Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2009 on CBS

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  • The sixth season begins with Don and the team attempting to track down a sniper intent on killing a man Don's team has been assigned to protect.

    While there have been worse season openers, there have been better ones as well. Gary Cole gives a good performance as the villian here, but I was not all that impressed by this episode. It just felt recycled and predictable. From the beginning I was certain that everybody knew that Charlie and Amita were engaged. The revalation of that at episode's end was no revalation at all. The climax where Cole is confronted on the roof was also predicatble. It could not have been more obvious that he "commit suicide". I hope the season gets better as it goes along.
  • A great start to the best series on TV.

    The best part of this episode was the fact that there are SO many possible plot stories for the rest of the season. Larry and his rasberries, and impending trip to Geneva were an added bonus to this already full episode. I just know they are going to go back to the story about Don's injury and om she said yes!!!!! We all knew she would, but they did a good job of pretending that they were bad at lying. And my two favorite scenes were 1) when Don and Charlie were just talking in the war room, and 2) when Daddy Eppes and David were talking about what would happen if somebody killed Don or Charlie. And by the way, I SO did not apprieciate the fact that Don and Charlie's life was put in danger s oearly in the season. Just saying.

    -sam :P
  • Not exactly what I expected, but still a good one

    So the long wait is over and Numb3rs new episode finally aired. The idea to include Charlie finally writing his letter was actually pretty good and I enjoyed the way this episode was shot. The Charlie and Amita stoy was interesting, though a little bit weird. I did think for a moment that Amita said no (which would have been a surprise). Since I'm mostly a fan of Colby Granger, I find the dialogue b/w him and Charlie particularly hilarious. Him saying "I'll pass" to Charlie's demand for advice, lmao that's why I love the guy =) Speaking of Colby, I also enjoyed him asking David "Would u vote for me" =) Seriously, that's what friendship should be all about-support your friend no matter what. But I agree, don't talk politics. David on the other hand was a little bit different in this episode. His character has developed since the beginning of the episode. Here we saw him trying to help the 'bad guy' kinda the way Colby tried with the ex FBI agent in "Greatest Hits". Unfortunately he did not succeed. Liz and Nicki got less screen time here and I cannot help but be grateful for that. Sorry, judge me all u want, but I still see them as guest stars, not as regulars. Especially Nicki. She had to replace Megan (who was my favourite female on the show so far), so I'll give her some credit and try to like her more by the end of this season. As for Don and Alan.. Well nothing much to say. Both RM and JH play their charactes well enough so there's just nothing to be said. Though I have to add- love Don's hairstyle in this episode =) So overall this episode was a good one, but I cannot give it the whole 10 pts, cause I do feel like there was something missing.