Season 3 Episode 19

Pandora's Box

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2007 on CBS

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  • The mysterious death of a ranger mixed in with a plane crash poses a difficult task for Don and team to determine what and who did the crime.

    Definitely more interesting than the last episode "Democracy" and better yet no Oswaldo.

    Lou Diamond Phillips appeared again as the tough Agent Ian
    Egerton, the expert sniper. A lot of things happen to that whole bit with the plane crash was very fascinating and well timed considering they are.

    I really liked the way they should the whole piecing of the crash from recovering the black box to getting the flight computer object and literally retracing the steps of the crash. This is exactly how crash investigations are routinely done by the FAA. They investigate the wreckage and using what they can try to figure what went wrong.

    A couple of different possibilites came up with the missing cargo but then they came up with another twist with the whole programming scheme.

    An awkward moment with Don and Ian as Ian basically tells Don how he covered up for him in the shooting of a suspect many episodes ago. Don was in no position to argue so the situation was let go. As much as Don might not say it directly Ian has covered his butt and when you watch the ending you realize that Ian once again played a big part in closing this case.

    Meanwhile, Charlie and Don's Dad house was robbed. Normally, these home invasions don't get solved but the writers wrote up a happy ending for it.

    Still the episode was done well.