Season 4 Episode 6

In Security

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2007 on CBS

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  • A show full of secrets.

    Don is keeping secrets, we find this out by his friend dying. She had a pocket full of secrets as well. Then we gets some ideas of the secrets Colby and Meg hold. Don needs his brother to get the job done right but there is some problems there. A cop seeking glory ends the relationship with Don and his witness protected girlfriend. That brings up the question of Liz. Old feelings and current feelings collide. I was left humming the song "Taxi" at the end of this show, fraught as it was with so much emotional baggage. I would rate it higher but I stopped the dvr before the credits, not really happy where the show went.
  • Review

    I thought the writing for this episode is either seriously flawed or the American justice system is.

    This episode portrays a system in which criminals are actually rewarded for being better criminals, so they can rat out on even bigger criminals.
    This would be a system that is no longer protecting the innocent, but jailing the most guilty by any means necessary. I sincerely doubt that the founders of the US justice system had this in mind.

    Therefore I must conclude that the writers have slipped up, because the aforementioned system would not be in the spirit of the show until now.
  • Don hiding secrets!

    Don dates someone from witness protection only to have them killed and now he feels so guilty about it. As his guilt affects his job and that his job gets in the way of his relationship with his colleagues and his brother Charlie. Who needs to trust in Don in order to get the job done right. But now, we learn that Don isn't all that pefect. As we are leading to believe. As his relationship with Agent Liz is taking a toll along the way. Glad to see some insight into Don's life. As we got glimpses into Meg and Colby's secrets.
  • good episode...

    Well, this was the very first episode of Numbers that I have seen and, I must say, it was very good. Epps's girlfriend was murdered and he blamed himself. In the end, it turned out that one of the other cop people (I forgot his name) gave up her location so that he can take down some big criminal. Anyways, this was a very good episode with a good case. It also was very emotional and developed the characters. I liked the whole book story line too. Another thing I liked was having two actors that played in 24 play in this episode :) They're really good actors. Overall, great episode with a good case and good character development. I can't wait to see next week's!
  • Don loses a friend. Charlie writes a book.

    Don feels guilty about getting a witness killed who he had previously had an inappropriate relationship with.

    The episode was filled with angst for Don. Charlie wrote a book, and signed autographs. I think one he signed was on ebay for $80. People must really love Math or maybe it's Charlie.

    Larry is being kicked out of the sancturay. He has too many visits from the outside world. If you ask me it's about time Larry gets back in the real world. Speaking of Larry, Megan was noticely absent from this episode. The witness security program seemed rid with problems, at least in this episode. The bad guys always seem to get an out in this program. I guess it's good the killer was shot. If he hadn't been who know what would have happened. Oh, I know. Don would have took him down hard.

    Great episode this week.
  • A witness from Don's past is killed after a night out with him and Don feels that he bears responsibility for her death. And what about his relationship with Liz?

    We have a great opening with Don dropping the witness off at her home. He seems saddened and torn even before anything happens to her. It was obvious in the look in his eyes as he pulled away, and the way he seemed so preoccupied when he returned to Charlie's place. Perhaps he already felt a little guilty? Or he realized that he still had feelings for her?

    And then when she's killed, more is piled on. Don seems a little off his game for much of the ep - clearly suffering from the events going on around him. Liz was one more situation that he just couldn't deal with. I hated to see them end that way. It was realistic and in keeping with the characters, but still . . . I wonder if it will be revisited later in the season. Another thing I'm curious about (and there may be spoilers to follow for those who haven't seen this ep and Robinhood). In Robinhood, Don let's the Robinhood guy get away. In this ep, it's intimated that he threw a hint to one of the gang members to help flush out the dirty gang task force guy. In the past, Don seemed a more "by the book" sort of guy. I wonder if these hints are leading us someplace for later in the season. All in all, a very enjoyable episode. Am looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • Seems like a lot of secrets.

    I love the script for this episode. As we know, our team worked else before working together in LA. Colby secret was just discovered. Megan's shown glimpses of her's and now we are seeing little tid bits of Don's life before LA and it seems pretty interesting. I like it idea of the plot overall. A victim being found in the witness protection program. Pretty believable. Unfortunately also believable is the government protecting the bad guys for the information they know. The conflict with Charlie still wanting and needing to believe in his brother. But also wanting to help him, which meant discovering the truth.
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