Season 1 Episode 8

Identity Crisis

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2005 on CBS

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  • Logic, it all makes sense

    What an interesting case. You got a new suspect in a murder case similar to one that happened a year ago. Two suspects looking alike and only one of them did it, or maybe didn´t? Don probably made a mistake by putting the wrong man in jail. As new evidence comes up it gets confusing but at the same time it all makes sense: Is it true that every fingerprint is unique? Has it been proven? Charlie´s statement about it is very convincing. I say that as long as human beings are involved in these kind or procedures, mistakes can happen. LG
  • Review

    I liked this episode for the case, hated it for the lack of personal connection between the characters.

    The case was really good, with connecting something from over a year and a half ago with something that had just recently happened. I liked the emotion that guy that had been put incorrectly into jail showed throughout the episode. In the end he was realeased from prison, which I thought was a great ending to the episode.

    The part I didnt like about the episode was again, this episode was all the drama about the case in question and nothing about the charcaters in there personal lives. Cahrlie and Anitas storyline remains undone and it needs to be finished soon
  • A man is found garroted in his apartment, and the crime is reminiscent of a murder committed a year earlier, a case in which an ex-con confessed.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I sat back and enjoyed the ride, loving the plot at each pivotal moment. In addition, I can relate to second-guessing oneself.

    Don is outside of his comfort zone, he is doubtful of his own investigative methods, and Charlie is glad to help. I believe he revels in the fact that his brother needs his help. Charlie needs to be important in Don’s life. Don has been distant in the past. Charlie most recently became conscious of this fact when he learned that Don was living with Kim, a Secrete Service agent, back in Albuquerque (Episode 7). Charlie has spent most of his time sitting on the sidelines of Don’s life. When Don needs his help, this brings their relationship toward mutualism.

    The sibling relationship dynamics keeps it interesting. What will we learn next?
  • The error in DNA testing.

    One of the great this about this show is the educational ability of it. Charlie is a character that can truly get you excited about math. Maybe even people who wouldn't normally think twice about it. This episode actually deals with mathematical error. Espeically in DNA profiling and testing. Not only that but Charlie also makes references to the absolute error that can come with finger print analysis. While people believe that DNA evidence and fingerprints are fool proof, they simply aren't even close. In this episode we also learn some more about Don and his personality quirks. Juries really should be thinking a little longer and maybe a little harder when faced with DNA and finger print evidence.
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