Season 3 Episode 11

Killer Chat

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 15, 2006 on CBS
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Don and Charlie track a killer who has murdered several sex predators. The predators took advantage of teenage girls they met in chat rooms. Meanwhile, Larry is ready to begin an adventure with NASA.

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  • they put 2 great storylines together

    This is one of the best Nunb3rs episodes ever, just the crime storyline would have made an outstanding episode, and they added Larry's storyline. Even though I have my doubts as to whether Elaine could have pulled off the murders as she does in the episode, it's still a very entertaining, but disturbing concept. I thought it was interesting to think about the idea that Don McGill mentions in the commentary that he wrote it from the perspective of a parent thinking about sex predators. I think the ending is interesting that they save the guy's life to send him to jail, which I'm sure would have been a very pleasant experience. There is some outstanding acting by Robin Weigert Elaine Tillman and Johnny Simmons as Matt McCrary. On another note, I think Larry's good bye is very well done, with Charlie doubting him, but then convincing NASA to allow him to go. I absolutely love the launch scene and the toasts that they give.moreless
  • Larry Says Goodbye...

    This was the first time we got to the ending and I didnt figure it was going to be a character that we had seen all ready in the show. I thought the one major flaw of the episode was the first 12 minutes where the FBI had to spend time getting to the point we all ready knew from watching the beginning of the episode that the connection between everyone was the fact that they were all sexual predators. The case moved a little slow after that, but I liked the character devolopment of Charlie between the last episode and this one. Not wanting his best friend to go to making the call in this episode that got him the trip to NASA in this episode. The ending was really well done - as was the beginning scene. But similiar to the last episode I thought the episode moved a little slow in the middle. Overall, solid episode and I can see why it is rated so high. The final scene between Megan and Larry was a great scene - what affect this has on her character in the episodes to come will cetainly be an interesting one.moreless
  • Bye Bye Peter McNichol?

    The underrated but very talented Peter McNichol's character will be heading off to NASA to work on a project taking a temporary leave, which I hope is just that as I like him a lot. As the FBI tries to solve a series of sexual murders and race aaginst the clock before it is too late. Great character development and plot.
  • I loved this episode! I was laughing and crying at the same time!

    This episode was, in a word, beautiful. The end, with Larry going into space, was so bittersweet. It was happy, because he was fulfilling his dream, but both Megan and Charlie looked like they needed hugs.

    Meanwhile, the FBI case was... average, but it wasn't the focus of the episode, so it was okay. It was one of those where they run of on several false tangents before finding out that they'd been soooo close all along. I, by the way, was suspicious of the person that ended up doing it from the very beginning.

    So basically, very good character stuff. I loved the scene with Megan and Amita... seeing as they're the only female regulars, they should really play them off of each other more often...moreless
  • This has become one of my favorite Numb3rs episodes. The episode perfectly balances plot development and character development. It was also a great last episode for Peter MacNicol before he goes on hiatus for a while.moreless

    Numb3rs was an instant favorite of mine, from the very moment I first watched the pilot. The only flaw that I have observed over the course of the series was the lack of consistency with character development. It appeared as though the writers had some difficulty balancing plot development and character development within the episode. Season 3 seemed to be gradually getting better at this balance. After watching this episode, I have no doubt that this will no longer be a problem. The case was a very intriguing one, and I enjoyed watching the entire thing unravel. On top of the excellent plot was a just as excellent, if not more, character development. The episode showcased the chemistry between the characters and how they have all affected each other through their interactions with each other. Even Colby, who has come off as an complete ass towards Larry in the previous episodes, has shown that Larry is starting to rub off on him. Charlie has finally come around and they are back on good terms. I have always seen Larry's role as someone who has kept Charlie's mind from straying too far from the real world, and it will be very interesting to see how Larry's absence will affect Charlie in future episodes. Larry and Megan's relationship was at the heart of this episode, and both actors pulled off great performances. You really felt for them, especially Megan, who is proud of Larry and at the same time saddened that he is leaving. Diane Farr did a great job in showcasing these conflicted emotions. So overall, great episode. I can't wait for the episode when Larry returns now!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Don: Who ya gonna call?
      David: Charlie.

    • Larry: (about vouching for him) Thank you very much.
      Charlie: I didn't do anything aside from making them see the error of their ways. Just consider it my contribution to national security.
      Larry: (laughs) You think having me off planet improves our security?
      Charlie: I didn't say it.

    • Megan: (about Larry, while he's not sure if he's going to space or not) He's like a star collapsing in on itself.

    • (After giving Larry back his lucky t-shirt)
      Charlie: You're rocketing into space Larry, there's no downside in packing a lucky shirt.

    • (After Charlie admits he has not been supportive of Larry going into space)
      Larry: If an apology is coming, the launch window is closing fast.

    • Larry: Well, it's only six months, though I will be traveling two hundred and fifty miles above the earth at eighteen thousand miles an hour. It's only a phone call away...albeit a very expensive phone call.

    • David: (to Larry) Professor. It's often been confusing. It's always been real.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Charlie: Godspeed, Larry Fleinhardt.

      This is a reference to what Scott Carpenter at Mission Control said to John Glenn just before he blasted off on Friendship 7, "Godspeed, John Glenn."

    • Don: (While trying to figure out a problem with the case they are involved in) Who ya gonna call?

      This is reference to the same line used in the 1984 film, Ghostbusters and in the theme song of the movie.

    • The Right Stuff (1983)

      The scene where Larry Fleinhardt and Buzz Aldrin are walking towards the camera in slow motion echoes a scene from The Right Stuff where the seven Mercury astronauts are walking towards the camera, also in slow motion.