Season 5 Episode 4

Jack of All Trades

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • All is right with the world

    It is no secret that Charlie gets his security clearance back in this episode. Carl McGowan was brought in to be the villain, the man we loved to hate. Keith Carradine did a great job portraying the old guard FBI big wig. I hope he gets considered for an Emmy for a guest role.

    There is a chameleon stealing money, over 10 million dollars. Henry Winkler plays Agent Bloom, a man who had been hunting the perp for two years. The mystery man has no name, no photo, no fingerprints. It is up to Don and his team to find the man before he disappears to steal again.

    In the meantime, LA is redeveloping a park that Alan designed after the Watts riots. He wants to fight city hall to preserve his legacy to the city. What ensures is a win win situation and a happy ending.

    There are unexpected twists to the plot. I was shocked and pleased by the ending. It was a big surprise to me. A job well done by all.