Season 6 Episode 2

Friendly Fire

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2009 on CBS

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  • A few flaws in the storyline, but otherwise a very good episode.

    When two agents are killed while trying to take down a bank heist crew, Don and the team investigate. Based on eyewitness accounts, they recreate the events of the attempted takedown and find some glaring inaccuracies. This leads to an investigation into the two members of the FBI team who survived, including the leader. Things get complicated when it turns out that the leader was one of Don's mentors.

    The one major problem that I had with this episode is that they went through all the trouble of setting up a computer simulation of the scenario in order to determine who shot whom when forensic evidence would easily have revealed everything and in half the time. Ballistics would have matched the bullets that killed the two agents and two bank robbers and wounded the two surviving agents. Fingerprint analysis revealed one of the FBI agent's fingerprints on the handle of a robber's weapon (which for some reason neither she nor her leader were smart enough to wipe?). And could there really have been many credbile eyewitnesses with a good view of a multi-combatant gunfight with automatic weapons? Everyone ran like their butts were on fire and the rest of them was catching, so who could have given a reliable report to the detectives?

    Anyhow, despite the technical issues, the storyline with Larry as he wrestles with another stage of his midlife "what's it all about" questions is still interesting - Peter MacNicol is a brilliant actor and I love it when they focus on his characters. All in all, a great episode for the actors and the dramatic storylines, but a very poor one on the technical side.
  • In the mayhem of a bank robbery firefight, several FBI agents are brought down, and it is up to the team to determine who the shooter(s) was/were.

    The episode ranges from high violence to moments of quiet soul searching. In the mayhem of a high-intensity firefight several FBI agents are brought down. I would imagine that in such situations it is more likely than admitted by agencies that so-called 'friendly fire' situations occur (referencing the episode title).
    I found the number and emphasis on the bodies (as in repeated screen-time displaying) to be rather more than I would prefer (just my opinion).

    There are also several light moments, which stand in sharp contrast to the violence and its results.

    The highlights for me are the more pronounced character development and interior searching going on in the cast, exemplified by Don and Larry in this episode. While the series has always included good character interaction and thoughtful questioning, it feels that the last half or so of Season 5 and certainly the beginning of Season 6 are digging deeper into that realm -- which I applaud. I could really feel the personal angst and questioning that Larry and Don especially are going through as their lives seem to be changing.

    This exploration of character and meaning, by the actors and the writing/producing team, is what drives me to watch the show.
  • A gunfight erupts on the street between three bank robbers and four FBI agents. When it's over two bank robbers and two FBI agents are dead. Don and the team investigate. Also, Larry makes a decision that completely stuns Charlie and Amita.

    This episode worked well. It was well acted and entertaining. However, there are a few flaws. The title is one of them. Because of that title, it was painfully obvious that the two FBI agents were not killed by the bank robbers. What helps make up for this flaw to a certain extent is where the story goes and exactly why events occurred. I believe the story concering Dylan, David and Nikki's bet was a bit silly (not to mention unneccesary). Larry's decision is a surprise. It will be interesting to see how that story pans out in future episodes.
  • Although there was no real math in this episode, the story and the acting was so good that it reminded me once again why I love this show.

    This was a brilliant episode with a brilliant performance from Rob Morrow. The beginning of the episode was pretty intense with the FBI agents preparing for the job, but it was well mixed with the funny conversations b/w Nikki and the guys. I actually liked Nikki in this episode and it was a big first for me. Hope I won't be disappointed in the future. Frankly I knew from the get go that the FBI boss was involved one way or another, what I didn't realize was the motives and by the end of the episode, when it was revealed why he sacrificed two people...well I think it was a good explanation, a pure and honest one. I still think it was wrong and inhuman, but at least he had motives other than money. Larry's story is getting more and more complex with each episode and I don't know yet how I feel about it. I really love his character and it'll be sad to lose him. The math in this episode wasn't really math. I still don't get it how Charlie did all that stuff from just 20 statements but guess that's for him to know and me never find out =) And here come my two favourite moments of the story. First- Colby&David were absolutely hilarious. I really love their friendship and how Dylan and Alimi play their characters. Nikki and the bball player interaction was also fun. Although compared to the high emotional level of the last scene with Don, the Colby&David&Nikki scene in the bar was a little bit out of place. But the best thing in this episode for me was Rom Morrow and his portrayal of Don, his emotions and his struggle. For me it was one of the best performances by RM to date. Of course the flashback to Bloom from last season was evident and Don was once again put through this kind of situation. The changings in Don's character these last two seasons are so obvious and drastic that I'm starting to think that in the series finale we'll see DOn quitting the FBI. I really hope this won't be the case though. So to sum it up-great episode with amazing acting.
  • Two FBI Agents and evidence points to friendly fire as the reason behind their deaths.

    Entertaining episode. "Friendly Fire" episodes have become one of the most overused plot lines for crimes show, but damn they are always intriguing.

    It's a subject that in real life doesn't quite get the attention it should and when it does it's usually panned down.

    Enter this episode. We see another killer intro. A gun fight with FBI agents preventing an armed robbery. Two FBI agents are killed. The official story is that they blame the suspect. Don, Charlie, Colby and David aren't buying it.

    Charlie uses a computer model and his math talents to pinpoint the positions of the FBI agents to show that it be highly unlikely that the main suspect is at fault.

    When David and Colby investigate the credibility of one of the leading officers who has had a history of reckless behavior, they know they must stay on the case.

    Like I said, although are repeated a lot more on TV, they are nonetheless intriguing especially on a show like this where they show you the science involved to really establish who is at fault.