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Season 3 Episode 17

One Hour

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 23, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Don talks to his therapist again and, while he's gone, the team races to find an 11-year-old boy who is being held on a $3 million ransom and time is running out.

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  • Case solved in just one hour!

    I am really impressed FBI team did finish the case then solved it. They saved boy's life and bring him home safety. Don was CANT be reached because he is with his therapist for hour. Megan was even in charge of this case and this episode. Way to go, Megan! Megan Reeves is second command of this team, just case if Don is absent or whatever. Colby is focused center of this episode or main character/role in this one. Don's Therapist want Don to trust his team/co-workers. We found out that Don is boss for five years. That means Don is Senior FBI AGENT. Anyway, this episode is pretty special! Neat work!moreless
  • we learn more about Don and what he's thinks.

    i really like this episode because we learn about what Don thinks of each members of his team. It's great to see how the team interact and manage without him there. we also learn about Colby and what he lived in Afghanistan when he talks about the safe house in Kandahar, and to what extends he'd go to, to save someone. We also can see how Megan take the leadership of the team without thinking when Don's unavailable. i think that this episode is really good even if it's more about Don's psyche than the investigation. but we see a parallel between the two, it's great to see that the team can manage without him, it means that he taught them well despite what he fears.moreless
  • The classic "Did I miss anything" episode.

    This is one of those classic "did I miss anything" episodes...

    The big dog goes away, while his team has to fend without him. Meanwhile, he is discussing their individual talents and weaknesses, which happen to be showcased during the episode. They save the day and are all laughing at the ned, with the big boss of course saying "Did I miss anything?" while the tam responds with a "naw...".

    I liked the way they did the bit with the therapist. Though Ving Rames who was originally slotted for that spot I think would have been better. The actual Therapist was a character on the WIRE, as well as Lance Reddick (End of Watch episode.

    Another great show... The Wire.moreless
  • I love Numb3rs, and after this episode i love it even more. Don Epps just let's them do their thing. Eventually.

    When Don first went to see his psychologist i wondered where this story line was going. But when 'One Hour' finishes it all becomes clear.

    Early on in this episode Don arrives at his shrink's office, he's there to find out why he always seems to be the first one to pulls the trigger on the bad guys. And then, unbelievably he switches his phone off. Thus begins his, and our, voyage of discovery. Throughout this episode there are two plots running simultaneously, one involving Don trying to get to the route of his problem and the second being his team stepping up to the plate and solving a time sensitive case without him. it's all about the kidnapping of the son of a wealthy (if slightly dodgy) Latin Hop Hop mogul. They've only got one hour to meet the kidnappers demands, pay the ransom and get the kid back. This plot alone is great, it's execution slightly reminiscent of 'Die Hard With a Vengeance' at times, but still superb. And, you've guessed it, with some enlightened application of Charlie's math and some dogged FBI determination they manage to find the boy and the kidnapper without anyone getting hurt. Incidentally the kidnapper was an old criminal partner of the boy's father who felt disgruntled at the money his old pal had made and wanted a piece of it. But what made this particular episode brilliant was the constant juxtaposition between Don attempting to get to route of his problem by picking apart the individual members of his team's strengths and weaknesses, and the way those same team members act in solving this case.

    After a super build up and finale two conclusion are reached. Firstly the kidnapper is caught and the child saved. And secondly after an hour of deliberation, analysis and soul searching Don works out what his problem is. He realises why he's been first to pull the trigger on so many occasions. Why he's the first one in and the last one out. It's because deep down he feels like if he doesn't he'll become obsolete. As his psychologist put's it, "you're not worried about your team falling apart because you're not there, you're afraid that they won't, that Don Epps doesn't matter." For me this summed up feelings i bet most of us have at some time, i know i do. And with the usual Numb3rs' Happy Days like endings, Don sees his team after their achievement and instead of being worried or jealous he's proud. Great ending to a great episode. If you've got this far into the review i applaud you, i hope it's been helpful. If it hasn't and you're a Numb3rs fan please watch 'One Hour' you won't be disappointed.moreless
  • The Best Episode Of Numb3rs You Will Ever See...

    This was one of the best pieces of television that I have ever seen, let alone the best episode of Numb3rs I have ever seen. The writing for this episode could not have been any better then what it was. Don being away for the entire episode while everything he says is being connected back to the crisis that the team is currently handeling - the writer of this episode is a genius. Loved having Don not get the call the shots in this episode and more importantly I loved the fact that his charatcer made very strong character devolopment scenes in this epsiode while being away form the action. The scenes with him were kept short, not to keep us away from the true action of the show.

    Everyone got a piece of the action in this episode and everyone played a very good role in the episode. Charlie used great math in this epsiode - I loved both the maze and the 1,650,000 number schemes and was able for the most part to follow along there. David running around doign whatever was asked of him was a great show of his character in this episode. Running to the hospital and the library as well as being at the final destination before Colby got there. Colby, speaking of great acting, did a wonderful job in this epsiode connecting with the father of the boy as well as all of his running scenes. The best scenes in Numb3rs are when Colby is running after something. Random little jokes were great too. And Megan did a fantastic job continuing to run the job behind the desk hiding her pregnancy. I really love her new role she has adjusting to presenting information so well.

    The best episode of Numb3rs minute for minute that I think I will ever see. There may be a bigger cliffhanger somewhere done the line, but I do not see a better minute for minute episode from this show coming up anytime soon.moreless
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