Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2006 on CBS

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  • Don and his team are on the trail of a valuable painting stolen from an art museum. Don soon learns the painting is at the center of a lawsuit by a family who claimed it was stolen from them by the Nazis during World War II. More surprises follow.


    This episode in my opinion is the best episode of Numb3rs to date. While there have been many good episodes of this show none has held my interest and is so well written as this one. Just when you thought you had it all figured out a turn that you didn't see coming (and is very plausible) comes to light. The backstory of Charlie's quarrels with his father actually added to the enjoyment of the episode. It worked on every level and didn't get in the way of the main story. A great episode for sure.

  • Charlie learns the hard way

    I enjoyed this episode. First of all, the case was very good. All of Charlie's theories were interesting and convincing, it made the whole thing easy to follow. I felt bad for the poor old lady. Having no one trust you because of your age and your memory loss must be terrible. It was good that she got the painting back and that it gave Don an idea to do something for a member of his family.
    Charlie. He was a little rude to his father. He owns the house and he expects his father to do things for him, things he's supposed to take care of? Alan was so right. He works and it's great, but there will be one day that he will have to make a decision between his job and his family. It's obvious that Alan wants the best for his sons. And I liked that Charlie listened to him and took over. It only tells me the great job Alan did raising his sons.
  • great Great GReat GREat GREAt GREAT

    I just watched this episode on ITV3 in england and it was brand new so I am still way behind in the newest episodes that have aired which is dissapointing cos I love Numb3rs. This episode was amazing. As I watched it I loved to notice that the plot line wouldn't be the same in another programme. The most intriguing part of this episode was to watch Charlie feel the pressures of adulthood from his dad. Charlie is 5 years younger than Don but they graduated together so he probably gets the same treatment and lectures about adulthood and parenthood as Don does but he probably can't take it. It is always nice to see the brothers struggling with their inner being. It makes the show more human and it gives the characters another side to them that doesn't revolve around work.
  • Review

    This season is having a little trouble getting that final little jmpstart to episodes that I would raise to a 9.0 or higher. I feel this episode was the worst of the young season and I think that none of the episodes in this seaosn have been all that amazing. The ending wasn't all tat surprising - numb3rs tends to like to use the background character a little too much to explain the mystery.

    Non-case storylines have long since been the problem of the show as well. The writers nevr seem to be able to consistantly keep up with all of the outside storylines. Instead of focusing on Charlie/Amita and Larry/Megan they focused all of the story on Charlie and the argument with his father.I found the storyline pretty boring and I think by not staying as consistant with those outside storylines you dont give them much merit and quality to the show. Season 3 is simply average so far for me.
  • Nazis, art, ninjas, high-tech theft ... oh my

    In Provenance we see the usual Numb3rs that we love and trust, the opening seen was great, there was quite a bit of action, non-lethal force and some high-tech art theft.

    We also get to learn a little more about Don, apparently he at one time had a French girlfriend, and something else interesting to learn is that he speaks some French.

    I like the plot of this episode, mainly because it doesn’t let us forget the injustices against the Jewish people and truly to all of us, whether us or someone we know was part of that period of history we were all hurt by it. May it never be forgotten.

    The final twist of the episode was great and leaves you feeling good, the foresight of the original owner of the painting drives him to make a forgery of it before the Nazis come to steal it, and finally after years of gathering dust it is finally found on an old police vault; the painting returns to its original owners with a sense of closure that is well deserved.

    Memorable quote “I renounce to all worldly cares for the more sublime pursuits” … Larry.
  • The stroy line is about a painting that was stolen from a jewish family by the nazis during wwii. how the emotional grieve that it caused the family comes back by this case.

    This episode i think was one of their best ever. For every season they have about one or two excellent episodes and i think that this was it for the 3rd season. The stroy line is about a painting that was stolen from a jewish family by the nazis during wwii. how the emotional grieve that it caused the family comes back by this case. In the end, it turned out that the real owner's father had made a copy of the painting, anticipating the nazi's moves, and hid the original. Agent Eppes finds the original for the family and returns it to them after all that time. i was very touched by this episode and i would like to congraduate CBS on a well written, well performed story. this is their all time best episode in all of their Number's series. the quote that i found that stuck out in this episode was: “Family is our anchor to Earth. We lose it, we are adrift.”
  • Tight, Struggles, Artwork

    Really great eppy, we see Charlie wrestling with the baggage of adulthood. Something I think we'll find that he finds difficult because everything came so early to him. Therefor, he had a greater weight on his shoulders than most kids growing up. I love watching them work out strategies and cull down information with all their algorithms. (although, I think they do actually SAY the word algorithm too often) I really enjoyed the little twist ... we had so many people looking for this little stolen painting. All the while, the original owner of it, had it set up simply because he had the right idea about the Nazi's who looted so much artwork during that time period. Tight eppy.
  • Theft of original Pisaro artwork from small museum that originally belonged to a Jewish family, stolen from them during the Holocaust.

    Excellent story and character development throughout episode. Fascinating insight into the machinations of the world of high priced, original art. Excellent use of scripting and the individual talents of each of the actors. Excellent balance of dialogue among male, female and ethnically diverse characters. Courageous character portrayal by Gena Rowlands, wonderful and perfectly, subtlely played guest appearance. Sensitive and thoughtful historical accuracy. It was a wow and justice episode for those who believe that hopes can be delayed but not denied.
    And the conclusion added to the overall sense of hopefulness that we desperately seek in these difficult times.