Season 5 Episode 15

Guilt Trip

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • You can't win them all or can they.....

    This was the second episode regarding jury tampering this week. Different shows same idea, both shows pulled it off and very convincingly. I like that the we start off with the FBI actually losing a case which I thought was an interesting twist because we rarely see this aspect of the show. Of course Robin and Don begin to carry the burden of guilt knowing their characters but as expected they want to fix what's wrong. As with the other show, the concept of jury tampering was pretty believable given the available technology as well as information for both sides. I appreciated Charlie thinking outside of the box in regards to trying to help before the problem arises. I think it showed good character development for him based of his exposure as well as experience of helping the FBI.
  • Satan never goes away.

    Wow what an episode. The addition of Ray Wise as a jury consultant flashing demonic smile as he does on reaper was great. James Marsters guest stars as Damien Lake, an arms dealer who kills an FBI agent and gets away with it by having a jury consultant tamper with the jury. Don and his team use some jury probabilities from Charlie to start tracking down the jurors that swayed the juries vote. After finding the two jurors that swayed the vote, a third was found that the team was searching for earlier that used a false ID to get onto the Jury. They used this person to set up Ray Wise's,character, who is no longer smiling like satan, to get information that Charlie uses to track down Damien Lake. The first trial is declared a mistrial due to jury tampering and Damien Lake was found guilty of murder in the second trial.
  • Charlie and the team are shocked when a murder trail which was sure to be a slam dunk for the prosecution ends in an aquittal. Frustrated, the team looks into the possibility of jury tampering.

    This episode is very good and I do recommend it. However, it has flaws which prevent me from giving it just an average rating. The man at the center of this investigation, specifically the man who was aquitted of the woman's murder, is a bit too goofy to be believed and the character was bogged down by tired cliches. When Charlie goes to the man's estate, the man is 100% certain that he is in no danger of being prosectued. The same can be said for the software company executive. I think we have had enough of that old device.