Season 4 Episode 2

Hollywood Homicide

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • Interesting...

    I understand there is alway fantany with TWINS! But why Tracy and Andrea got plastic surgery to get both looks alike!? Are they crazy or what? Twins are very rare to get. Madame want two girls to alike for what?? Anyway, Charlie's best friend, Larry finally came to help him with FBI work! Larry's character is already developing more lot! But recently, Don and Charlie didnt see each other very much, just very little! I am hoping if Megan and Larry's relationship is pretty good, but because their relationship is stuck, they didnt see each other for while. Anyway, GREAT episode!
  • Larry get some ziggy stardust?

    It is New Year's Eve and with the hope of the strike being resolved I let myself watch a couple of my dvr'd shows. Today I watched NUMB3RS which I began watching last year. I have to say something is very wrong with Larry! His character is developing but I am not sure to where! I have to laugh though. Maybe his girlfriend can ground him some!
    She seems to have been in his life in the past so I am gathering that I am correct that this is a little pick up from a previous story arc. At any rate, great show. Keep them coming!
  • Kind of silly episode!

    This was kind of a silly episode where this kind of where the Hollywood thing gets out of hand. With egos and all. As someone is murdered in blood. I wonder why the FBI, and not the locals are doing the murder as that falls under their jurisdiction. It is nice to see Charlie work with his teacher. But Peter MacNichol's character, really isn't himself. After the NASA thing, he needs to get back to his so-called "nerdy" self. The FBI really got out of line by dragging a suspect. Where Don did nothing, as you whould think that he would do something but didn't!
  • Back to business. Hollywood egos, body in a bath, secrets and lies.

    Our usual characters still don't seem comfortable with each other and Larry is still lost in space.
    The team are slowly patching together their relationships and comfort zones.
    It was great to see Larry working with Charlie, but I'd be happier if he were an earthling again and not the other worldly Larry. He's being remarkably self-indulgent for a scientist.
    I really enjoyed this episode but I can't really think of any specific reasons why except that it's nice to have the team back.

    Something that got to me was how little respect the suspects showed the FBI. Dragging a suspect out of an interview room seems pretty high handed. And Don basically blinked and did nothing. Can you really do that??
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