Season 3 Episode 17

One Hour

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 23, 2007 on CBS

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  • Case solved in just one hour!

    I am really impressed FBI team did finish the case then solved it. They saved boy's life and bring him home safety. Don was CANT be reached because he is with his therapist for hour. Megan was even in charge of this case and this episode. Way to go, Megan! Megan Reeves is second command of this team, just case if Don is absent or whatever. Colby is focused center of this episode or main character/role in this one. Don's Therapist want Don to trust his team/co-workers. We found out that Don is boss for five years. That means Don is Senior FBI AGENT. Anyway, this episode is pretty special! Neat work!
  • we learn more about Don and what he's thinks.

    i really like this episode because we learn about what Don thinks of each members of his team. It's great to see how the team interact and manage without him there. we also learn about Colby and what he lived in Afghanistan when he talks about the safe house in Kandahar, and to what extends he'd go to, to save someone. We also can see how Megan take the leadership of the team without thinking when Don's unavailable. i think that this episode is really good even if it's more about Don's psyche than the investigation. but we see a parallel between the two, it's great to see that the team can manage without him, it means that he taught them well despite what he fears.
  • The classic "Did I miss anything" episode.

    This is one of those classic "did I miss anything" episodes...

    The big dog goes away, while his team has to fend without him. Meanwhile, he is discussing their individual talents and weaknesses, which happen to be showcased during the episode. They save the day and are all laughing at the ned, with the big boss of course saying "Did I miss anything?" while the tam responds with a "naw...".

    I liked the way they did the bit with the therapist. Though Ving Rames who was originally slotted for that spot I think would have been better. The actual Therapist was a character on the WIRE, as well as Lance Reddick (End of Watch episode.

    Another great show... The Wire.
  • I love Numb3rs, and after this episode i love it even more. Don Epps just let's them do their thing. Eventually.

    When Don first went to see his psychologist i wondered where this story line was going. But when 'One Hour' finishes it all becomes clear.

    Early on in this episode Don arrives at his shrink's office, he's there to find out why he always seems to be the first one to pulls the trigger on the bad guys. And then, unbelievably he switches his phone off. Thus begins his, and our, voyage of discovery. Throughout this episode there are two plots running simultaneously, one involving Don trying to get to the route of his problem and the second being his team stepping up to the plate and solving a time sensitive case without him. it's all about the kidnapping of the son of a wealthy (if slightly dodgy) Latin Hop Hop mogul. They've only got one hour to meet the kidnappers demands, pay the ransom and get the kid back. This plot alone is great, it's execution slightly reminiscent of 'Die Hard With a Vengeance' at times, but still superb. And, you've guessed it, with some enlightened application of Charlie's math and some dogged FBI determination they manage to find the boy and the kidnapper without anyone getting hurt. Incidentally the kidnapper was an old criminal partner of the boy's father who felt disgruntled at the money his old pal had made and wanted a piece of it. But what made this particular episode brilliant was the constant juxtaposition between Don attempting to get to route of his problem by picking apart the individual members of his team's strengths and weaknesses, and the way those same team members act in solving this case.

    After a super build up and finale two conclusion are reached. Firstly the kidnapper is caught and the child saved. And secondly after an hour of deliberation, analysis and soul searching Don works out what his problem is. He realises why he's been first to pull the trigger on so many occasions. Why he's the first one in and the last one out. It's because deep down he feels like if he doesn't he'll become obsolete. As his psychologist put's it, "you're not worried about your team falling apart because you're not there, you're afraid that they won't, that Don Epps doesn't matter." For me this summed up feelings i bet most of us have at some time, i know i do. And with the usual Numb3rs' Happy Days like endings, Don sees his team after their achievement and instead of being worried or jealous he's proud. Great ending to a great episode. If you've got this far into the review i applaud you, i hope it's been helpful. If it hasn't and you're a Numb3rs fan please watch 'One Hour' you won't be disappointed.
  • The Best Episode Of Numb3rs You Will Ever See...

    This was one of the best pieces of television that I have ever seen, let alone the best episode of Numb3rs I have ever seen. The writing for this episode could not have been any better then what it was. Don being away for the entire episode while everything he says is being connected back to the crisis that the team is currently handeling - the writer of this episode is a genius. Loved having Don not get the call the shots in this episode and more importantly I loved the fact that his charatcer made very strong character devolopment scenes in this epsiode while being away form the action. The scenes with him were kept short, not to keep us away from the true action of the show.

