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  • Call me a geek, but I love maths. I love this show even more ;)

    I love this show. The characters are brilliant, my favorite is Charlie, of course. I just think that it's great to see a crime show where they use math to solve crimes! It's really interesting to see them solve cases, and the interaction between the characters is greatly played out by the actors and actresses. It all looks really natural, and the crimes, math and personal lives of the characters are all greatly combined, and thus making a wonderful show. The math work is also very well explained, but without making it sound like it was explained just for the watchers. Like I said before about the interaction between persons, the explanations sound very natural. I hope this show will continue for a lot more seasons!
  • I like dark shows but geez!

    One of the things that made me watch NUMB3RS is that I didn't have to watch graphic murders and murder scenes. This is what happened here. I'd rather be strangled with an emotionally charged show than this something like this. I have enjoyed getting to know the brothers and even watching their dad but tonight I should have killed the dvr and cut my losses. This isn't typical NUMB3RS to stray into God land and it showed. I would have rated it very low but it did have it's moments with Megan, with Charlie and it was interesting to watch Charlie deal with with religion, something he didn't seem to be keen on. Okay, saving the remaining shows, I swear so I have something to watch in February!
  • Charlie Eppes (David Krumholtz) is a math genius who helps his FBI agent brother, Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) solve crimes.

    This is another procedural crime drama, but with a twist. Charlie Eppes (David Krumholtz) is a math genius who helps his FBI agent brother, Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) solve crimes. It is often far-fetched, but hey, it tries to make you think. They even have a program in schools where they use DVDs of the show to use as teaching aids, to get kids interested in Math. Sometimes it gets silly, but the premise is silly to begin with, so what do you expect? As in most crime shows on TV, the Graphical User Interfaces of the crime solvers' computers look sleek and stylish, work flawlessly, and at lightning speed. Perhaps it is more believable, because we're talking Math professors, and even if their budgets aren't that high, they would at least have the sense to buy Macs instead of PCs, and probably have access to better programmers.

    I can suspend disbelief a bit, but where I really have a problem is with FBI agent Don Eppes' girlfriend. Special Agent Liz Warner (Aya Sumika) is sleek, slender, stylish, works flawlessly, and at lightning speed. She is gorgeous, in a dark, smoldering kind of way, and her broken nose only makes her seem a little dangerous. Aya studied ballet at Julliard, for cryin' out loud. The tension is because Don is her boss, and he's not supposed to date her, but since he is already, what really boggles the mind is he dumps her! Unbelievable. He has no business being with her in the first place, but rather than just accept that he must have done some incredible good deed in a former life, or she did something terrible and is being punished, or maybe it is just God's idea of a joke, he dumps her! Reminds me of the unbelievable romance between Maggie the pilot and Joel Fleischman, the New York doctor exiled to Alaska in Northern Exposure, an earlier role for Rob Morrow.

    Speaking of earlier roles, Krumholtz was Bernard the Elf in The Santa Clause, and their father, Alan Eppes (Judd Hirsch), was Alex Rieger on Taxi. Charlie's mentor, Dr. Larry Fleinhardt (Peter MacNicol) was the lawyer John Cage, the one the other lawyers called "The Biscuit" on Ally McBeal. Finally, Dr. Mildred French (Kathy Najimy), the head of Charlie's department and a love interest for his father, Alan, was Olive Massery, the office manager on Veronica's Closet. I don't know what happened to her character, if they broke up, or just drifted apart, or if the writers grew weary of her, or the focus groups weren't focusing on her. Haven't seen her lately, and that's a shame.

    I like all of these actors (yes, even Rob Morrow). I like the show (yes, even the sometimes preposterous plot twists) and the math is like the icing on the cake. I was never that great in math, but it has always exerted a strange fascination, and I find mathematics to be quite interesting, in the context of this show.
  • Is it just me, or has the show been getting better and better this year?

    Is it just me, or has the show been getting better and better this year. I loved the Colby arc and some of the stories may be a little contrived but it still works and keeps me more enthralled than most procedurals out there.

    I agree with some of the other posters in that some of the family stories need to come back more often and more fleshed out. This is what makes LO:SVU stand out and what makes this show great. The two brothers working together, many times with their father and even girlfriends, is what gives the show a little more depth.

    I also really enjoy that Amita and Don have gotten in on the expla-animations!
  • great show...

