Season 4 Episode 17

Pay to Play

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 09, 2008 on CBS

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  • Bit Unusual, but I enjoyed it.

    We have a rapper' murder that has nothing to do with gangs. We also have Amita a bundle of nerves with her parents' arrival. I initially thought stealing lyrics or in this case raps. Megan is MIA, taking a week off with only notifying the bosses, but not her teammates. Charlie's insecurities are showing about Amita's parents liking him. There's a math genius working an algorithm for music lyrics. Hunter seemingly changed his stripes from when he first broke into the business alienating a lot of people. Charlie working with the rap songs was great. The only thing better was Larry and the rappers. Again another c l a s s I c motive of greed. Derek wanting revenge for his friends Hunter went about it the right way, getting everything on tape. As it turns out Charlie's insecurities are not unfounded. However, Amita's heart is true despite her parents' desires for their daughter. But ultimately they warm up to the Ebbs charm. New couple in the mist, Liz & Colby, have they learned nothing yet?