Season 3 Episode 23

Money for Nothing

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 11, 2007 on CBS

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  • It was a good episode and it ended on a good note.

    There weren't any big surprises in this episode, and it was actually weird doing that exercise on the two guys where one is lying and the other one is telling the truth, but I thought that it was a good episode.

    It wasn't just about the math or the scenes, it was actually with the way the show ended. The millionaire decided to give up his claim on the money and just give it to the more important cause. It would do the whole world a lot of good if there were more people like this man. It also serves as a lesson that in the end, money doesn't really matter. Especially when you see all those kids who are really sick and are helpless without money.

    It was also good to see the brothers in the therapy session and the episode did have its share of funny cracks with Don finally revealing his relationship with Liz.

    Still can't wait for the finale. Hopefully we can be able to see Larry and Megan together then. :D