Season 5 Episode 6

Magic Show

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2008 on CBS

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  • Very Good, but the Math x Magic relation was underused.

    Magic and illusionism are all about math and physics. Approaching this theme on Numb3rs was a very good catch, and i had great expectations towards this episode. And i must say i was not disappointed at all, despite the fact that they underused the "magic x math" subject.

    I'm glad we had another David centered episode. I only now realize how much Numb3rs was lacking David Sinclair stories. And i feel almost sorry for the guy, after all he is the most righteous of all characters but he only gets bad luck (not to say f***** up). I liked Pen Jillette's participation. But i was rather disappointed with Charlie's scorn of magic. I hated the way he kept diminishing the classic tricks by saying "this is just angles" or whatever. It would make so much more sense if he was keen on it! And, well, anyway, I guess it would have been far more interesting if they came up with such a smart magic trick that even Charlie couldn't figure it out. But the writers decided to stick to the crime drama aspect on this one. Hopefully this was an "intro" there will be another episode on the magic subject in the future?!
  • A story that was out of the ordinary

    This show was a bit different. David is on a date with a woman named Sara at a magic show. The magician disappears for real. Sinclair investigates and calls the rest of the team. Finally David goes to find Sara, who has hailed a cab. To make things worse, Sinclair is accosted by a news crew while he is outside. His face ends up on TV and the FBI must solve the case of the missing magician.

    Larry and Charlie come to the club with Don. Larry is a great fan of magic. Charlie is the skeptic. While there, Penn Jillette introduces himself and offers any help he can give. He leads them to the man who designed the trick.

    Sara is not who she said she was. The magician is found dead. Was it murder? Who would want this woman killed? It is a tangled web is solve the case.

    In the meantime, Don tells Larry he went to the temple. Did Larry find what he wanted to know at the monastery? Alan also speaks to his son. Was it a mistake for them not to be religious when the boys were little? Alan offers to teach Don the prayers. Don will think about it. We will have to wait and see if Don will explore a more spiritual life.
  • Few of the reasons which I watch Numb3rs is due to the way it can transfix a person and get them thinking, mystery and suspense, a perfect, but lethal and awesome combination.

    being a Skeptic and a fan of Penn Jillette it was extraordinary to see him guest star. Charlie and Penn really had a nice chemistry and it was really interesting to see Charlie's and his girlfriend's differences on the same subject but both with a different rationality.

    Though they could have done a better job with the tank by explaining things differently or using less variables. They did a good job no doubt but the trick when being performed was obvious wasn't actually a magic trick, but part of a TV show.

    All in all a good episode to watch giving a light amusement of magic tricks and serious character development for Don due to his mental state.
  • Agent Sinclair takes his new date to a magic show, but is forced into action when a trick goes wrong and an assistant disappears, literally. The investigation leads to a number of surprises but also gets Charlie and Amita help from an unexpected source.

    There may be "Magic" in the title of this episode but there is none to be found in the episode itself. This is one of the most dull and uninteresting episodes of "Numb3rs" to date. I found myself not at all hooked on the story and feeling nothing for it once it reached its conclusion. Penn Jillete's guest appearance on the show is a highlight of the episode but we don't see enough of him to lift this episode above mediocrity. The story surrounding the magician's involved in the act had some promise, but ultimately went nowhere. No "Magic" here.