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    No one else post on this thread please, unless otherwise directed.  The date of initiation into the Numb3rs N3rds will be changed in the thread title.  The person(s) with a star by their name must spend one entire day of posting only using 3's for E's.  If they are caught doing anything else, their name will be removed, and they will be chosen at another, random time.   Understand?  Good.  *evil grin*  Let the games begin!!!!! 

    1. Laukie!!!!!!

    2. KseniaNZ!!!!!!

    3. kittyeephouse!!!!!!

    4. ikantdance05!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Eyes_Closed!!!!!!

    Your initiation starts...Now!!!!!  Good Luck! 

    Kas--Xtr3m3 N3rd For Lif3!

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