Season 1 Episode 8

Identity Crisis

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Opening Numb3rs:
      23,360,309 ACCUSED
      1,541,809 CONVICTIONS
      10,160 EXONERATED
      2 SAME MO

    • The Math:
      Paper Folding
      Geometric Progression – A sequence of numbers where the quotient of two successive numbers is constant.
      Pyramid Scheme – A non-sustainable business model that promises high returns for very little investment.
      Random Match Probability – Used in relation to DNA evidence to calculate the frequency of a random sample match in a population.
      Schrödinger's Cat – In quantum mechanics, this is an exercise used to illustrate questions surrounding subatomic theory.

    • Don originally got into college on a sports scholarship for baseball. After realizing he wasn't good enough at the game, he knew he wouldn't be anything great professionally. He took the FBI entrance exam the next day.

    • Look hard at the CD player Mark turns down. The CD isn't spinning.

    • When David pulls out his gun, why did he choose to do it when he was by the pipes? Why didn't he do it at a more appropriate time, like after he jumped the fence and had Jose in his sights?

    • When Mark signs the piece of paper identifying Jose as the killer, he signs his name "Midrle." How did they get Mark from Midrle?

    • Terry says that sending out email that appear to be from someone else to get account info is called "spoofing." It's more correctly called "phishing" although spoofing is often used while phishing.

  • Quotes

    • Don: So what's the possibility that these two murders could have been done by different people?
      Charlie: Okay. According to the FBI's crime stats, in the entire country three or four people are killed by garrote every year. Now five percent of total murders in the United States take place in Los Angeles. Assuming that he didn't get the idea from the first killer... 4.9 percent chance that this is a coincidence.
      Don: Yeah, I knew it'd be slim.

    • (Charlie explains to Larry the numbers he's working on.)
      Charlie: We're trying to say that we shouldn't be debunking the traditional method of identifying suspects through police lineups, even though it's seemingly unreliable.
      Larry: Okay, I just... yyyyyeeeeaaaaahh. (walking out) I would just consider the implications just very carefully, you know. Cause, this is a real murder case, isn't it? I mean, someone has died. I mean, yes, you're demonstrating that the identification may be wrong. It's just you haven't proven it was wrong.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Charlie: If I folded the paper 50 times, how high would the stack be?
      The world record for doing so was performed by Britney Gallivan in 2001. She still holds the record for folding it 12 times.