    The FBI gets help from a math nerd to solve casese. The thing I really like about this show is the character dynamics. I love the whole brother thing (Charlie and Don) and I love how they live with their father. It adds so much. I also like how they use numbers to figure out muders and such. It gets a teeny boring listening to Charlie ramble on about math, but they make it interesting by showing what he's saying. I also like the monastary guy (I forgot his name). He has a great character. Overall, great idea for a show, great characters, so a great show!
  • I think this show needs to get a little tuned up

    I think this show needs to get a little tuned up. It's ok. But it it's not good. If you know what I mean. It needs a little something. Nemesis for Charlie. He needs to have an evil maths genius, someone to move his mind a little.
    They have to much personal life involved in. I don't think it needs that much. I mean you can watch it; it's ok when you don't have anything better to watch. I don't miss it at all during a week. And I don't know when it is on, I just step on it when I search my TV guide.
  • Get back to the math and the family - what made the show unique in Season 1.

    My brother and his friends got me into "Numb3rs" in its first season - they would watch it and discuss it in math class on Monday morning. With the strong ensemble cast, the interesting hook and good scripts, I was pleasantly surprised by the show. But as time went on, it became less and less like the show I had watched at the start. Action and sex appeal were being amped up, while the family dynamic, brother relationship was fading away.

    For whatever reason, Sabrina Lloyd (wonderful on this, "Sliders," and "Sports Night") left before Season 1 had wrapped. But rather than leave the show as is and give Alimi Ballard more to do, producers added Diane Farr (possibly the most irritating actress on the planet) and Dylan Bruno (nothing against him personally, but he's like any other TV cop/agent/soldier). Don was giving out assignments more than working cases, the Eppes men spent less time at home, Charlie became more hip, less nerdy and romance began to creep in.

    Season 1 also stood out for me because of the variety of mysteries tackled by the team. There was murder and rape (the standard for prime-time TV), but there was also a kidnapping with a math-based motive, counterfeiting, railroad sabotage, a structural flaw in a major building, the threat of a dirty bomb, a UFO and a jail break. It was the kind of stuff you didn't ordinarily see on a TV crime show.

    Season 2 saw more of a shift to a "murder of the week," and despite some initial promise in Season 3, that pattern continued. Now, in Season 4, "Numb3rs" has become an action show first and foremost, with some occasional diversions into math-land.

    I realize Farr and Bruno are here to stay, but it's criminal to move Judd Hirsch more into the background at the expense of ill-advised romance (read: Sex scenes!) between the characters. Peter MacNicol's Larry underwent a massive change since his "24" hiatus and has not been the same. The charm is gone from "Numb3rs," and it has sadly just become one of CBS' herd of cop dramas.
  • Numb3rs is about an FBI agent Don Eppes who uses his math genius brother Charlie and other geniuses Amita Ramanujan and Larry Fleinhart to solve crimes along with profiler Megan Reeves, and agents Colby Granger and David Sinclair. Alan Eppes helps.

    This is an excellent show with a great blend of wonderfully explained math, great characters, and intriguing, but usually no gross, cases. Almost every single episode is wonderfully written and the acting is great. I can't think of a better way to spend my Friday evenings. I watch every single episode faithfully, and I'm never dissapointed. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes great characters, math, crime dramas, or who need help understanding algebra. Honestly, it helps me with my math class. Anyway, it is does not have enough attention paid to it, It's wonderful. Take my word for it and tune in.
  • Re show of 10-19, writers should know Jehovah is a made-up word. In Hebrew God, YHWH, was not to be pronounced, so vowels were put above the letters to remind Jews to say Adonae (Lord) instead. cont.

    A 16th century Monk was translating from the Hebrew and pulled the vowels for adonae that were above YHWH into the consonants to make the new word Jehovah. I know the Jehovah's Witnesses still use the word and a few other sects may.

    Conservative Jews still follow that instruction today. In fact, they are greatly insulted if you ask questions about it, like how it was pronounced, etc.

    Modern Biblical scholarship is a wonder to behold. It is confirming the Bible rather than questioning it. And finally I am in reach of the end of this review. Bye bye bye K.
  • A pretty awesome show!

    Numb3rs is not one of my favorite shows, but definately a great show out there on tv! It's really interesting and hooks you into every episode. The best part about the show is that it incorporates math into it, so we get to watch it in our math class! =D

    I haven't seen many of the other detective shows or cop shows.. idk how you would categorize them, but they don't look as interesting to me as numb3rs is.. maby its becuz it uses math, that i liked it a lot!

    umm.. dont know what else to really say except numbers rocks!
  • This show is not nearly as huge as it should be.

