Season 1 Episode 13

Man Hunt

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 13, 2005 on CBS

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  • Charlie\'s odds example using the goats and automobile.

    I think his theory was incorrect. When u make 1 out of 3 choice, he is correct that there is a 2 out of 3 chance of being incorrect. But once u establish that one of the bad choices was not selected, your chance of being right is now 50 - 50, 2 to 3 in your favor. Changing your pick to the one that u didn\'t pick at 1st does not in anyway improve your chance of being right. even though u r getting a 2nd choice, your chances are still 50 -50.

    It\'s just like flipping a coin, if u flip heads 50 times in a row, the odds of flipping heads on the next flip is 50 - 50...