Season 6 Episode 2

Friendly Fire

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2009 on CBS

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  • Two FBI Agents and evidence points to friendly fire as the reason behind their deaths.

    Entertaining episode. "Friendly Fire" episodes have become one of the most overused plot lines for crimes show, but damn they are always intriguing.

    It's a subject that in real life doesn't quite get the attention it should and when it does it's usually panned down.

    Enter this episode. We see another killer intro. A gun fight with FBI agents preventing an armed robbery. Two FBI agents are killed. The official story is that they blame the suspect. Don, Charlie, Colby and David aren't buying it.

    Charlie uses a computer model and his math talents to pinpoint the positions of the FBI agents to show that it be highly unlikely that the main suspect is at fault.

    When David and Colby investigate the credibility of one of the leading officers who has had a history of reckless behavior, they know they must stay on the case.

    Like I said, although are repeated a lot more on TV, they are nonetheless intriguing especially on a show like this where they show you the science involved to really establish who is at fault.
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