Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • Another great addition to season 5, CAN the writer's come up with something bad?! ;)

    Boy has this season been enjoyable so far, there hasn't been an episode which I didn't like! Bravo to the writers and actors. This episode definitely centered more on Charlie and his rival Marshal Penfield, I thought it was very interesting and entertaining! Don, Coby, David, and the others had less screen time but they were all in it to some extent. The crime was great with a nasty criminal mastermind. I found the scene when Don told Charlie about going to temple was very sweet. Don was so releaved that Charlie didn't think he was dumb, these brothers have come so far! This was the one episode where Nicki's previous carear in the LAPD was an asset and not an anyance. While I enjoyed the episode I most sincerly say I DID NOT like Charlie's new hair-cut.... ;) The next episode looks very interesting, we have to wait 2 weeks for it. :(
  • The returned of Marshall Penfield.

    Another reminder of why I love this show. This was one of the better overall episodes. We have two rival gangs, each with their own motives and adgendas. We have the return of Charlie's rival Marshall Penfield. The script was creative and well plotted. The final scene was great. Geeks versus the nut job playing a modern day Fagen ends up getting it in the end. The issue ultimately was the kids joy in his death. Marshall and Charlie's truce however short lived, I do like what the character brings to the show. We touch briefly on Don's journey but the biggest revelance was Charlie's realization that he can be intimadating to other people.
  • Charlie must team up with an old rival of his in order to help Don and his team crack a case in which a gang of thieves and a vigilante group seem engaged in an all out war of wits. Meanwhile, Don starts to turn to religion to help with life's troubles.

    One of the best and most entertaining episodes of the season. "Numb3rs" has featured some very good guest stars in it's years on the air. As is the case with Lou Diamond Phillips, Colin Hanks does very well in his recurriing role as the thorn in Charlie's side. The vigilante group is a little cartoonish, but this episode makes up for this small flaw with a well written script. One highpoint is the scene where the reason for the vigilante group's motivation is revealed. The reason avoids conventional plot devices and shows Vanguard isn't so noble after all. Terrific episode.