Season 2 Episode 20

Guns and Roses

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2006 on CBS
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When an ATF agent is found dead under unusual circumstances, Don wants to take the case, which revolves around an elaborate bank robbery, after he learns the victim was his former girlfriend. He then becomes quite introspective as he realizes the impact his career has had on his personal life and decides to turn his attention toward a new woman.moreless

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  • It breaks my heart to watch Don had so many relationships with those women.He's really a Don Juan. Recently I DO have a huge crush on this guy!Help me!

    It breaks my heart to watch Don had so many relationships with those women.He's really a Don Juan.

    Recently I DO have a huge crush on this guy!Help me!

    Rob Morrow is really brilliant, he brings lives to these charater. I can see why so many female agenices attracted by him. He is surely a charming actor that can catch your eyeball without any effort.

    But I still think that the Robin girl is not the one for him. Don need someone support him and someone really good. I just don't see these quality in the Robin girl.

    Rob Morrow I crazy about you!moreless
  • Nice change of pace and style


    I welcome more of these types of episodes. Full of [inner] character development [for Don]. Some action, but alot of emotional conflict and trama suffered. I actually started to feel for Don alot.

    The plot is essential find the mole episode with massive "better to have loved than lost" theme hanging over it.

    The first is a good enough intro, but the middle act is filled with clever scenes that will allow you to figure out the end twist, if you pay attention to what is going on, not what is being shown!

    The introduction of the missing husband provides a good but brief avenue misdirection while the major part of the conflict in this episode is shouldered by Don as he tries to come to terms with his past anad the death of somone he loved. To intensify Don's conflict a possible new liasion in the form of an AUSA provides him with more worries to deal with. Sadly she seems to be there as a one time thing. I wish theyd expand more of their private lives.

    A great finale battle royale is logically setup and brings a satisfying conclusion.

    Oh and as a very interesting miniscule subplot is that Larry asks Megan out in this episode - cool!moreless
  • Review

    The lack of Colby in this episode confused me a lot. I can understand them wanting to give some characters and episode or two off so that they can regain some energy, but Colby has been hands down the best action adventure agent that this show has seen in its short exsistance. Dons interactions with Robin was interesting, considering he decided to make the move right after he had the conversation with his Dad about giving a woman a shot for a change. I thought that his scenes with her were written very well, including having her ask a lot of questions about the case Don took with the woman that he used to date. Speaking of this case - it was pretty forgetable. I dont think it was one of Numbers best. Charliers math wasnt all that great and the metaphors that he used didnt make up for the neglection of math in this episode. The DNA sample that connected the FTA agent to her death was far too random for me to enjoy it. The action scene at the end was far too qiet and less choatic, which made the scene a little worse for me. The "outside the case" scenes in thsi episode were brillant, the case was lacking a little something...moreless
  • Don in love

    Ok last episode, Charlie got some action, so naturally, it's Don's turn. However, it all turns bitter when his ex-girlfriend turns up dead.

    First off, the only reason I didn't rate this episode 10/10 was because there was no Colby. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Epps boys but Colby brings a lot to the show. He's a great character. At least David and Megan were there.

    Don is really, really brilliant in this episode, as you would expect him to be. Every one of his emotions are explored brilliantly. The grief, the anger and the guilt are all acted out amazingly by Rob Morrow.

    Awesome episode.moreless
  • Don must deal with the death of a loved one on top of a murder investigation.

    Rob Morrow is a wonderful actor, and this episode really showcases this fact. Don moves between every emotion in this episode, from happy to lustful to despair to frustration to anger and back again. Morrow pulls it off beautifully.

    I like Robin Brooks as a love interest for Don, as the two have a lot of chemistry between them. Much better than Nadine (who really seemed too young for Don).

    The shoot-out at the end was filmed amazingly. The lack of a musical score made it that much more jarring to watching. And it was great to see Don pull the shoot-from-under-the-car move. That was awesome and shows that second-season!Don is as smart and cunning as first-season!Don, despite what everyone thinks.moreless
Eric Steinberg

Eric Steinberg

ATF Agent Rho

Guest Star

Lesley Fera

Lesley Fera

ATF Agent Annie Wilson

Guest Star

Markus Flanagan

Markus Flanagan

ATF Supervisor Eric Turner

Guest Star

Michelle Nolden

Michelle Nolden

AUSA Robin Brooks

Recurring Role

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