Season 3 Episode 23

Money for Nothing

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 11, 2007 on CBS

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  • After three years the brothers finally say what's on their mind!

    A great episode. The overall storyline about the medical supplies and the money was good. I think the morality message came across and made us also realize that the world really needs those passionate people to help other less fortunate people. What would have happened if Dr Matthews had cracked and given the combination? It is those people that make a difference and luckily mr Shannon saw that too.

    Even though it was just a side story to the episode, for me the development of Don gave this episode something extra. For the last few episode Don started working on himself and in this episode we already see some positive results; He is not refusing therapy anymore and is actually cooperating, he bravely makes an effort to put his commitment issues aside by telling his team about his relationship with Liz (which makes it more official and therefore serious), and he speaks his mind with Charlie.

    The conversation between the brothers in the last few minutes of the episode was icing on the cake. Not only had we been waiting for this discussion between Don and Charlie for almost three years, but also the acting (especially David Krumholtz) was incredible. The hurted look on Charlie's face when Don tells him that everything is always about him and the straight from the heart confession of Charlie that he loves working with his brother; this is exactly what Don needed to see and hear. Just as Charlie needed to see Don's smile....

    well done!