    Everyone got a piece of the action in this episode and everyone played a very good role in the episode. Charlie used great math in this epsiode - I loved both the maze and the 1,650,000 number schemes and was able for the most part to follow along there. David running around doign whatever was asked of him was a great show of his character in this episode. Running to the hospital and the library as well as being at the final destination before Colby got there. Colby, speaking of great acting, did a wonderful job in this epsiode connecting with the father of the boy as well as all of his running scenes. The best scenes in Numb3rs are when Colby is running after something. Random little jokes were great too. And Megan did a fantastic job continuing to run the job behind the desk hiding her pregnancy. I really love her new role she has adjusting to presenting information so well.

    The best episode of Numb3rs minute for minute that I think I will ever see. There may be a bigger cliffhanger somewhere done the line, but I do not see a better minute for minute episode from this show coming up anytime soon.
  • This episode one of the best in season 3. It show how some supervisors (Don as in this drama) who spend a lot of time worry about their jobs and not able to trust and let go of responsibility to their subordinate.

    I really love the way the team work together (great team work) without Don and getting the case solve. Don on the other realized with the help of his therapist that he has to stop worrying and enjoy his life.

    Megan wow me in this episode. She was able to take over due to absence of Don and lead the team to capture the kidnappers. She has been quiet pass few episodes due to her pregnancy and not able to perform as her usual self but she was really great in this episode.

    Bravo to the writer of this episode. Hope to see more good scripts coming.
  • While Don is with his therapist, Colby (with help from the team plus Charlie and Amita) races around LA with a bag of money, trying to rescue the kidnapped son of a controversial music mogul.

    I loved this episode! In between all the action, there was Don and his therapist, which was revealing in itself. And it was great to see Megan lead the team, especially since we all know she'll have her own team sooner rather than later. I also liked how it wasn't all Charlie. I missed that when Larry went off into space. Having Amita being an integral part of the case was refreshing. And Colby...he was the best part of the episode. He kept a cool head (despite all the running). I liked the little glimpse into Colby's experience, and that it wasn't one of the more horrific ones.

    Overall, wonderful episode!
  • Superb.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this was the best episode the series has done yet. Rob Morrow doesn't often get to portray serious, agressive, "tough guy" characters, and it's ironic that his best series example so far was done within the confines of a backdrop scenario, which greatly helped underscore, and firm-up, the main plot. There have been lesser examples here and there, but this was the first time we truly got to see the loneliness and insecurity that invariably resides in the mind of someone in his position. A lesser actor would have probably done the lines as written, and given us a reason to find the character less appealing, but Morrow absolutely nailed the subtext and emotions, and managed to convey a strengthening of the character's self-assuredness, as opposed to being diminished by his inner revelations. Simply put, his screen-time this ep was less than usual, but the performance itself virtually stole the show, and left me seriously impressed. Additionally, the main story, with the remaining cast taking the lead, was much more serious and well-played than is typical for this series. Completely absent were any of the surreal, fluff elements that often find their way into these stories and, although entertaining, take away from a show's realism. The mood, which usually is closer to something like Judging Amy (except with guns) changed into something more akin to NYPD Blue, and for what it's worth, that style and mindset, along with an excellent script, gave the entire cast something they could really sink their teeth into, and present the viewers with an excellent story that showed just how good this show can be.
  • This episode restored my faith in Numb3rs.

    Last week's episode was a total disaster, let me tell ya. I don't understand why every police series has to have one ep about boxing/fighting. What's so alluring about two guys who try to knock each other out and do as much damage to each other as possible? *huffs* But this ep was excellent!

    There was no Papa!Eppes in this episode but strangely, I didn't miss him at all. How weird is that?

    I loved how the whole ep ran in real time. One hour, one episode. I'm not a fan of 24. I think it's a rather boring TV series and I don't understand the humbuck that accompanies that one but here I loved it. It was a nice change of pace.

    How cool was Colby in that ep? And David? And Megan? I even liked Liz! And of course Charlie and Amita. But I still can't shake the feeling that Amita looks totally bored most of the time, like this whole business gets on her nerves and she has to simply endure it.

