Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • That's why I love this show-great story and some very good acting-Numb3rs just keeps getting better this season.

    This episodes starts with some weird math- I watched this episode a couple of times and still don't get the way they made the connection between the paintings and the sounds of a car…But guess that's why Charlie is a genius and I'm not =) So when the episode started with a case in progress I understood that there would be more to it than just a 'simple' kidnapping. And I was not disappointed. I always liked the idea of cloning but unfortunately it's used mainly in SciFi shows like The X Files so when Charlie and Amita were talking about a human clone I was like "Huh, that's new". The story risked getting weird or unbelievable, but the writers did it brilliantly- I love the fact that in the end it never got clear if the girl was a real clone or not-she just never got tested and I'm okay with that.

    The episode has some pretty good acting. Tony Hale (who played the CalSci professor) was amazing. He was funny and just the right amount of weird-awesome! Christian Camarago (the doctor) was also very good-I loved how he changed instantly when the lie came out and he stopped pretending to care about the girl as if she was his daughter. And of course I have to mention Aya Sumika-she was really good. Maybe for the first time since she started in the show three years ago, she was given a real acting-you know so far she was just a regular agent (or Don's gf), but now she had to show real emotions and she nailed it. I love it when the supporting characters get some background and a storyline. So I can easily say that I loved this episode-it had everything it needs for a good episode-enough action, good storyline and great acting. And of course there was enough math this time. So let's hope there would be more episodes like that one.
  • Numb3rs is back

    I was beginning to get a little disappointed this season. I felt that the episodes so far just did not have enough bang for the buck.And I felt like there was something missing. However, after a weak episode last week, numb3rs was back with a bang this time. This was an awesome episode. It starts off as an ordinary kidnapping case, but then you realize there is nothing ordinary about it. Throw in some corrupt pharmaceutical industry (who doesnt like dumping on these guys), Charlie's math and some great action, and we get a great Numb3rs. We need more episodes like this.