Season 2 Episode 8

In Plain Sight

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2005 on CBS
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Megan feels responsible for an agent's death following an explosion at a meth house the FBI had targeted for a bust. When the kingpin eludes capture, it's discovered he may also be involved in child pornography when one of the photographs on his computer turns out to be a young girl in a sexually explicit position. The picture sends Charlie on a crusade of his own, as he remembers a girl he knew as a young child that he suspected was being abused, and he's determined to save the little girl in the picture.moreless

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  • Huge Discovers

    Charlie discovered there is child porn on the case, and he quickly wants to help find the child before it is too late. Charlie had past experience when he was kid. He used to play with Jessica lot at her home but he found out that her father was "touching her all of her body". But we never found out that Charlie could find her or can't find her. Jessica may had terrible childhood because of her father. Anyway, Don and Charlie had to work more than 24 hours with no sleep. Child porn may be terrible experience for any kid. Great episode!moreless
  • I love this episode, its very good and I plan on this season to be great. Far more entertaining then a CSI tv show.

    I love this episode, its very good and I plan on this season to be great. Far more entertaining then a CSI tv show. I like watching it over at its pretty nice. I feel that the next episode will be great, and I think Mary will have more relation's with the guy who she slept with for appologizing for her problems. Here sister is quite anoyying though I think she might turn out to be bigger then the "baby" girl at the end of season one, or something will happen to her in the process of a case Mary will have.moreless
  • Really great

    This episode was truly amazing. It contained a lot of what I love about Numb3rs ... A great plot, a lot of tension, some character development and that I don't want this to end feeling. I noticed that the main character developments were that of Megan and Charlie. The experience for Megan must have been horrific and Charlie wanting to find the missing girl because she reminded him of a girl he used to know. It definetly got to him and made him work even harder. I have enjoyed all the latest episodes of Numb3rs so I know that next week will hopefully be as great as this one.moreless
  • Review

    I thought that this episode was miles better then some of the other ones from season 2. The beginning was explosive and intense, a great way to start off a crime series episode. After seeing this episode I actually kind of wish more of the Numbers beginning sequences started with a failed Crime attempt. Since most of the good ones have to end in a FBI agent being killed, I can see why they dont do more. I felt the middle parts of this episode were brought down by the random fighting between Don and Charlie. I realize Charlie had a thing to save this girl because of his past with another girl that he did nothing about, but the explosive fights between him and Don was actually what I would call "Bad Drama", not good drama. The ending of the episode was okay to, with the FBI tracking down the bad guy using math that I could actually understand. One of the better episodes so far of season 2moreless
  • Explosion at a meth lab inadvertently reveals an entire subplot of a missing little girl. Is she already in trouble? Or can they find her in time?

    Is Charlie beginning to care too much? Will it distract him from his mathematics? There seemed to be less fascinating math in this one and more old fashioned police work. I like them better the other way. And certain parts of the plot certainly don't make any sense. Still I like the people and most of the other shows are fantastic.

    This one seemed a little weak to me. Too many plots of too many shows lately seem to involve child pornography or child abuse. They seem to be using it as a crutch when they can't think of anything else because they know people will care about it. It's this season's terrorism.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The producers on Numb3rs had to sign waivers that they wouldn't reveal exactly how the magic trick was done. The trick revealed on the show is slightly different from the actual trick.

    • The process we see the lab follow to recover data from the disk is total bollocks.

      You would *never* allow a computer to boot from the suspect drive - it could have any number of special protective or destructive programs set to run.

      First you'd use a bit-copier system to (attempt) to make an exact copy of the disk. Then you would set the original asied and work on the copy. And you would mount it as the *second* drive on a computer set to boot from an OS you control full of forensic tools.

      And as for recovering data from a disk which *isn't* readable using a cotton bud... might as well have put a couple of purple lights on it and called it a tricorder.

    • In the scene where FBI specialist explains Charlie how she is going to recover data from a burnt hard disk drive, she says "First, we'll hook the hard drive up to a new computer, same model it was in before...". This sounds like a nonsense, as we see a regular HDD with standard PATA interface. So there is no point in mentioning any computer models, as HDD she was working with could be hooked up to any computer. What could be important in this situation is the disk partition.

    • Colby's license plate on his black Ford is: (California) 2GEE645.

    • The MATH in this episode included: Flock behavior, steganography and matrices - error correction code.

    • Opening numbers:
      167 Metric tons
      5.4 Billion dollars
      1.3 Million meth users
      2 Girls

    • At one point, Alan is with Charlie when he pulls up a photo. Close-captioning has him saying "She's naked," but there is only silence on the audio. The same happens later when Charlie and Megan leave the office at the end of the episode, close-captioning has Don saying "See ya," but nothing can be heard.

    • Unless they sell fire-proof makeup, there is no way that Megan could have stood in front of that house after it was blown up and not be badly burned. Or at the very least not be covered in black soot.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Larry: This degree of traumatic experience would disturb even the most stable of Homo sapiens. This is not even taking into account the double x chromosome situation.
      Charlie: Situation?
      Larry: Yeah, you know women have two x chromosomes, men have an x and a so-called y. But I think if you examine it closely as I have, you'll find that the y is just an x with a piece missing
      Charlie: Signifying what?
      Larry: Well, since I'm missing that very piece, I may not be qualified to answer that, but I think it has something to do with you know they're just more sensitive
      Charlie: Or that they can bear children?
      Larry: Eh yeah, well that too.

    • (Charlie points to picture of suspect)
      Charlie: Infinity. Same guy.
      Larry: Aristotle said that infinity was the lack of limitations. Which I suppose could be a definition of evil.

    • Don: What's the deal? There are more people here in the middle of the night than at ten in the morning. It's like the FBI.

    • Larry: Curiosity. Not good for cats, great for scientists.

    • Charlie: I need the fastest way to the computer lab.
      Larry: I know a shortcut through Metallurgy.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the message.