Season 3 Episode 23

Money for Nothing

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 11, 2007 on CBS

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    I didn't really like the sotryline in this one. We saw a storyline very similar to this in season two with some power and money hungry guy trying to get his money back and I felt like I was watching the seaosn episode only a season later. Again Larry has "left" the show, which surprised me considering he came back from 24 so that he could work on Numbers. I thought the side story was pretty boring as well, but that tends to be the case for most of the numbers episodes. The last couple of epsiodes really got me going leading into the finale but this one felt like a step back. With such hype for the finale I hope that it can live up to the standards that the show is giving itself for it.
  • After three years the brothers finally say what's on their mind!

    A great episode. The overall storyline about the medical supplies and the money was good. I think the morality message came across and made us also realize that the world really needs those passionate people to help other less fortunate people. What would have happened if Dr Matthews had cracked and given the combination? It is those people that make a difference and luckily mr Shannon saw that too.

    Even though it was just a side story to the episode, for me the development of Don gave this episode something extra. For the last few episode Don started working on himself and in this episode we already see some positive results; He is not refusing therapy anymore and is actually cooperating, he bravely makes an effort to put his commitment issues aside by telling his team about his relationship with Liz (which makes it more official and therefore serious), and he speaks his mind with Charlie.

    The conversation between the brothers in the last few minutes of the episode was icing on the cake. Not only had we been waiting for this discussion between Don and Charlie for almost three years, but also the acting (especially David Krumholtz) was incredible. The hurted look on Charlie's face when Don tells him that everything is always about him and the straight from the heart confession of Charlie that he loves working with his brother; this is exactly what Don needed to see and hear. Just as Charlie needed to see Don's smile....

    well done!
  • I don't want to put spoilers here so you guys can refer to the synopsis.

    This episode is of course an episode where everything is bound to finish nice nice and happy happy, which is probably not always the case in those kind of events where large amounts of money are involved and the true victims are thousands of miles away. Nice to discover about these financial schemes that we would not hear about otherwise.

    It was still an interesting episode and when you forget about the somewhat easy way of magically coming up with visual representations of algorythms, Charlie's stuff is interesting and appears real enough.

    That part about the FBI dad was pretty funny too.
  • Leading up to season finale!

    This will lead up to the season finale and that
    It was a great show. As the team tries to
    Find money stolen worth of $50M as they aren't alone in
    Trying to find the money. As other crooks want to stay
    One step ahead of the FBI to get the money before
    Someone does get hurt or worse. Can't wait for next week's
  • It was a good episode and it ended on a good note.

    There weren't any big surprises in this episode, and it was actually weird doing that exercise on the two guys where one is lying and the other one is telling the truth, but I thought that it was a good episode.

    It wasn't just about the math or the scenes, it was actually with the way the show ended. The millionaire decided to give up his claim on the money and just give it to the more important cause. It would do the whole world a lot of good if there were more people like this man. It also serves as a lesson that in the end, money doesn't really matter. Especially when you see all those kids who are really sick and are helpless without money.

    It was also good to see the brothers in the therapy session and the episode did have its share of funny cracks with Don finally revealing his relationship with Liz.

    Still can't wait for the finale. Hopefully we can be able to see Larry and Megan together then. :D
  • The FBI must recover $50 million in cash and medicinal supplies. In the background Don gets Charlie to come to a therapy session with him.

    The best part of this episode was the last three minutes. Coming from a family with 3 other brothers, I saw so much of my family in those last three minutes. Don't get me wrong, when it comes to emotions, I'm about as closed up as the character Don, but that last scene brought me to tears thinking about my own brothers and me growing up. Sure this episode isn't all that special when it comes to number theory (every first year Computer Science student learns Dijkstra's algorithm), but on the emotional level it's been the best so far.
  • Great, but not by any means 'superb' or 'phenomenal.'

    I thought that this episode was rather good. And I think I know why. There was no screen time at all in this episode for Larry (who has become more and more painful to watch over time) and there was no Kathy Najimy, who I've never liked as part of this show.Rather, this episode focused on different aspects of Charlie and Don's relationship with one another. Plus, all the MAJOR actors were heavily involved and did an excellent job with the material: Judd Hirsch (Alan), Alimi Ballard (David) and Dylan Bruno (Colby). A quick, short summary of what happened in this episode: Thieves hijack a truck full of medical supplies, $50 million intended for a Zambian relief effort, and two aid workers. It is up to the FBI Team plus Charlie's mathematics to save the day.

    I thought the storyline of the money and drugs for children in Africa was a decent plot. And the action was good. However, I must admit that next week's Season Three Finale looks (and should be) incredible.
  • With the season finale just around the corner I expected better.

    The script regarding the stealing of a big rig was just bad. I can see someone wanting to steal the medicine, that to me I can justify, I can understand even maybe make sense but that dollar amount in cash, come on. Ever hear of wire transfers. Now, the one positive of the episode was probably the final five minutes of the show. The therapy session between Don and Charlie I thought was great. It's been a long time coming. I love watching the relationship in so many different ways on so many different levels. I hope this trend of looking more deeping into the personal side of the brothers continues but still making the math/crime solving a main focus.
  • Truck carrying $50 million and medicine is hijacked. The team seeks to recover the money as well as two relief workers kidnapped along with the truck.

    Pretty bad episode. Therapist office is front and center as the brothers talk about feelings. Using a therapist to talk about feelings suggests to me that the writers just can't seem to develop the characters otherwise.

    Plus, one of the characters, guest star, Lisa Gay Hamilton (The Practice), is named Sari Kinshasa. Kinshasha? As in the Congo. Why would they do that? Its just so weak.

    Plus, when Hamilton's character asks whether the Charlie and Alan Eppes work for the FBI - and Alan's response is "No. FBI dad." What???

    The explanation regarding why they needed to deliver $50 million in cash vs. wiring the money is ridiculous.