Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • Amita's Best!

    Watching this episode was so fun and at the same time poignant. Charlie and Amita's relationship seemed perfectly real and the chemistry was all there. I love that they're talking about moving in with each other because it means that the relationship is growing and changing and not getting stuck in one place like so many TV romances tend to do. There was a lot of development with Amita's character and I thought Navi did a fantastic job. It's definitely the biggest role she's had on the show so far and I thought she played it perfectly. Not to mention the humor was great and the timing was perfect. And Charlie saved Colby! yay!

    All in all I'd say this episode was as close to perfect as they've ever been and it is definitely one of my faves.
  • This was a great show.

    Maybe it was the on slaught of the writer's strike but some scripts seem cobbled together while other script's shine. This show shined. A dude is killed when he leaves the roof of a parking lot unexpectedly. Turns out that there is a game going and someone is determined to be the number one winner no matter what. Amita helps with the case since she has been playing the game and realizes her own life is in danger. There were some good one liners and the wit of the show was not lost on the audience. A really good show. Keep them coming!
  • Character development + entertaining banter + action= 1 good episode of Numb3rs.

    This was a great episode. The plot was intriguing I would have never pegged Amita as a gamer. And the sheer number of funny qoutable lines was great. I really like how this season the dynamic betwee Charlie and Amita has changed. They show more of them together and her at Charlies house. The character developement this season and the changed dynamics make it my favorite season so far. I'm glad that Larry is getting back to the Larry from before his trip into orbit. I didn't like the Larry from the last bit of season three as much. I love the fact that Alan is taking classes at Cal Sci and in the last few eps we see him working on projects and doing homework. I think it's great that their showing that you don't have to be a genuis or young to love to learn. It'll be interesting to see how the Don & Liz relationship works out and also how the Charlie, Amita living arrangement turns out. Colby being swept away by the water took me by suprise as did Charlie rescuing him. By far the best part of the episode was the end with Larry's line about Allan living with him. All in all a great example of why math makes good TV
  • good episode...

    The team investigates the murder of a man that was pushed off a building. The investigation leads to a game world called primacy where online gamers go off to the real world in search of a million dollars. Many shows have tried to create stories about online games, and this is the only one I've seen that has actually been interesting. In the end, they catch the killer with the help of Charlie's girlfriend. I really liked the story in the episode as well as all of the character development. I loved how the monastary guy (I forgot his name) was so shocked when he went back into his room. It was halarious. Overall, great case, great characters, and a great episode.
  • It seems like immoderate fandom to give any episode a 10, but I honestly could think of no reasons to deduct points from "Primacy".

    Over three amazing seasons, Numb3rs has proven its ability to run a show on the merits of its premise and its plots. Of course, no one returns to a show without character, and there is plenty of that flowing through the veins of this TV drama. But this show proves weekly it can stay afloat if only because the plots are genius.

    In "Primacy", however, the brains at CBS prove they can do what most shows do every episode; write a character-driven plot.

    Numb3rs has done these before. But thus far, this is some of the most drama, the most excitement and the most peril ever thrown into a single installment in this series. If you aren't literally (literally, I say) on the edge of your seat with the last ten minutes of this episode, you're half asleep.

    No giant steps are taken in the plotlines of any of the characters, really. The question of Charlie and Amita's relationship going further arises (but is not fully resolved), and we see Larry returning to his former life at CalSci (to his chagrin) as well as hear murmurs of Liz avoiding Don at the office since she learned of his relationship with a witness five years ago (previous episode). Other than that, the plotline is the characters.

    This is one of those awesome moments where the die-hards of this show - who love it for what is, and appreciate when it goes outside the box - get to see what happens when the crime life and real lives collide with your loved ones at the apex.

    I think it has to be my favorite episode since "Rampage".
  • I think this is my favourite episode of Numb3rs ever.

    I can't really put my finger on why I feel that, but overall I just loved it.

    I liked the fact that Amita got to play an important role. It was nice to see her have a separate interest from what we normally see. I also loved her relationship with Charlie this episode. It was really nice to see them so in love. I'm a big fan of their relationship and it was good to see that become more prominent in this episode. But poor Colby! He's certainly getting a lot of action scenes this season. Not that I'm complaining. I'm liking seeing him more in the episodes. It would have been good if David had been in the episode though, but that's only a small complaint.

    It was just such a fun and interesting episode. It was a little different from most cases they have which was good and it came off as being really fun and I loved it. Hope to see many more episodes like this.
  • Very special episode with lots of character development.

