Season 1 Episode 13

Man Hunt

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 13, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The exact same example Charlie shows with the goat and the car is used in the movie 21.

    • Charlie finally teaches a class in this episode.

    • The MATH:

      Bayesian Inference - A statistical model where probability is based on belief, not frequency or proportion.

      Markov Chain - A mathematical concept that states the past is irrelevant for predicting the future given knowledge of the present.

      Monty Hall paradox - A problem with a counterintuitive solution explained by Charlie in his lecture on odds using goats and automobiles.

    • The chess game in the ending scene is the famous chess game Morphy v. Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard.

    • Opening numbers:
      63 ESCAPES
      1 WITNESS

    • Don was in Fugitive Recovery in Phoenix before he moved back to L.A.

    • Charlie has trouble with spelling. He spells the word 'anomaly' as 'anomoly' despite using it constantly as a mathematician.

    • This was the first time Don and Alan beat Charlie in a game of chess.

    • During the shootout in the end, a bullet hits a metal tube protruding from the ground a bunch of sparks fly off the tube. Technically, this shouldn't happen when a bullet is propelled from a gun like the one they were using.

    • Watch the chess pieces on the board in the final scene. Charlie's knight on his right side moves over two squares to the right after taking Alan's bishop, without taking anything. If it didn't move, Alan wouldn't have been able to checkmate Charlie.

  • Quotes

    • Cooper: We spent two weeks in a cemetery once, waiting for this guy to show up at his wife's grave. Grabbed him as he was putting a dozen roses on her headstone.
      David: She died while he was in prison huh?
      Cooper: Just before he went. He's the one that killed her.

    • Charlie: Coincidences are a mathematical reality. Statistically unlikely events can and often do occur. Just look at the Genesis of our planet.
      Larry: Well now, I agree that the factors that brought about life on earth were statistically unlikely, but given the vastness of the cosmos, the limitless possibilities for matter and energy... I'm with Einstein on this. There are no accidents.

    • David: I take it you two know each other?
      Don: Yeah. Well, you know I used to work in fugitive recovery? Well, we were a team.
      Cooper: No better way to get to know a man than to spend a week using a gas station restroom as home base.
      David: Ah, the good old days.

    • Don:(To Charlie) And by the way, anomaly only has one 'O'.

    • Alan: Checkmate.
      Don: Checkmate.
      Charlie: Oh, yeah, I see. You guys are ganging up on me, huh? You did that on purpose, that little distraction thing.

    • Don: No chance we can get you to stick around, maybe put in for a position around here?
      Cooper: What, settle down?
      Don: Hey, it's not bad, Coop, I gotta tell you.
      Cooper: You don't miss it?
      Don: No. Not really, no.

    • Don: Listen, Reed, my priority here is apprehending a federal prisoner, what's yours?

    • David: The cans are still on her property, technically we need a warrant.
      Cooper: Only if we're trying to build a court case.

    • [Charlie and Larry are using gardening tools and a skateboard as a model for a bus crash]
      Don: Gentlemen, what's this.
      Charlie: Just trying to make sense of something that doesn't make sense.
      Don: I thought that's what you do best. What, Uh... what's the problem.
      Larry: Well apparently that seed spreader.

    • Larry: Note to self: Never talk quantum theory again.

    • (After finding out he misspelled the word 'anomaly')
      Charlie: Is this a reliable dictionary?

    • Don: Hey, Dad. What are you doing here?
      Alan: Well, I... I like coming whenever Charlie gives one of these Math for Dummies lectures. It's the only time I actually understand what he's talking about.

    • Cooper: (To Don after one of Charlie's mathematical explanations) Are you sure you're his brother?

    • Don: It looks like there's a deadbolt.
      Agent Cooper: Convicts like their privacy.
      Don: I'm going to call an entry team.
      Agent Cooper: What? Hey and spoil our fun. Man, tell these guys to go cover the back. Let's you and me go in and grab his ass.
      Don: Well...
      Agent Cooper: You ready?
      Don: Let's do it.

    • Alan: I haven't seen you for days.
      Don: I'm working.
      Alan: Yeah, I know Charlie told me. Are you going back to man hunting now?
      Don: Oh I see. Dad, come on, don't. This is one case.
      Alan: I seem to recall your saying that about only one case once before. But if you can remember they were not good days for you. Or for me. I mean we didn't hear from you for weeks... we didn't even know where the hell you were.
      Don: Dad...
      Alan: You do realize that chasing after someone, you could be running away from yourself at the same time.

    • Dr. Fisher: Agent Eppes, are you always on duty?
      Don: What? Hey look who's talking here.

    • Cooper: These guys usually go where they are familiar, where they are affiliated. They are both from LA, so my guess is they'd both stick around.
      David: Wouldn't it be smarter to leave the area, get away from the search?
      Cooper: Yes sir, but they are not smart, which is why they went to prison to begin with.

    • Charlie: Is this them?
      Don: Yup.
      Charlie: One of them has a life sentence, no possibility of parole.
      Don: Yeah, nothing to lose.

    • (Earlier Charlie misspelled the word "anomaly" which caused him to lose a chess game to Don and Alan)
      Charlie: Yeah, don't worry. I'll take care of the old man while you're gone.
      Don: Alright guys, see ya. (Don leaves)
      Alan: Old man?!
      Charlie: I use it strictly as a term of endearment, father.
      Alan: Well, you better prepare yourself little boy because... this old man can kick your ass.
      Charlie :Oh yeah? What are you gonna cheat again?
      Alan: No, I'm gonna get the Scrabble board. (Alan gets up)
      Charlie: ...cause, uh, Scrabble's missing a piece.

    • Larry: You know, I'm sensing a growing level of frustration here. I think you better step outside, get some air, maybe let the problem percolate a little.
      Charlie: Percolating is not going to solve this natural dilemma here, Larry.
      Larry: Well, what is it?
      Charlie: I'm trying to map out McDowd's movements.
      Larry: McDowd. He would be our fugitive, huh?
      Charlie: (Moves to map) The yellow dots are unsolved or uncredited crimes that have occurred since the bus crash. Crimes possibly committed by McDowd, but those aren't the problems. The problems are the blue dots. Sightings of McDowd called in to LAPD and FBI tiplines. Each dot is a time and a place, but there are... there are hundreds of them.
      Larry: Okay, so the problem is too much data.
      Charlie: The problem is corrupt data, Larry. Fictitious data, here look. (Points to blue dots) Nine AM, right? Nine AM. McDowd is sighted in three separate locations, miles apart.
      Larry: Okay, so... so the public, however well meaning, is actually hampering the search by calling in too many sightings.
      Charlie: Unless this man has the ability to be in three places at once.
      Larry: A. That's not entirely impossible, I mean Quantum Theory does state... (Charlie sighs) ...Okay. Well, for the purposes of this discussion, I'll concede the point.

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