Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • Interesting subject matter

    I did enjoy this episode but felt it did match the bar raised in previous installments. Subject matter was interesting enough and the actress who play Prita does succeed in pulling at your sympathy for her plight!

    The plot is well constructed but I didnt feel the action stakes intensified enough throughout. Where there is a lack of action one should expect that emotional stakes to rise, but I didnt think the writers succeeded here.

    The race to save Prita's sister and the other survivor is the only thing that raises this episode about a 7.

    I still think the show should be making more of the maths angle (havent seen series 1or3 yet) so Im unsure as to why there is a lack of more explanation. I suspect its to ensure that viewers dont get switched off! Personally I like the maths more than alot of the other elements - it is the real power behind this show.

    If you however, dont like the maths, dont mind the at times slower pace and do connect with the subject matter Im sure that this will be a near 9 pointer.

    Still a good episode, but hit and miss as to whether you will like it or not!
  • An interesting episode

    I love how it's base on Amita. I love the beginning bit, I watch this episode a while ago, and then just watched my dvd today. At the beginning I thought person A would receive the award but it was person B. it is cool!!! I love the interaction with Colby and David. It was so funny!!! Colby was amazing, he knew about what can be done with a car kit if you know what you are doing. Amita kiss Charlie!!! Love that!!! Charlie was so not expecting it. lol. Great scene. It was interesting about the black market organ harvest, as Colby said because they are giving so much money let say $1000, that is very good money if you are poor, so you are willing to do that operation, it's so sad. I love the ending. That was great!!!
  • Review

    I honestly believe this was one of the best Numbers episodes in the shows exsistance. The story about the girls flying over to sell their kidneys was a little farfetched, but the social interactions between all of the characters were comical and real. I thought Amita was brought into the spotlight in this episode, something that was much needed as her character had fallen out of the spotlight entirely this season. The little kiss that she shared with Charlie was a tease at the audiance thinking that something might actually become of this, but we all know better by now. There were a lot of scenes that dealt with just the characters and no case, which I really liked a lot. I liked the Dinner scene at the end with all of the characters eating dinner together. The ambulance chase scene was also one of the better scenes that I can remember Numbers having, with Colbys "Organ Donor" line being very comical as well. The comical parts of this episode as well as the character devolopment really makes this a tier 1 episode for me.
  • I really liked the fact that they showed Amita more in this episode. I really like her charecter and hope to see more of her.

    I love to watch this series. I liked the fact that Amita was the one that Santi wanted to talk to and that Amita helped solve the case in the end. I knew that sometimes it was hard to immigrate, but I never knew that people would sell their organs.
  • Since we can only pick one classification I wan to say that this was painful to watch and there was character devolpement.

    I enjoyed this episode as much as i didn't like it. I liked it when Amita was able to speak to the younger girl and talk to her about what was going on. I thought though that it was painful to watch when we saw the girls. I mean this is going on here and now ( I do know i am going off topic) but I mean to see this it was heart-breaking. (Getting back to the episode) I did enjoy the aaspect of us(the sudience) getting to Amita be of more help. I enjoy Amita's character a lot but I sometimes think that even though she is a side character that she could have a bigger role in the show. (she steadily does towards the end of the season).
  • Poor girls in LA sell their kidneys. I think this is farfetched.

    I find it impossible to believe that these beautiful young girls living in LA need to sell there kidneys in order to get money. Had they ever heard of a thing called "a job" I'm sure if they stopped at every restaurant in LA and asked for a job as a waitress, dishwasher, anything. I mean scruffy bums manage to panhandle enough in one day to buy a happy meal and a pint. Hey they could become prostitutes, at least that's easier than selling body parts.

    I think that the FBI should just use Amita as the consultant from now on. She knows as much math as Charlie, she is better at computer programming, and she is getting a PhD in Physics. She sounds much more qualified than Charlie who seems like a big nothing lately.
  • Pretty good episode. I found some stuff I didn't like aobut it, but over all it was good.

    Here are some thoughts on this episode.

    There wasn't a lot of math in this episode. I didn't really like that because that is what sets this show off from every other crime show. But I think I'll let this slip for this episode.

    I really, really wanted to see the opening and hear the theme song. I know the only reason they didn't have it was because they had a longer opening scene. Oh well.

    Charlie and Amira kissed! They caught me totally off guard. I thought Charlie was being disrespectful when Amita was talking to Charlie and Charlie didn't seem to care. I mean Amita was really upset and Charlie won't even look away from his stupid problem. But I understand that they wanted them to have it so Charlie would turn around and be caught off guard when kissed by Amira.

    That's all! :)
  • This was a scary and spooky, but great episode. It really brought in Amita, who was hardly noticed and we learned a lot about her.

    In this show, a tip talks suspcious activity from a hotel basement. There, they find a room with blood everywhere and a girl. When the FBI can't get her to speak because she's traumatized, it's Amita who comforts her amd gets her to speak. Amita finds out her name is Santi, and her sister is missing. 4 girls were given a chance to make a lot of money by donating their organs and it turned into their worst nightmare. They find a corrupt doctor who's plan to take out organs went awry when two of the girls were killed. They manage to stop the doctor and save Santi's sister, Prita, from a tragedy.

    Overall, it was a good episode. I like the fact we learned a lot about Amita and how she uses the Milton Prize she was awarded (by Charlie) to help the girls. Amita was actually a big help in this episode to both Charlie and Don with their professions. She was given a lot of the spotlight in this episode. If you are easily freaked out though, I suggest not to watch this episode. It's a little bit spooky!