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    [1]Jul 14, 2008
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    hi everyone!,could someone please tell me what is the name of the song at the beginning of the blackout episode of numbers,where there is an overview of a lots of skyscrapers?after that there's a love scene between don and robin.

    thank you for answering me

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    [2]Jul 26, 2008
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    i think it's "Lovely 2 c u" by Goldfrapp and the love scene is between don and liz
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    I'm watching this episode on TNTD and found what I think is a goof / flaw ... at least I don't get it, right away. Maybe you can help me see it.

    This occurs towards the end of the episode (52 minutes w/Commercials) where Liz is entering the prison and the fuel truck is already there and the guard is dead. While Liz, a fellow FBI agent had to go through security and give up her gun, Don and his crew drive through the same Sally Port as the fuel truck and still have their guns.

    While it makes sense, thing is a prison (I would think) runs on rules and procedures. A gate guard isn't going to let someone drive in with guns without permission from a superior. After all for all the guard knows Don isn't with the FBI any longer having been let go earlier in the day. It is his butt for not following the rules, right?

    Of course, maybe Don called ahead, but they didn't as is obvious from how they behaved upon entering and also the scenes showing the inside of the prison. Even the comments by Megan about the armory makes it clear no one inside yet knows what is going on. How could the Warden or some member of the upper staff NOT know armed FBI agents are in their prison?

    To me this is a major goof in plot. I know I missed it the first time I watch because I try to just enjoy an episode and on purpose get caught up in the action. It is when I see reruns I try to think about the episode, hey, it's how I watch TV.


    Another question: When David hits the side of the fuel truck it is obviously empty. Why wouldn't the gate guard also hit the side of the truck to insure it had some fluid in it and wasn't a Trojan House.

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