Season 5 Episode 6

Magic Show

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2008 on CBS

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  • A story that was out of the ordinary

    This show was a bit different. David is on a date with a woman named Sara at a magic show. The magician disappears for real. Sinclair investigates and calls the rest of the team. Finally David goes to find Sara, who has hailed a cab. To make things worse, Sinclair is accosted by a news crew while he is outside. His face ends up on TV and the FBI must solve the case of the missing magician.

    Larry and Charlie come to the club with Don. Larry is a great fan of magic. Charlie is the skeptic. While there, Penn Jillette introduces himself and offers any help he can give. He leads them to the man who designed the trick.

    Sara is not who she said she was. The magician is found dead. Was it murder? Who would want this woman killed? It is a tangled web is solve the case.

    In the meantime, Don tells Larry he went to the temple. Did Larry find what he wanted to know at the monastery? Alan also speaks to his son. Was it a mistake for them not to be religious when the boys were little? Alan offers to teach Don the prayers. Don will think about it. We will have to wait and see if Don will explore a more spiritual life.