Season 6 Episode 2

Friendly Fire

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2009 on CBS

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  • A few flaws in the storyline, but otherwise a very good episode.

    When two agents are killed while trying to take down a bank heist crew, Don and the team investigate. Based on eyewitness accounts, they recreate the events of the attempted takedown and find some glaring inaccuracies. This leads to an investigation into the two members of the FBI team who survived, including the leader. Things get complicated when it turns out that the leader was one of Don's mentors.

    The one major problem that I had with this episode is that they went through all the trouble of setting up a computer simulation of the scenario in order to determine who shot whom when forensic evidence would easily have revealed everything and in half the time. Ballistics would have matched the bullets that killed the two agents and two bank robbers and wounded the two surviving agents. Fingerprint analysis revealed one of the FBI agent's fingerprints on the handle of a robber's weapon (which for some reason neither she nor her leader were smart enough to wipe?). And could there really have been many credbile eyewitnesses with a good view of a multi-combatant gunfight with automatic weapons? Everyone ran like their butts were on fire and the rest of them was catching, so who could have given a reliable report to the detectives?

    Anyhow, despite the technical issues, the storyline with Larry as he wrestles with another stage of his midlife "what's it all about" questions is still interesting - Peter MacNicol is a brilliant actor and I love it when they focus on his characters. All in all, a great episode for the actors and the dramatic storylines, but a very poor one on the technical side.
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