Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2006 on CBS
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Don and the team investigate a suspicious death at a horse track. When Charlie starts looking into the crime, he uncovers something that will send the investigation into an entirely different direction.

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  • Great Episode!

    I really love this episode lot. Charlie was needed to help on case by Don. Charlie stuggled to find out what happened, it took him day and half to figure out, saved by his dad helped him. Tabakian don't want people to win the money from racetrack. However, Tabakian is connected to money laundering, drugs, you name it. Tabakian didn't kill any people, only his goons did it. Hard to believe, not sure. FBI had a hard time to believe Tabakian kill all of five or six people who are winners! Charlie and Larry knew that small book can be get more help from girlfriend. Great Episode!moreless
  • Alan helps Charlie

    If there's something I like about this show besides the cases and the mathematics, is the great relationship between father and sons. This time wasn't the exception. Alan helps Charlie solve a case about horse races because he has experience in it. It was very nice to see him go to the tracks and almost make him realize things on his own.

    Megan and Larry. It's a weird relationship. Megan seems to be a woman who deserves a man who can bring some balance (and excitement) to her life and Larry is probably not the best choice. Not that I don't like him, but it seems out of line. However, it works for her and both are comfortable with each other. And that is great.moreless
  • I loved this episode. It is my favorite episode of the series. It's a perfect balance of character developement, the whole crime scene stuff that every crime show needs and a little romance thrown in. Definitely worth watching.moreless

    This may be just me speaking as a lover of horses and horseback riding, however I loved this episode. Perhaps I loved this episode only because there is a lot of relationship development between my favorite couple on the show, Megan and Larry, but also, the plot is unpredictable, and exciting. If you are not a big fan of horses, or of horse racing, it is still easy to follow this episode because everything is very well explained. This episode is a great example of why I watch this series. I find that the show has an amazing way to balance character relationships, romance, all that crime show stuff and math, which I find more in this episode than in any other episode.

    Please take my advice and watch this episode if you have not yet seen it. You will not be dissappointed.moreless
  • it's a cracker of an episode

    I love the whole Megan and Larry thing. I like the act that she really likes him and because of that she is willing to work around a structured schedule just so she can please Larry who gets confused when his life isn't structured. They make a very odd but at the same time very cute couple. I like seeing Charlie spend days trying ever so desperatley to figure out what he needs to know in order to help solve the case and the his dad tells him he got raspberries or strawberries because they were cheaper than blueberries. It then clicked and he figured it out. I like how sometimes it's the simplist of things that can make a huge difference.moreless
  • ok episode...

    A young man dies at the horse track and he had a book on him that had equations designed to pick the second place winner in each race. The man apparently had bet and won dozens of races. His girlfriend acted like she didn't know what was happening, but, in the end, she helped catch the killer. Other people were also killed when they bet and won the fixed races. The story in this episode wasn't very interesting to me. The random woman agent got annoying. The thing I did like about this episode was Larry. He is halarious. Overall, ok episode.moreless
Philip Casnoff

Philip Casnoff

Maurice Connors

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Kit Paquin

Kit Paquin

Sharrlyn Smith

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Will Collyer

Will Collyer

Danny Roberts

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Aya Sumika

Aya Sumika

Special Agent Liz Warner

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Opening Numb3rs:
      6 FURLONGS
      6 WINNERS
      6 BODIES
      PICK 6

    • Math used in this episode:
      The Study of Probability

    • The movie playing at the theatre towards the end when Larry walks out with his date was The 400 Blows. The 400 Blows (original title Les quatre cents coups) is a 1959 film by François Truffaut chronicling the life of a misunderstood adolescent boy who finds himself in a life of petty crime.

    • Don was a training instructor at Quantico.

    • When Larry supposedly gets out of the bathtub at Charlie's house, he is shown toweling off his face and hair even though he appears completely dry, and his hair is well-groomed.

