Season 2 Episode 24

Hot Shot

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 19, 2006 on CBS
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Don investigates the murders of two young women found in their cars outside their homes. Their deaths were made to look like drug overdoses, but Don realizes a serial killer is responsible. Meanwhile, Charlie is having bizarre dreams about his parents. In one dream, his deceased mother appears and tells him he has a question to ask her, but he can't imagine what it could be.moreless

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  • So much potential, too little time.

    I found the serial killer plot compelling and full of potential, considering the psychopath’s relationship with his mother, his home movie studio in the guest house, and his method of using, abusing, killing, and posing his victims. But with few precious minutes available between the unrelated dream sequences, ultimately the crimes and the investigation felt rushed. Also, when Don was fighting the suspect alone and was injected with what was presumably the same lethal cocktail that was used on the female victims, he collapsed unconscious just after shooting the suspect. Then… nothing. There was no rescue, no sense of the gravity of Don’s injury, and not even a reaction from his team when Don radioed “agent downâ€�, although in other episodes the team has show that they care deeply for each other. Instead the scene just faded into a distracting dream sequence between Charlie and his mom, and next we see Don sitting in the dining room filling out paperwork on the shooting. I really, really wanted to see more from this episode. It had so much more potential than what was aired and I found myself actually hoping it was a cliffhanger into Season 3 since I felt they left the various plots and dream sequences unresolved.moreless
  • Below par episode.

    A convincing opening scene provides the hope for a sensational season climax. Unfortunately the only cliff hanger is provide by what should be a sub-plot cliffhanger at best - Charlie and Amita's on-off relationship.

    And this is where the show imo goes off the rails and doesnt provide the bang it show have done. That is because there is a fair element of character development chronicling past events with Mrs. Eppes through a series of dreams had by Charlie and Alan. Now while Id ordinarily appauld the inclusion of these, they would have been better experienced throughout the season and not bundled into the same episode, especially not the finale. As it is, this event dumping takes alot away from what in any other episode would could have been a spectacular plot and storyline. Serial killers always provide a great action packed and dramatic show, but the crime, investigation and eventual resolution are never given the air time they should have. In actual fact the writers missed a trick by not overlapping the latter middle and final acts of the story onto the 1st episode of the next season.

    To be honest I found the chopping and changing of plot threads confusing and lessened the tension of what was happening. It rose to such a level that I found myself trying to grasp if there was any connection between what was happening in the Eppes homelife and worklife. Perhaps Alan was going to become a target or someone he was dating, or the crime was somehow going to be linked to Mrs. Eppes. Sadly nothing like this materialised and I ended up feeling shortchanged. A decent episode, but I ponder what could have been.....moreless
  • Review

    The big problem for me with this episode is that it didn't feel very "finale". It was just a standard episode of numbers and the "outside the case" scenes were worse then they usually are. I didnt like the dream scenes with Charlies mother, I didnt think they brought anything unique to the episode. It seemed like the writers needed a filler because they are unsure what to do with Amitas character, so they wrote in a part about Charlies mom so they could get to the end of the episode as quickly as possible which would give them enough time to decide what to do with Charlie and Amita. Because Numbers is simply a crime drama, I wasnt watching with the intensity I normally watch finales with. Average episode overall, hopefully the writing can get a little bit better next season.moreless
  • This was an okay episode.

    Nothing really happen in this episode. Charlie and Alan was having weird dreams about his mother and wife, and it was solve when Charlie had to asked his mother one question. They also didn’t answer the question about Amita and Charlie.

    The case that Don was working on nothing much happen till when Don get hurt at the very end of the show and at least it was a cliff-hanger. Don could at least wait for back up to come, but then I guess someone was endanger, so he had to go in.

    Overall I think this season have good, because I like the relationship of the family, I thought they are very much closer then the first season.moreless
  • They could have done more...

    From the beginning of the show, it showed a lot of promise to accomplish some real character development. But it did not. The storyline between Charlie and Amita (or love vs work) could have been fleshed out, especially if only Charlie asked for his mother's help. The story arc with the dad and mother did not go anywhere. It was a shame Don did not see his mother, even in dream form. Finally, the murder investigation was uninteresting. Ultimately, the season finale could have been more with no real character development and a bland crime-solving subplot.moreless
JoBeth Williams

JoBeth Williams

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Olympia Dukakis

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Kim Strauss

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