Season 5 Episode 1

High Exposure

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on CBS

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  • The fifth season begins with the murder of two rock climbers. Don's investigation of the case is hampered by the fact that Charlie is unable to help due to having his security clearance revoked.

    It's good to see that "Numb3rs" has not lost its edge as it begins season number five. This episode works on every level. Writing, acting, story and suspense. Another high point is the return of Lou Diamond Phillips. He always adds some excitement to the show. I hope we see him more often as "Numb3rs" carries on. One negative point is the character of the special prosecutor. Since she is very attractive it's almost a dead giveaway that she will be sleeping with Don soon. Enough of this nonsense. Give Don a steady girlfriend! I certainly think he deserves it!
  • The episode looks into the death of 2 rock climbers. It involves a considerable greater amount of intensity and side story.

    This was a pretty good episode overall, and it seemed to break the psuedostandard episode format that some episoded of numb3rs have fallen into (especially in season 2). Like every episode, however, the story was still fresh and unique. The side story with Charlie and his struggle without having his security clearance was certainly well done. I personally enjoy how Numb3rs were fluidly integrates the side stories of these characters lives without having it rule the show. (ie even though the episodes fall in sequence and the side stories progress, you can still skip a few episodes and follow along because each episode also has its own individual fbi case.)

    The one thing that annoyed me the most was the megan's replacement. This former LAPD cop just doesn't cut it for me, and she's definitely no megan. Of the three major female fbi agents they've had on the show, megan was certainly the best, and her leaving the show certainly does take away some of its magnificence.
  • good episode

    Don and the team investigates the deaths of two climbers and the thievery of uncut diamonds. In the end, they find the four killers in the mountains and everyone is ok. I didn't think the story in this episode was very interesting. Don was in trouble and Charlie came to help... I didn't really like the Charlie loosing his clearance story line. It was obvious he's going to get it back and it's obvious that he was going to help the FBI without the clearance anyways. The random (I haven't seen that many episodes...) agent that was in this episode was interesting and I liked him, but it just seemed that they made a stupid excuse to have him in the episode. What was he there for? Overall, not a good premiere, but still was a solid episode.
  • Good Episode, Boring Case

    Not exactly the premiere you would expect but at least there is some continunity. We start off with Charlie being on the outside of the FBI's good graces. Don's trying to play Switzerland, but it's a challenge. Now I liked the rock climbers coming across a plane crash and finding something unexpected. But the bad guys I found really hard to believe and got bored with with really easy. I like Robin wanting to come to Charlie's rescue and reaching out to Amita was nice. It's like she wants to be a part of the family. Ian coming back was a great surprise and hope he returns again. Overall I didn't like the case, but liked the episode.
  • Welcome Back

    Many of the series I watch had mind blowing finales last season. Numb3rs disappointed me. While I liked High Exposure, I was underwhelmed with the premiere.

    The show starts with Charlie walking out of the courthouse. All the charges were dropped. The trouble with his not having security clearance back is a subplot in the episode.

    The real story revolved around rock climbers, diamonds and murders. The story was never cut and dry. There was some mystery involved before all the pieces fell in place at the end.

    The promo for next week deals with getting Charlie's clearance back.

    It was a fait accompli that Charlie would be exonerated in court. There is similarly no suspense in wondering if Charlie will get his security clearance back. I am waiting for more drama as the season progresses than I see in the first two episodes.
  • A FANTASTIC season opener, bringing high hopes for another great season!!!

    This was a perfect season opener, holding all the elements that makes Numb3rs so special! First off the story-line was great, an intreging and grabbing crime. Each part of the story was balanced well, with plenty of action, humor, a bit of edge of the seat, good Eppes family moments, and everything else that sets Numb3rs apart and makes it special. The characters were all back with a vengence (minus Megan *sniff sniff) each main character really was given a fair amount of screen time. I loved the interaction between Robin and Amita, very sweet, made me smile. I'm really hoping for at least one engagement by the end of the season ;) You could see the bit of tension between Don and Charlie, but nothing horrible and they worked it out by the end. Don's little scrape with danger was perfect, I hoped soemthing like that would happen so Charlie would step in and help. Colby and David were smallerish parts, but they did those well. Larry and Amita were a great addition to the episode I loved watching them figure things out without (and sometimes with;) Charlie. The new member of the team was pretty good, nothing super special about her yet, she's definitely no Megan, but I did enjoy her parts, which is good. ;) And Edgerton, I was so glad he was in this eppy, he really adds quite an energy and fun! By the end, all was good with the world (well at least their corner of it) and I was left with a smile on my face and the egerness for next weeks episode!
  • Our Numb3rs is back for its 5th season with a vengeance!!!

    Great, great AWESOME episode!

    Loved it on so many levels.

    Don getting chased around and being in danger...gotta love it! :)

    And Ian...that SUPREME eye candy. ;) Gotta say...if that man were on this show more than a few times a boys' slots and #1 and #2 hunk might be in question. :)

    As it stands, Robin is growing on me even more, and I liked Amita being supportive, but not pushy. And Larry...priceless..."I to get it done." LOL! You bad boy--been in the spy business too long! :)

    Glad Charlie's going to fight for his clearance. Of course, we knew he would, but still...nice to see Don supporting him.

    And then the ending...ALL of the important characters except David/Colby in happy family scenes. Even Ian! (gah--in love with Lou Diamond Phillips!--sorry--back to the review)

    Can't wait for next week!!!
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