Season 5 Episode 4

Jack of All Trades

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • The team attempts to catch a con man that turns out to only be 18, but is an expert in evading capture. A decision on Charlie's future with the FBI is made, and the Eppes' father is torn over his park being destroyed for new city plans.

    Numb3rs brings about another classic case. Nothing really stood out in this episode, except for the unexpected welcoming back of Charlie to the FBI. Obviously, the show couldn't go the direction of not letting him return to the role he's been on for 4 seasons. Finally, that part is closed; it was starting to become tedious to watch them mull over it. There should have been a better explanation for it though, a call and return hardly justifies its hype from the past 4 episodes.

    The case was well-written with its twists, and I definitely was shocked to see the kid's motivation all along was to look for his mother. The scenes with Hirsch are starting to get boring; they need better fillers. Not too bad overall.
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