Season 2 Episode 17

Mind Games

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on CBS

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  • How can a show like this promote ESP?

    I usually dont write anything here, but this episode made me think about stop watching the series.

    This is a show about science and since I'm an astronomer myself I find it discusting that they would use the astronomer in the show to say that ESP could be correct. NO THINKING ASTRONOMER BELEVES IN ESP! This is since astronomy is a science and ESP is not.
  • Full of conflict

    A solid episode full of emotional and personal conflicts. The initial scene is fairly ordinary until we learn of the psychic to discover the death bodies. This starts a short period of initial disbelievement by the team that setups the theme throughout.

    It is when Charlie and Sam Kraft (John Glover) meet. It is this friction of believes that drives most of the conflict in this episode. As you can expect the actual crimesolving is just a platform for this conflict to be played out. Personally, I liked this, but some may not.

    The ending is fairly avg, except for the gulf in belief in psychics which leaves good sense of reasonce when Agent Reeves phones her dad asign she believes. Wheres the brothers argument rises to shouting at which point a photo of their mother falls from the wall. A sign perhaps....
  • Review

    Don and his agents are asked to investigate when a search team finds three dead women in the wilderness who were apparently murdered under bizarre circumstances. The case becomes more suspicious when Don learns the search team was led to the crime scene by a psychic. I didnt really like this episode much at all. There were no "outside the case" scenes between any of the characters that really stood out and I didnt think the case was that interesting compared to some of the other ones in season 2. The "loaded with drugs" theme that this episode was about turned out to be a really bad idea and I wasnt buying into anything that the pshycic was saying and I thought the random drama between him, Charlie, and Megan also took away from the episode. Nothing really special in this episode I thought...
  • A medium shows up at the FBI offices and causes tension between the Eppes brothers.

    Jerkiness was contagious this episode. Larry was complaining that Charlie wasn't open-minded when he himself was so staunchly "open-minded" on this issue that he himself was closed off to Charlie's beliefs and concerns. I also feel that the FBI should have done more research into Kraft's background before deciding to believe him. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, it should be the last thing you come to after exhausting all other possibilities, not the third.

    That said, it was nice to have an episode where not everything ended nicely in a bow for the family. I also liked that, while still showing some respect for mysticism, the episode did not have the mystic defeat the science. I watch Numb3rs for the numbers. If I want ghosts I'll watch Medium, thank you very much.

    Some people complained that Charlie didn't act professionally by leaving the investigation in the middle. That may be so, but I also think that Charlie felt that he was slapped in the face by Don and the team so readily accepting the "expertise" of Kraft. Some may see it as childish, but Charlie saw it as keeping his professional credibility. If I was being forced to work with someone I saw as damaging to my credibility, I would be angry as well. This is passing no judgment on the actual existance of psychic powers, just why Charlie did what he did.
  • Math at its best.

    I love how math can be used this way. Especially how the calculations for the multi-body formula were done even though it did span across miles of land. It holds a sense of CSI to it while having upon itself my math class with a zing to it because I'm not usually used to seeing my math equations and such being applied to real life in such a fashion that what I'm studying can actually seem appealing to me. Great show, I think it's because of these episodes I get to my math homework at night these days. Seriously, it's that awesome.
  • Bad Episode (Spoilers)

    This episode upset me. The whole series is based on FACT and math and this episode was left with the Psychic being credited! And then at the end Charlie falls for it! I was very upset! I was realy hoping to see the Psychic get grilled and for Charlie to show us how he did it. :( All in all a bad choice for a script!
  • Corruption of a series

    What is going on with the writers of this show?
    It would be too much to expect that any Television series could
    remain immune to the politics and anti-intellectualism of the Television Industry.
    "Numb3rs" has clearly succumbed.
    Throughout Season Two we have seen the incorporation of leftist politics
    in the plots of "Numb3rs" episodes;
    "Numb3rs" has become yet another social-issue-of-the-week series.
    For me, last week's episode "Protest" (#29) in which the bad guy
    is a retired FBI agent crossed the line.
    The writers surely couldn't get away a script in which an honorably retired FBI agent
    ends the episode in handcuffs, but there is no doubt that he and (his generation of) the FBI are the bad guys.
    Now in "Mind Games" (#30) they have ejected the mathematics.

    In many episodes the grafting of a mathematics theme onto the plots has
    appeared forced and artificial.
    The mathematics component in "Mind Games" (the Fokker-Planck equation) is one of the most cursory we have yet seen.
    The separation of the show's mathematics consultant from the show's writers is painfully clear to see.
    The show's writers are clearly more enamored with the psychic character and the plot developments that come from the psychic theme than they are interested in mathematics.

    Insincerity and opportunism have found a home in the writing of "Numb3rs" scripts.

    To say more explicitly what bothers me most about this series: It lures in an audience with pretentions to presenting something about mathematics; then, on the one hand, gives an extremely superficial snapshot of a mathematical techinque which has very little instructional value, while, on the other hand, embedding the crime plot in a far better developed social issue drama where the only right thinking interpretation of the social issue is one of the liberal / leftist / Democratic Party variety. That is a disgusting practice. It's called propaganda. And it saddens me that mathematics is being used and abused this way.
  • Very good episode! I loved it.

    Here are my thought:

    -John Glover was REALLY good. I have enjoy John on Smallville and it was great to be able to see in something else.

    -I liked how the Eppes family seems more like a family. Like how Don and Charlie argued about the psychic and stuff. It should how they aren't always happy with each other. (Yes, I know they do that in others, I just really like how they did it in this one)

    -We got to learn some more about Megan, so that was nice. I like how they seems to be developing other characters besides the Eppes. Even if it's just a little bit.

    -They used math, which I thought was nice. I'm glad that we didn't have another 'Protest'. Protest was an ok episode, but like we have stated, not a lot of math. So it was nice that they used some this week.

    Yeah so there are my thoughts.
  • Show is still going strong. (SPOILERS)

    “We observe the universe through the limited prism of our senses.” Most scientists see this way, it is others that Charlie was imitating I think. For Charlie to totally dismiss someone like that was surprising, if not simply uncharacteristic of him. Hopefully this becomes a character arc for him, maybe not based on psychics but his fear of the unkown.

    The idea that he would stomp off like a child because they were using ALL means and methods, they don’t have to believe it, but don’t be childish and stomp off use all you have. Even if the ‘psychic’ did the deed, it would make sense to keep him around. Any way you look at it, it made ‘logical’ sense, and mathematical sense, to keep the psychic there.

    Anyway, other than that, it was a really good episode. It seems like the writers/experts that are giving them math equations are running out of variations to cerate more ‘numb3rs’ based storylines. Here’s hoping they don’t go the way of the DoDo soon, as the characters in this series are really fun to watch.
  • Loved it! (spoilers)

    This has to be one of the better episodes of Numb3rs that I've seen. We really got a sense of character development with Megan. She seems like a real person now that we know a little about her past. The scene where the psychic was telling her that he knew that 1) her father always wanted a son and 2) that she was the youngest of four girls was absolutely amazing. And at the end, when she called her father and he wasn't there, I could almost feel her disappointment. Diane Farr is really doing a great job on Numb3rs. Keep it up!
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