Season 2 Episode 1

Judgment Call

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on CBS

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  • Season premiere?

    This episode is not interesting but I wish this episode should not start with season premiere! It should be special or exciting episode to attract audiences. But the show have two new casts: Megan and Colby. I likes Megan lot, she is more motivated and very active. I never liked Terry Lake. I am glad for Megan. This episode is bit bored because there is nothing exciting scenes to watch. Charlie should get his hair trimmed and cut hair bit more, lol! But I am really glad Numb3rs are back for second season!! Way to go! I am so happy about it!
  • Changes afoot...

    With this episode, the second season of "Numb3rs" begins with some losses to the cast and some additions. Gone, and missed, is Sabrina Lloyd as Terry Lake. Stepping into her place are Megan Reeves and Colby Granger (played by Diane Farr and Dylan Bruno, respectively). While both have grown on me, I initially was very unhappy with the changes. Farr at times acts and sounds like a teenage girl, while Bruno seems to have been brought in for the "beefcake" action appeal. Shows have a tendency to tweak casts to add "hotter" actors and actresses, which makes me suspect this is why Farr was brought in. Her necklines start to plunge, but she manages to still convey some professionalism as an FBI agent.

    Fortunately, the rest of the formula that kept the show strong in Season 1 still appears to be present. Larry is around to offer cosmic digressions, Charlie and Don's interplay is still fresh and the case provides an interesting investigation and outcome. "Numb3rs" starts a new chapter, and for the most part, it starts out on the right foot.
  • Review

    The new cast of characters was interesting and I think this eipsode served to try and get them into the spotlight a little with the jobs that they now have around the office. Terri has been replaced with another woman just like her, so no big difference there and we now have a brand new guy on the force who really didnt have to replace anyone...he just gave St. Clair a new partner to work with. I like the two new characters and how they were introduced.

    The case was okay but nothing really speicail. There wasnt a lot of math that went into finding out who the killer(s) were. Don having dinner with the female prosecutur was interesting, as I thought Charlie would be the one that started dating first. Filler Episode, but still good
  • Charlie and Don are back, but this time there are a couple of new faces surrounding them. The math is toned down a bit, and the drama is turned up.

    What are the chances that math would be the reason all these cases get solved? Slim and none. However, television requires a certain suspension of belief. In this case, it is pretty easy not to pay too much attention to the math mumbo jumbo. The acting of the main characters and their interaction between each other is worth the admission price.
    The killer here and the motive are telegraphed fairly early. However, this show is really more about the chase than the catch. The departed female lead is not missed. The new female is barely used. However, she does seem to want to be there, and that is a real plus.
  • This episode became too much about character development causing the plot to suffer. However, there were a few moments that made us remember why the show is great.

    I felt the show became too much about introdicing new characters and creating new interactions. They should've focused on the plot a little more.

    Also, the math in this episode was explained a little too quickly.

    Larry's character is still for me the best part of the show, and I really liked the part about his all white food and it meaning that he was obsessive. He makes me laugh everytime he opens his mouth.
  • This made Numb3rs less like Numb3rs and more like a typical cop show.

    I don't like the way this episode changes the feel of the show. The math seemed to take a back seat in this episode and wasn't the focus of the show. It was more like just another method of finding evidence rather than something special that is unique to this show, which make it seem more like generic cop shows that we have seen before. There was more character interaction in previous episodes that took place away from the police work, but this episode focused more on just the the case, making it seem like this weeks case is there entire lives. That's common of procedural type shows but Numb3rs allowed for more character development and now that seems to no longer be the case. If the show continues like this then it's lost what it had from the first season, but it's possible the next episode will go under the shark. Or beside the shark. Whatever the good one would be called.
  • A stable, uneventful but thoughtful premiere for a stable, uneventful but thoughtful show.

    "Stable" is the word I use to describe Numb3rs, and I extend that description to the premiere. I've never found the show particularly riveting or well-acted, but the characters are endearing and the premise is clever. I generally think of it as "stable" and pleasant to watch. This episode was no exception. It wasn't particularly eventful, but then I never find any episodes to be and I've never felt that was their goal. I appreciated the character development of the brother (whose name I'm temporarily forgetting) and his resistence to relationships. The story line was interesting though not moreso than any other episode. The concept of the grid/filter was interesting, but a little beyond my grasp of plausibility--perhaps that could have been developed more. Overall, I enjoyed the episode and enjoyed the show. I will continue to tune in, though more for the general consistent pleasantness of the series as a whole, than due to any inovation or dramatic elements in this particular episode.
  • The math in this episode was fun and I always enjoy allsions to quantum theory, but I felt that the episode was there to explain character behaviors and introduce a few new \'cookie cutter\' sidekicks.

    The show is one I watch every week. This episode won\'t be one I watch over and over on the DVD though. Sure the quantum theory is nice, but the \'hey, I\'m disfuntional with respect to women but can tell you how to do it\' just doesn\'t ring true. As an engineer, I know that science ty[es typically only rant on about things they know and only PRETEND to know it all when asked.

    Relationship advice is NOT one of those topics.

    Judd (Dad) only got a few lines and they were lame.

    I like the new police woman. Shows promise - human behavior - shades of gray VS black and white of math/science. Could be a really good addition.

  • dude....

    What a way to start a year! New catchier intro... new character... I especially like the fact that they are developing further into both characters as well as keeping the math interesting. The plot was realllly wierd and it seemed soooo complicated that they just rushed it at tht end BUT i dunno ... it all worked. So here to a new year helping us all realize how important math is.
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