Season 5 Episode 1

High Exposure

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Agent Nikki Betancourt joins Don's team in this episode. She spent four years with the LAPD before applying to the FBI and has a law degree.

    • Opening Numb3rs:
      72 CARATS
      2 CLIMBERS

    • When Don is swinging out of the tree, there is a second where one can see he is holding a black rope with his left hand.

  • Quotes

    • David: Don's not going to like this.
      Ian: Well, we can argue about that after we save his ass.

    • (Charlie and Alan are discussing whether he should pursue getting his clearance back)
      Charlie: Dad, all I need to do my work is a notebook, pencil,...
      Alan: And lots of chalkboards.

    • (Ian, Alan, and Larry are playing pool)
      Larry: I shall call this shot "The Fleinhart Boson."
      (balls shoots off table and clatters around the garage)
      Ian: "The flying" what?
      Larry: It's what I intended. Let's see either of you take your shot from behind the dryer!

    • Amita: Larry, this analysis is pretty deep stuff. Do you know how to do it?
      Larry: I know get it done.

    • Larry: Did you know that more small planes have disappeared in the Continental U.S. than in the Burmuda Triangle?
      Amita: Really?
      Larry: So they said on Mythbusters.

    • Ian: (Trying to remember Larry's last name) What about that other guy? Flintstone? Fierstein?
      Colby: Fleinhart.

    • David: (To Ian, about the mountains) There's a lot of innocent people up here: kids, families, hikers, puppies.

    • Colby: We'll need to find somebody who knows the mountains.
      Ian: Boo!
      David: (Turns around and seeing Ian walking towards them) Yeah... maybe we can see if Ian Edgerton's around.

  • Notes

    • Aya Sumika joins the cast as a contract player. Previously recurring, she first appeared in the season three episode Longshot.

    • International Air Dates:

      Norway: January 8, 2009 on TV2

      The Netherlands: February 1, 2009 on Veronica

      Australia: May 6, 2009 on Network TEN

      Czech Republic: May 25, 2010 on TV Nova

      Finland: February 21, 2012 on Sub

  • Allusions

    • Larry: Transporting diamonds is possibly a more dangerous job than Alaskan crab fisherman.

      This alludes to the Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch, which chronicles the lives of the captains and crew aboard Alaskan crabbing boats.

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