Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2007 on CBS

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  • During a comics convention, an arrogant business tycoon displays a copy of a rare and valuable comic book titled Ultra World. Two masked gunmen then steal the one of a kind book killing a security guard. Don and his team begin their investigation.


    As we saw at the start of this season on CSI: NY the main character of the show is unlucky at love as his girlfriend leaves him. I don't understand why the producers feel the main characters should not have happy romances. As always it was great to see Charlie help out his brother in the investigation. It was also good to see Charlie actively involved in the case when he participates in the auction. However Don being in La La Land over his girlfriend leaving him and the whole Vanity Fair subpolt were unneccesary. Terrific but not excellent episode.

  • The funniest episode of Numb3rs!

    This episode of Numb3rs is about the world of comics and their creators. A rare comic is stolen while on display during a convention and a security guard is killed in the process. Charlie uses his math skills to help Don and the rest of the team solve the case. This episode was FILLED with comedic moments! I found myself cracking up over and over again. I loved the part where the fugitive jumps out his window in only a towel and David and Colby race like two school kids to determine who the unlucky sap is that'll have to tackle him! The best part was the guy trying to carjack two women who were way bigger than he was, got what he deserved! I was bent over with laughter when the FBI went to the senior home to get the other fugitive. It was kinda funny to watch the old people run in slow motion and hella funny to watch David get beat with a cane.

    Besides all the comedy, the show had a pretty good story line. Will Wheaton was a douche throughout most of this episode but he redeemed himself in the end.
  • There's always room for change in someone's heart.

    At a comic book con a rare comic book is stolen. The book is put out on display by a man who can be best described as ridiculous man full of himself. In the end he redeems himself however.
    Charlie helps out in this show as the investigation takes many twists and turns about who set up the robbery and who killed the poor security guard. He again can solve the crime through his numbers that "he thinks are beautiful" paraphrasing Alan. One could see where this show was heading from the first few moments but I enjoyed all the humor thrown in just as well!
  • Comic books can be scary business!

    Comic books can be a very scary business. As we find out on this episode. Where Charlie, who usually helps out his brother and team. Becomes a little more involved as he is in one of the auctions. And that the team without that, wouldn't had gotten their person. Wanted to hit that arrogant business tycoon out. As he acted like a Mr Know It All. Also it proves that federal agents aren't invincible at all. As Don and his girlfriend are on and off again. But this time, it seems like it is indefinately off. But that is what happens in tv that the main characters on every tv show aren unlucky in love.
  • An episode rift with memories involves the theft of a graphic novel.

    When I first read about this episode I wrote a BLOG about it and the memories the casting sparked. Among the guest stars was Christopher Lloyd who so-starred with Judd Hirsh and a cast of many in Taxi. Last night they reunited for the first time since Taxi died from an untimely cancellation.
    In that BLOG I speculated that they might not even share scene but just being on the same set would be special.
    In a way I was right. The story line had Chris sharing the screen with Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz and the other leads. Judd who plays their father had scenes with Peter McNicol.
    However, when the crime had been solved, the bad guy was locked up and the rest of the cast went of to whatever, there was one scene. A scene filled with memories and subtle references to their previous characters. Chris' character mentions having written comics the 60's using the pen name, "Paisley McNasty". "I have a little trouble picturing you as a hippie". Judd says. What? Chris returns. They let it end there but for those who are in on the joke, what? Says it all. Christopher Lloyd's character on Taxi was a burned out casualty of sixties drug use. And this short scene was at least in my mind a salute, by two friends, to a wonderful time in the past.
  • Charlie makes Vanity fair.

    Another great episode of numbers. Charlie helps the fbi solve the theft/murder of a comic book and a moonlighting security officer. Once again Charlie shows through numbers that another collector is the actual theft forger of the expensive 1st edition comic. And as an aside Charlie and his friends and family are interviewed by Vanity fair after he has written a book how numbers and relationships are similar. Abit far vetched I think but it was done nicely by the writers. In the end the creator gets the comic back, the people who bought the coiunterfits get money back, charlie gets his article and he and his brother get thier comic portrait done by a revered comic creator.
  • I loved the script concept.

    I loved the script for this episode. (Writers come back soon we miss you.) I loved the whole idea of the team diving into the world of comic books and their collections for they are a rare group of very diverse people. The idea of a rare collector's book being stolen then fraudulently duplicated and then sold. This is done all to benefit the original creator who is now in financial trouble and in failing health. With Wil Wheaton guest starring the addition of the "Trekies" during the convention scenes I found very amusing. Don's break up with Liz was addressed with the team. Don better get his head back in the game before he gets seriously hurt. David was there to save his butt this time but who'll be there next time. I still couldn't understand the need to have the reporter there for a story on Charlie. If this was truly an intended storyline, they didn't dedicate enough time. It just seemed to fill up space.
  • good episode...

    The team investigates a robbery involving commics. A famous, broke comic writer had one original that he lost and he wanted back. A good friend of his organized the robbery of his comic book so he could give it back. In the end, the comic was returned, but the owner gave it to the broke comic writer. The story in this episode was interesting. I knew who it was the entire time though. I liked the whole idea of the bet with the girlfriend and I also liked the idea of article about Charlie. Overall, good episode with a good story and good character development.
  • Numb3rs crosses over into the comic book world.

    Numb3rs captured the essences of comic book fandom wonderfully. Will Wheaton and Christopher Lloyd made superb performances as guest stars in this episode.

    I don't think i've ever laughed so hard at a numb3rs episode before.The david/colby chase scene with the naked crook was great and the whole naked carjacking crime was fantastic.After all these guys have been through it's nice to see them finally in sync with one another again. David getting beat up by the woman with the cane was unbelievably hysterical and then to top it all off we get SuperDavid to the rescue! Nice to finally see colby getting a love life.I hope everything works out with him and the woman megan set him up with.

    I loved the quotes that larry and amita gave the reporter.Alan's quote "Charlie thinks that math is beautiful. I think he just wants to share that with the world." Is what the essence of numb3rs is all about.I'm glad that they put that in there.Don's quote about him and charlie finally getting over their differences and becomming friends was a defining moment as well.

    One of numb3rs best episode and a definate series classic.
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