Season 5 Episode 22

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Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 08, 2009 on CBS
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The team investigates a series of bank robberies committed by copy cats and find themselves facing a familiar foe.

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  • A chain of copycat robberies

    This is only the second episode of Numb3rs I have ever watched, with the first being the time Tito Ortiz guest starred years ago. This show lured me in with Henry Winkler's (Happy Days, Arrested Development) guest appearance, but I think I will be sticking around this time, unlike when the former UFC Champion stopped by.

    The show deals with dudes with badges, just like every other show on CBS, but is unique in how it incorporates mathematics (especially with the cutaway scenes with Charlie which are both intentionally and unintentionally hilarious). The show also featured a fair amount of action, granted not as much as Flashpoint or The Unit, but more than enough to hold my interest. The ending was also pretty shocking, reminiscent of the season premiere of One Tree Hill with Brookee getting attacked.

    This is not my favorite show, but I think Numb3rs just gained a new viewer.moreless
  • Whew ... talk about setting up the season finale well! Bank robberies + retired agent looking for redemption = a GREAT episode. ... this whole episode can be seen as a FORESHADOW to the season finale ...moreless

    Whew ... talk about setting up the season finale well!

    Bank robberies + retired agent looking for redemption = a GREAT episode.

    A familiar bank robbery brings up more questions than answers. Answers to those questions brings up even more questions. The trail of clues lead to an old face. The end of the episode leads to an horrific event.

    Good episode on its own, but this whole episode can be seen as a FORESHADOW to the season finale. *spoiler*

    This episode leaves you thinking one question in your mind. A posed to Don Eppes in this episode, "What wouldn't you do for you brother?"

  • Who Knows Best??

    I loved seeing Henry Winkler re-establish the character of Roger Bloom. One of the things I've been noticing is that the team is becoming more "math savvy" in learning from their favorite professor. I loved seeing the conflict within Charlie in regards to moving into in office as well as his new position. But I what I appreciated is Don recognizing that the position is what's expected of Charlie and maybe not necessarily what Charlie wants for himself. Colby's connection with Bloom was nice to see unfold especially when Colby knows what it's like being on the outside looking in. Nikki challenging Colby was a development that I think needs explored seeing he's not the first lately. Amita giving Charlie her support and her heart was touching but the final minutes hard my heart in my throat and hoping Charlie doesn't lose what's truly important.moreless

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    • Sinclair: Excuse me, these are three files that were recently checked out we need to know who had them.
      File Clerk: It should say on the back.
      Sinclair: Well whoever it was didn't want their signature to be recognized.
      Nikki: They need to show a badge ID to get them, right?
      File Clerk: Give me the file numbers.
      Nikki: 91ALA, 21-245, 13-545, and 41-808.
      File Clerk: Okay, those were all checked out by Agent Sinclair.
      Sinclair: I'm Sinclair, I want to know who had them before me.

    • Colby: (about how his father died) He was going up into the mountains on a fishing trip. There's 20 miles of road, and there was a steel guardrail that covered every single inch of it, except for one 50 yard stretch, and that's the spot that his truck went off the cliff.
      Nikki: I'm sorry. That is some serious bad luck.
      Colby: Yeah, it's either bad luck or that's the spot he was aiming for.

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    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: June 28, 2009 on Veronica
      Norway: September 10, 2009 on TV2
      Germany: February 27, 2010 on Kabel 1
      Czech Republic: June 23, 2010 on TV Nova
      Finland: July 17, 2012 on Sub

    • Music used in this episode was "A Comet Appears" by The Shins.