    And the little insight into Don't characters was so good. I was really starting to worry about him and Charlie. They didn't even seem like brothers anymore these last couple of eps - or maybe I'm just spoiled by Supernatural. I mean, Charlie had better moments/conversations with Colby than with Don. But here, we saw that Don is simply a pretty messed up guy with a bag of issues that he can't solve alone. The therapist is rather cool, let me tell ya.

    The last scene of this episode was rather heart-warming. Not really hilarious or that much funny, but rather touching. These guys obviously like each other very much! And Don finally smiled!

    And Michael deLorenzo of course! So great to see him again. I loved him in New York Undercover where he had such a great chemistry with J. C. Williams.

    Overall, a very good episode, finally one worth re-watching!
  • Don has a session & the team handles a crisis

    I thought this was a really interesting way to sort of re-introduce the team to the audience. I haven't been watching this series with any regularity, but we have started tivo-ing it. I was glad to get all the info on the characters.

    A rap mogul's son is kidnapped. Since the FBI has been investigating the man for RICCO violations he is not ready to cooperate. Don is in a therapy session talking with his shrink about the team. His phone is off, so the team is flying with out him at the helm. it was intesting switching from Don discussing them in his session & them handling the case with out him.

    Also interesting was his resentment from living in his brother's shadow. Like I said I was never a fan of the show before,so I had never really gotten that from the episodes i had seen. I will definitely be watching this more often.
  • Whilst Don talks with his therapist again the rest of his team is called to the case of a kidnapped eleven year old with a $3.2 million ransom. The events in this episode happen within one hour.

    When Don first saw the therapist in the episode 'Take Out' (S03E14) I was unsure how it would affect future episodes and didn't know whether or not it would work out well. This episode was spot on. The way the conversation between Don and the therapist fitted with what was happening with the occuring kidnapping case worked perfectly. It provided good character development for Don without devoting the entire episode. It also provided a more background for Don's team; Megan, Colby and David and let these characters become center stage in bringing the kidnapping to a safe conclusion.

    For me this episode proves yet again what a good show this is. Many things in this episode were done differently such as the episode taking place in 'real time', the way Amita was asked to help rather than Charlie, and the clever way Don's conversation linked to his team's actions.

    I have to say for me so far best episode of the season.
  • A great out of the ordinary episode for Numb3rs.

    This episode was excellent for several reasons. The biggest being the insight it gave us into Don and how he feels about his team both as a group and on the individual level. You could clearly see him struggle over several issues and even make some breakthroughs over some past situations. The kidnapping plot was very well-written and gave the always excellent cast the chance to shine. They seemed like more of a team than ever and used some great methods to catch the kidnapper in the end. The dialogue and interplay amoung the team was very well written and executed. It was great to see a fresh approach used on Numb3rs and really made for a top-notch episode.
  • A different episode but in an awesome way!

    A new angle for the show this week. This episode was all in real time. Taking place all during an hour long therapy session that Don was taking, had him out of the picture and everyone else handling it without them.

    There was alot of character development, for Don and everyone else as we saw how they handled things without him and Don's personal opinions of his team and brother.

    The real time aspect was great and I loved the tension and sense of urgency this episode had. The only problem I had was at the beginning. Why didn't the kid start freaking out when there was this huge gunfight behind him? He didn't react until the one guy had shot 2 people and then grabbed him. Other than that this episode was great. I hope they do neat things like this every now and then to spice up the show and make things a little different.
  • Real we go!

    Wow...such great episode! Don's session was awesome...Colby rocked!:D And I really liked that Megan needed Amita and Charlie 'tagged along.' They did a lot of things different, but all of them were right on. I love that Don is realizing what his team means to him, and that Doc is so awesome! I love him...can't wait to see him again.

    All in all--absolutely awesome episode. Best this season, no questions about it.

  • Don's therapy session uncovers some intersting facts about him and his view members of his team. While Don is in therapy, Megan takes charge of a kidnapping involving a music mograls 9 year old son. The team has just one hour to find him.

    Tonight's episode was a very enjoyable break for the usual. Don's therapy session is cleaverly interwoven into a kidnapping case of a music mograls 9 year old son. Megan does an excellent job of filling in for Don. Her calm demeanor and quiet confidence proves that she is more that ready to lead a team of her own.

