Season 5 Episode 6

Magic Show

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2008 on CBS

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  • Very Good, but the Math x Magic relation was underused.

    Magic and illusionism are all about math and physics. Approaching this theme on Numb3rs was a very good catch, and i had great expectations towards this episode. And i must say i was not disappointed at all, despite the fact that they underused the "magic x math" subject.

    I'm glad we had another David centered episode. I only now realize how much Numb3rs was lacking David Sinclair stories. And i feel almost sorry for the guy, after all he is the most righteous of all characters but he only gets bad luck (not to say f***** up). I liked Pen Jillette's participation. But i was rather disappointed with Charlie's scorn of magic. I hated the way he kept diminishing the classic tricks by saying "this is just angles" or whatever. It would make so much more sense if he was keen on it! And, well, anyway, I guess it would have been far more interesting if they came up with such a smart magic trick that even Charlie couldn't figure it out. But the writers decided to stick to the crime drama aspect on this one. Hopefully this was an "intro" there will be another episode on the magic subject in the future?!