Any time you write a new boss into a show, it is mandatory that he/she be at first unlikeable. In fact, the more liked the old boss, the more hateful the replacement. Then after a couple episodes, start giving the newbie some personality, some redeeming qualities, a reason to get invested emotionally and voila -- new boss is OK after all. To cite a few examples of bosses that grew on us: Dr. Camille Saroyan on "Bones"; Dr. Kerry Weaver on "ER"; Colonel Potter on "M.A.S.H."; ADA James Conlon on "Close to Home"; General Cresswell on "JAG"; Director Jenny Shepard on "NCIS"; and Lt. Thomas Bale on "NYPD Blue" -- remember how hateful this former Rat Squad boss was at first?
    In this ep, Millie reveals her rebellious past in which she dropped out for 3 months to go sailing; she saw Charlie working on FBI/NSA projects on university time and didn't get all radical; and she actually went to the trouble of learning chess strategy only because Alan likes the game so much. Aww, maybe she's OK after all.
    I was kind of surprised that the NSA didn't postulate early on that the yacht didn't actually sink -- don't they have think tanks for such? Pretty good plot idea to have the racing yacht pick up sensitive missile guidance systems in Singapore to be delivered in LA. Poor plotline to say they "were tracking" them, though. If they knew where they were, why didn't they swoop down on the yacht at sea and confiscate them?
    I liked that Don stood up to the NSA guys when they threatened to yank Charlie's security clearance. I know we were supposed to feel good about the eventual interagency cooperation. But isn't counter-terrorism on US soil the primary mandate of the FBI since 9/11?
    We did get to see a good outcome, but it's scary how easily missiles -- even poorly made ones -- might slip into the US on a container ship. It was also nice seeing Don be the one who is ready to see where it goes with Liz. The other factor that this ep had that has been tabled somewhat this year is the fraternal interplay between Charlie and Don. It really pained Charlie not to be able to tell Don about NSA. This was a lot like early eps in the series. Oh, and Charlie got to renew his first love -- fluid mechanics!