    Don's therapy session is more of a discussion of his role on the team and who he views the other members in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. There were some surprises but none as big as one concerning his mathamatical genius brother, Charlie. Don revealed that he always feels that his is standing in Charlie's shadow, never able to measure up to his success. Don even went as far as saying that he doesn't view Charlie as a member of the team. Ouch. What was an interesting twist is Megan calling Amita to help with the investigation, leaving Charlie to tag along. As Don is talking to his therapis, we see how the strengths/weaknesses of his team members make them a valuable asset. The most entertaining moment was Charlie's explanation of the "Cake" theory. As the team closes in on the kidnappers, Don learns an imoportant less about himself and his team. Trust is a two way street and Don's leadership is responsible for the greatness of his team.
  • Something a little different.

    I haven't been in love with the eps they have done recently, but this change of pace was nice. The episode ran smoothly despite jumping back and forth between Don and the Team. The ending with Don was not satisfactory. His realization was... meh. Everyone esle was great in this episode though. The plan the kidnapper had was good, and how they worked it all out (as usual) was great too. All around it was good, but it could have been some thing great. It just missed the mark somewhere in there. And I have got to wonder if all of this could really be pulled off in only and hour.
  • very typical

    the first scene at the beginning says it all. so typical american - bling bling - and the whole show's losing authenticity; yes sure,why anyone, to kidnapp someone, would use a flashy and conspicuous car, which is also the absolutely slowest and worst choice for that matter? hey people a Hummer H2? wtf? where is the brain? and if it obsolutely had to be a SUV there are lots and lots of better one or even less bad ones, even american brands. but oh no, let's take the one car which will most likely never ever be used by anyone with a higher IQ than bread.
  • I've enjoyed the vast majority of the episodes I've seen, but this one just felt hollow. Not their best. Hopefully a local minimum...

    The premise of this episode is that the team catches a kidnapping case while Don is simultaneously meeting with the shrink - so the team has to deal with the kidnapping without Don. There was also supposedly this real time component to the action in this episode.

    I didn't feel like they pulled it off. I still haven't bought into the whole "Don has issues" storyline - I think he gets his job done and I like him the way he is - and I just wasn't feeling the real time thing at all. In fact, the only thing I really got from the real time angle was that it rushed the development of the story to the point of being even further fetched and more unrealistic than usual - for both the working through the issues with the shrink thing and the kidnapping case.

    Their usual formula where things unfold more organically is ok, and I don't think they should mess with it too much. Their stories and pacing need just a bit more time for the processes of analysis and the realizations sinking in to seem at least mildly plausible - urgent math just isn't very convincing fiction...

    Anyway, this doesn't ruin the series or anything - as long as it's not a new trend - but this one seemed more than just a little off... Hopefully we'll see them get back on track shortly.
  • Don's out of touch with the therapist. Now Megan has to run the show to get a kidnapped boy back to his father. A father with gang and criminal ties. Charlie and Amedia work the math. David and Colby run the race against time.

    WoW! That was a wonderful episode. It had all the people we love(except Alan) doing what we love them for. Don getting to the heart of it all. The gang all pulling it together without him to get the job done. Megan trusting Charlie and the math with Colby's life. She knew he wouldn't let them down. Colby struggling to run the maze and save the boy so he could keep his word to his father. David trying to have Colbys back an stay out of site. This is why I love this show.
    I gave it 9.99 because no Alan.
  • This one was really different... but in a good way.

    Okay, first of all, if you are a fan of Colby, this episode'll make you drool. About the time he's running all over downtown LA with $3.2 million on his back.

    And if you don't like Colby, you'll either end up liking him by the time the episode's over or you probably shouldn't have wasted your time watching this episode.

    Except for if you're a Don fan, because while he isn't involved in the case at all, he has some major character development. He's back with the therapist, basically plotting out *teh massively angsty story of Don Eppes's life.* So Don fans shouldn't miss a minute of that.

    Right... the plot. An extremely cute eleven-year-old boy with an extremely rich father is kidnapped while doing his paper route. So our favorite team of feds has to get him back. The catch is, Don's at his therapist's office, and he made Don turn off his cell phone. It all works out all right in the end though...

    i really liked this episode.