Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2005 on CBS

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  • Fame...

    Larry brought new car, but it is very old car! Honestly, I don't like old cars. I love future cars anyway. Anyway, Charlie tried to get clear picture of stalker in Sklyar's home. This episode is kind okay. But it started to get boring of this episode. I want exciting, shocking episode. This episode is normal. Sklyar had affair with someone, because her husband is alway at work, filming in Europe. So she want to get more love. She is idiot, if she don't like her husband, why not she divorce or ? Anway, this episode is okay, bit boring, and very little exciting to watch.
  • Review

    I thought this was one of the better numbers episodes to date and mainly thats because I thought the case stood miles above some of the other ones that they have done. The math used in this case isnt something that any of us could really relate too, the gymnastics pun was just an elemnetary example of what Charlie was trying to do. I thought the case in general and who was behind the murder was a shock and I thought the ending to this particular show was great. I liked some of the personal conversations in this episode to. Between the mystery note and the new car. I only hope that numbers doesnt just lose the mystery note entirely, thought thats what they tend to do (lose random sub stories)
  • An impressive episode about the harsh life of a star.

    True, that is what most shows have an episode of, however this episode puts in an even darker light then most do. At first, it looked like an usual episode about how stars are not very glamourous due to the fact that they get stalked, however it goes even deeper. The murder of a photographer changes the episode. The photographer was going to take pictures of a famous rapper and the star so she takes action and... kills him. The fact is that that could happen to a star, they could be pressured so much that they feel that murder is a possiblity. The subplot of Charlie's secret admirer is also impressive. It just kind of blended into the main plot and it kept you wondering just as much. I must say that the math was interesting. So I give it with all honesty, a 10/10 due to all the impressive factors.
  • Better than the first 2 episodes...

    Finally numb3rs is back. It's educational, refreshing, and interesting. It allows the viewers to learn the math behind many common things that we take advantage of from day to day. It provides the right amount of educational information and most of all, illustrates it in such a way for audiences to grasp them easily.
  • It is hard to feel sorry for the rich and famous. They seem to have it all. However, this show highlights that many of them can't find happiness in the spotlight.

    Paparazzi is a term that has slowly seeped into American culture. There is big bucks in celebrity stalking. There is even bigger bucks in catching celebrity scandels. The female victim here is a famous singer married to a MIA actor.
    The coolest part of the show involves Larry's purchase of an antique vehicle. His love for the car as a thing of beauty parallels the singer's story.
    Oh, and Charlie has a secred admirer who is not his would be girlfriend. They did not reveal who it was, and they may never. This may be like the DA in the season premiere who seems to have disappeared. Apparently fame is fleeting.
  • Strong plotline, interesting twists, out of the ordinary police drama.

    Great twists in the storyline. Each week I try and understand where these math philosophies can actually be used and all they do is consistently surprize me. This episode leads you around an interesting web of clues. I also enjoyed the characters outside of their work. The show keeps getting better and better with each episode. Not something I would normally watch but I can't help but watch. With unexpected twists as in this episode, this will remain a show my list of must sees each week. Although at times theres the "Why did you have to do it that way?" premise the show keeps you interested.
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