Season 3 Episode 19

Pandora's Box

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2007 on CBS

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  • Great episode... as always

    I love Numb3rs, and is one of the few shows I just HAVE to watch each week (day, since the old episode are being re-run again and again on the danish tv channel "Kanal 5"!

    But lately I've been thinking about some of the things mentioned in the show. I know tha Calsci doesn't exist and such things - but I was wondering - In this episode Don mentions a GPS chip in his fathers stolen laptop... and in a previous episode it was a mobile phone, and in both ep's the year 2005 is mentioned. Since I'm not American I don't know if your computers and mobile's has chips in them since 2005... so please can any of you tell me?


    ps. This episode was one of my favourites in this season.
  • Review

    I thought the episode started off really slow, but got better as it went along. I didnt see the point of bringing back Edgerton other then the fact that Lou Diamond Phillips is an amazing actor. The Spree killing at the beginning of the season was brought up again, but I didnt see the point in bringing back Ian just for that. I think he came back just because he is a really good special guest star. I thought that the last 20 minutes of this episode really kicked in and showed us what we love about the show - the math in the beginning with the mufifn was good, but seemed way too random to be mathematically correct. I loved the ending math, with Charlie figuring out who was the set-up behind the whole thing and Ian taking the sniper shot to "become number three" was comical and a great intense scene to watch for the first time. I think this episode was a strong step up from "Democracy", but doesnt bring enough power in the first 20 minutes to give it the gold star.
  • The mysterious death of a ranger mixed in with a plane crash poses a difficult task for Don and team to determine what and who did the crime.

    Definitely more interesting than the last episode "Democracy" and better yet no Oswaldo.

    Lou Diamond Phillips appeared again as the tough Agent Ian
    Egerton, the expert sniper. A lot of things happen to that whole bit with the plane crash was very fascinating and well timed considering they are.

    I really liked the way they should the whole piecing of the crash from recovering the black box to getting the flight computer object and literally retracing the steps of the crash. This is exactly how crash investigations are routinely done by the FAA. They investigate the wreckage and using what they can try to figure what went wrong.

    A couple of different possibilites came up with the missing cargo but then they came up with another twist with the whole programming scheme.

    An awkward moment with Don and Ian as Ian basically tells Don how he covered up for him in the shooting of a suspect many episodes ago. Don was in no position to argue so the situation was let go. As much as Don might not say it directly Ian has covered his butt and when you watch the ending you realize that Ian once again played a big part in closing this case.

    Meanwhile, Charlie and Don's Dad house was robbed. Normally, these home invasions don't get solved but the writers wrote up a happy ending for it.

    Still the episode was done well.
  • Great installment, with a perfect mix of character involvement and straight-line intrigue.

    Pandora's box was an extremely interesting episode with a perfect mix of character involvement and the straight line intrigue normally associated with the show. I enjoyed the severity of the problem that the team was faced with, as I always do. Charlie, Don, and Colby were at their peak with this episode, showing off the better sides of their work ability and personal skills that apply off the record. I wish David had a bit more of a part, and I wish Megan could have been a part of this, but all in all a really great and exciting epsiode. Can't wait for another like this.
  • A plane crashes but there's more to it than meets the eye. A computer program is behind the crash and the Numb3rs team leads the way to find those responsible.

    I tuned in to watch Tom Pelphrey who guest starred as Mike Daley in his prime time debut. Tom played Jonathan on Guiding Light since 2005. I was amazed! I loved the show and I loved what Tom did with his character. He showed such range and natural talent and he fit right in with the others. I will definitely be tuning in again. Hats off to Tom Pelphrey and I can't wait to see what he'll be doing next.
  • Nothing too special - but I liked it.

    NUMB3RS has become a Friday night ritual in our house but tonight's episode anything to write home about. It was pretty ordinary which is surprising seeing we are fast approaching season's end. I liked the shake up with the Ebbs home burglary, however the "boys" seemed to find it irrelavant in comparison to the plane crash. The one bright spot as brief on screen as it was, was Millie. She is a character/person that the Ebbs boys need and I hope she's around for a long time. I glad that Megan's absence was acknowledged. I loved the return of Ian Egerton. I love the character and hope he returns, often. I think he helps keep Don on his toes.
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