Season 1 Episode 13

Man Hunt

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 13, 2005 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Larry: You know, I'm sensing a growing level of frustration here. I think you better step outside, get some air, maybe let the problem percolate a little.
      Charlie: Percolating is not going to solve this natural dilemma here, Larry.
      Larry: Well, what is it?
      Charlie: I'm trying to map out McDowd's movements.
      Larry: McDowd. He would be our fugitive, huh?
      Charlie: (Moves to map) The yellow dots are unsolved or uncredited crimes that have occurred since the bus crash. Crimes possibly committed by McDowd, but those aren't the problems. The problems are the blue dots. Sightings of McDowd called in to LAPD and FBI tiplines. Each dot is a time and a place, but there are... there are hundreds of them.
      Larry: Okay, so the problem is too much data.
      Charlie: The problem is corrupt data, Larry. Fictitious data, here look. (Points to blue dots) Nine AM, right? Nine AM. McDowd is sighted in three separate locations, miles apart.
      Larry: Okay, so... so the public, however well meaning, is actually hampering the search by calling in too many sightings.
      Charlie: Unless this man has the ability to be in three places at once.
      Larry: A. That's not entirely impossible, I mean Quantum Theory does state... (Charlie sighs) ...Okay. Well, for the purposes of this discussion, I'll concede the point.

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