      In addition, there is a continuity error in the scene. In a shot from behind Larry, he is shown toweling off his (dry!) hair, and then when it switches to the front, the towel is wrapped around his neck with his arms folded over it.

    • In the scene where Larry was shaving he has a toothbrush in his shirt pocket, when Megan comes in and he puts the shaving kit in his desk draw, the toothbrush vanishes then returns a moment later.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Megan: So go over the schedule with me one more time?
      Larry: Okay, dinner & a movie every other Friday, lunch on Thursdays, no Wednesdays?
      Megan: And I get a wildcard once a month.
      Larry: That's is, to use at your own digression.
      Megan: And what do we call this?
      Larry: Oh, how 'bout structured complexity?
      Megan: You know, I'm thinking of using my wildcard.
      Larry: Oh yeah?
      Megan: Yeah. Maybe for breakfast tomorrow.

    • Charlie: Explain to me why the drum has to be in my office?
      Larry: Because I had to clear my floor. They're steaming the carpets in the Physics department.

    • Liz: Hey, Agent Eppes. Hey, nice to see you.
      Don: Yeah, what, uh.
      Liz: Liz.
      Don: Yeah, Liz Warner, right?
      Colby: You guys know each other?
      Liz: Don was my tactical training instructor up at Quantico.
      Don: What, now you're heading your own OC unit? See what a good teacher I am Colby?!

    • Megan: Get a name?
      Colby: And an address. Plug that into your fancy little nav system in your Acura.
      Megan: Oh, don't player hate.

    • Charlie: I'll be home later for dinner.
      Alan: OK...I'm goin' out for dinner.

    • Alan: Charlie, you can't account for everything.
      Charlie: You can if you can think of everything.

    • Megan: I was at CalSci.
      Colby: Oh...Larry.
      Megan: You're dying to ask, aren't you?
      Colby: I'm not saying anything!

    • (Larry is tapping on a drum, as Charlie barges into his office.)
      Charlie: (angrily) Why are you doing that right now?
      Larry: Did you know that primitive societies believed in using percussion as a means of communicating with the dead?
      Charlie: Are you drumming for someone in particular?
      Larry: Yes. I'm drumming for the corpse of my inspiration.
      Charlie: And banging bongos worked for Richard Feynman, so…
      Larry: Feynman delighted in making music. I never percuss for pleasure.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Music featured in this episode was "Bohemian Like You" by The Dandy Warhols.

    • The Numb3rs companion book titled The Numbers Behind Numb3rs by Keith Devlin and Gary Lorden features a section outlining the details of the math within the first three seasons of the program. It flags this episode as a rare episode in which it considers the math was "badly wrong." The reasoning is that a racer having made thirty bets on thirty races and having won them all is such an "unlikely occurrence mathematically," that there was almost certainly rigging involved. Yet, at no point does any character suggest that the races had been rigged. The book summarizes that "from a mathematic perspective and in terms of believability, this episode misfired."

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Outsider

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: April 18, 2007 on Veronica
      New Zealand: August 12, 2007 on TV3
      Czech Republic: June 30, 2009 on TV Nova
      Finland: January 9, 2010 on Sub
      Slovakia: January 17, 2011 on JOJ

    • This episode was rated TV-PG (V) in its initial network broadcast.


    • Larry: ...even Archimedes preferred a cold shower.

      According to legend, Archimedes discovered the principles of density and buoyancy while bathing. This discovery so excited him that he supposedly took running to the streets before clothing himself.

    • Charlie: And banging bongos worked for Richard Feynman, so…

      Richard Feynman (1918-1988) was a physicist who specialized in quantum mechanics, yet still enjoyed success in pursuits outside the laboratory, including art and music. Dr. Feynman became interested in percussion during his tenure at Los Alamos while working on the Manhattan Project. Throughout his teaching career, he dabbled in percussion while working at Cornell, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, and at CalTech. While working at CalTech, Feynman caught the attention of a professional choreographer, who later used his percussion to choreograph a professional ballet production.