Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Don and his team search for a missing girl, CJ who was kidnapped by a woman named Anne. The team consults with Charlie who says that they can distinguish the kidnapper's car by figuring out her engine's acoustic signature. Amita says they should be able to find the car but using the audio from traffic cameras. CJ's parent, Dr. Bramon says that he knows that Anne is crazy, but doesn't know her very well.

David is able to locate Anne's car in Encino. Colby, David and Liz go out to a house in the area to look for CJ, with no luck. Charlie suggests trying the audio search again. Don and David try to talk to Dr. Bramon but he runs out of the building and out to his car. As Don and David get to his car and order him to get out, Dr. Bramon is surrounded by SUVs. Miller, a security officer, says they need to speak with Dr. Bramon.

Miller says that Lebens Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Bramon's company, does federally funded work that involves National Security. He also says that he can help them. Miller gives Don a lead to speak with Anne's laywer, Carla.

Back at the university, Charlie and Amita talk about their future and having kids – Amita wants to have three kids. Back on the case, Charlie suggests using a Stochastic model to figure out where they can find Anne. He explains it to the rest of the team by comparing it to the technique to coaches watching game tapes – that if they study their opponent, they are more likely to win.

Liz and Colby find a girl's shirt with blood on it at the house and question if she was abused. David meets with Carla. Anne doesn't want money, just custody of CJ – Anne was the surrogate for CJ, and Bramon is not the biological father.