    This was a really great episode. Although I'm not a fan of online "reality" games, this one really got me interested in finding out more.
    I loved the way they showed us that being in the FBI doesn't mean you know it all. All those acronyms and funny-sounding words they threw around in the first few minutes made the FBI team look so uncomfortable, that I got the feeling that these guys really didn't have a clue what it was all about. Good thing Amita knew the game! It was really nice of the writers to bring Amita more into the problem-solving spotlight, expecially because it didn't just feature her math abilities. And what a nice piece of acting when she actually "killed" the bad guy by accident! Her facial expression was just great!
    I also loved the interaction between herself and the "nerdy" guy (forgot his name) who helped her with the game. And of cause I loved Charlie's reaction to being told about Amita's meeting with Spectre. Their relationship has moved more to the foreground, and that makes him seem just so much more "normal" instead of all nerdy-math like.
    I think Liz's absence this episode was a good thing. It gives Don some time to portray the mixed feelings he has about this relationship. It is far more realistic this way, than with her just leaving the series or them getting back immediately after their spat. Now there are three new developments that I'm looking forward to see: 1)Don and Liz, 2) Charlie and Amita's living arrangements and 3) Larry and Megan's relationship.
  • This was such a fantastic episode!

    This episode was amazing. Not the best "plot" or crime, but the episode in the whole was great. Having Amita in danger really made this episode what it is for me. The Charlie/Amita is the episode was incredible, and Larry coming back to CalScI is great. Many fabulous one-liners in this, not to mention Colby getting drenched again.

    Some physical action from Charlie using his amazing uppper body strength, could we have expected less?

    This episode is one of my favourites now, with great sub-storylines (if that's a word), including Charlie and Amita discussing moving in together, the success of Charlie's book and the Don and Liz relationship, though Liz wasn't in it, was still present with a heartfelt conversation between Don and Alan.

    Many kudos to the writers who don't get recognised enough for work like this!
  • A member of the DA's office in Kansas gets thrown off of a roof in Los Angeles, prompting Don's team to start an investigation. Turns out he's a member of an online gaming community with more abbreviations that you can shake a stick at.

    Within the first five minutes they were tossing around words like ARG VR, etc that clearly had the FBI team lost. In comes Amita . . . turns out she's been playing a game called Primacy, which the DA was involved in at the time of his murder. She ends up helping the FBI to trap someone within the game who is literally taking out the competition. Meanwhile, Charlie's got his first tv interview with regard to the book, while at the same time he's trying to convince Amita to move in with him. Don's worried about what to do about the state of his relationship with Liz. I liked Amita in this episode. We've always had a sense that she's got things going on outside of her relationship with Charlie - It was nice to have a reminder. I'm sort of up in the air about a change in living arrangements. One of the central themes of the show to me is the guys: Don, Charlie and Alan. I like having scenes at the end of the show where it is the three of them together. Or, where they all get together at the house. I don't see Don showing up at any hour if Amita's there . . .
  • This episode had me glued to the TV. Very well done. Everything came together nicely.

    All I can say is "wow." I really enjoyed watching this episode. The plot was unique and it came together really well. What I most enjoyed was the character interactions. All the characters worked really well together in trying to figure everything out. Charlie and Amita's relationship was handled really well in this episode, and it showed how it has progressed beyond their work. The only problem I had with this episode was that it was a little bit anti-climactic when it came to apprehending the guy at the end. That being said, this has become one of my favorite episodes.
  • I LOVED this episode. Very cutting edge.

    I loved the whole plot and script for this episode. Yes we know a lot of shows are jumping on the Online Reality games band wagon. But in this case it was very creative and believable. I thought linking Amita was ideal. She not what some would classify as a gamer. But it worked. I loved the concern from Charlie. But I also appreciate Amita standing her ground to do what is right for herself, hence protecting others. Don speaking with his Dad regarding Liz was great. I thought Charlie dodging his interview was over done, but obviously Charlie couldn't be there to stop Amita, next time have him in class.
  • Amita in distress!

    There was some great action in this episode. I knew Amita would be in peril from the commercial so that wasn't much of a suprise, but when Colby hit the water and was carried away, I was stunned. I did not expect that to happen.

    I like the last scene where Larry offered Dad Epps to stay with him, if he actually had a place. I thought that was so funny.

    Now I wonder where Dad Epps will move to or if he will move. I like the fact that he lives with Charlie. The Epps family is the basis for the show, and I don't want that to change.
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