Season 6 Episode 15

Growin' Up

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mary Paulson is a television reporter doing a story about three men who were all kidnapped and raped when they were ten years old by Andy Winslow, their school Shop teacher. Many years after their misfortune, Sean is now a highly successful litigation attorney and a possible candidate for the Los Angeles Mayoral election. Devin turned his misfortune into profits by becoming a self-help author. Matt, who happens to be Mary's brother, ended up committing suicide after a struggle with depression and drugs.

As part of the retrospective, Mary arranges a meeting between Devin and Sean. Right as the men arrive, Devin is shot. The FBI discovers a fourth man who was involved in the rape and kidnappings. Mike Nash had his identity protected by the other three men over the years. Mike Nash was the man who shot Devin. He wanted revenge because Devin had sold the rights to a movie based on the boys' story.

All four boys had a secret. After Winslow was released from jail, Sean and Mike took Winslow to a park where they beat and raped him with a bat. Matt videotaped everything while Devin waited in the car. Now, years later, Winslow has been contacting all four of the men, trying to black mail them after discovering that there was video proof of their crime. Devin had been cut a deal to testify against them since he was not involved. Matt refused to destroy the tape and killed himself out of guilt. Sean shoots himself when Don confronts him about the tape.

Charlie has accepted a temporary teaching position at Cambridge University in England causing a delay in their wedding plans. After debating a European wedding, they settle on getting married before they leave for England. Larry has returned to teaching but is also offered a job by Alan's boss at the software company.