    Numb3rs is one of the best shows on Australian television, and is vastly underappreciated. Perhaps the thing I like the best about the show is the relationship between Don, Charlie, and their father Alan, who portray a very realistic relationship between a retired town planner, a brilliant mathematician and a FBI agent who share little in common yet go to great lengths to understand each other. The scripts are clever, somethimes whooshing right over my head with Charlie's maths jargon, but as the seasons have bacome more numerous, the association between crime and numbers becomes ever more clearer. A fantastic little show which deserves all credit for making maths cool.
  • This show does get better every season. So far the 4th season has kicked off with a bang!! and this episode was no doubt a good episode!! This show to me is well written and acted.

    I was first interested in this show when I first saw it advertised back in late '04 early '05. And, this show gets better every season. This show has the action, good storytelling, great acting. The show overall has a great chemistry!! I've never lost faith in this show and it proves to me that the producers and writters know what they're doing. I watch this show every Friday night. I can't say it's my absolute favorite, but it's defineatly a good show to watch, it keeps you guessing and wanting more. For anyone who wants to see a new twist on crime dramas this show is for you.
  • Egads! Crime fighting academes, professors of perfidiousness, and Mr Universe (wink to "Serenity") all in one show.

    It's enjoyable to see an obtuse mathematical concept be used as a plot point in an otherwise crowded field of "POLICE WORK" drama.

    David Krumholtz is great. Glad to see that he wasn't type cast by working with the Addams family. Of course, his liaison with Wednesday (Ricci) saved him. Now all grown up, he's holding his own. His character's quirks add to the show's enduring value. Hopefully, his character won't have to break up his almost platonic tryst with sweet Navi Rawat in order to score rating points.

    Rob Morrow is adequate. Ever since he tanked his career by leaving "Northern Exposure" in a huff (or whatever), his undercurrent of whining has surfaced in unpleasant ways. His character should avoid every urge to whine about anything. Linking him with that wunnerful Aya Sumika is helping cork the whine. When she's on screen, no one will pay attention to Rob Whiner.

    Peter MacNicol is a gem. Me WANT MORE! Give him a spin off show... have him in all manner of mirthful confusion and mystery. Have him chased by women. He's a babe magnet. Go PHYSICS!
  • The combination of FBI action and mathematicians raising your self esteem will make this show an Emmy magnet!

    NUMB3RS is about a street-smart FBI agent named Don Eppes and his kid mathematician brother named Charlie Eppes. Don and Charlie are from two totally different worlds. That sometimes can bring a tension over the brothers, but now they are closer now then they ever were as kids. Don is uneasy about a case because he cant get a suspect and many people have suffered for it. Charlie looks at the info and is able to tell don than he can give him a list of possible suspects. In the end after only one mistake Charlie saves the day in the end. So in conclusion, Charlie and Don are the best crime fighter on tv now and will be on the air for years to come:)
  • Big Error in Chapter The art of Reckoning

    Larry (who supposedly is a genius and reads a lot)
    Just came from Space and he creates a Quipu
    He explains its an Aztec creation.
    Quipus are NOT AZTEC they are INCA

    The there is absolutely no source of Quipus used by any other culture except the INCA.

    Actually the word Quipu or KIPU is in Quechua, the INCA language.

    If Larry (and the whole team) are so knowledgeable, that is a BIG ERROR.

    another interesting detail is that there were only a "handfull of people" who could read or writr those KIPUS, they were called the KIPU CAMAYOC.

    Today there are no sources of how to read or write them, less a book about it in any US Library, unless of course Larry created his "own" language.

    Rates top 3, just can't decide in which order to put them, but I just love Don, Charlie and Amita, they are fantastic, FRiday just doesn't roll around fast enough. Charlie and Amita just amaze me. And there actually people out there that are almost that smart, I wish I would be just a teeny tiny bit as smart, but it diffidently quite something to be able to figure things out just with numb3rs.So just keep them comin' guys, your all doing one incredible job, I'll be waiting for next week's, sure wish they would be on more often than once a week, cause they are just GREAT.
  • Absolutely love the cast!

    Usually, the way Charlie pulls math out of his ear and quickly solves a crime on the spur of the moment sort of makes me cringe. But, hey, if it convinces some people that math is kind of cool, I can ignore it. Things just work out too nicely in terms of the use of math and it all happens on time scales that are totally unfeasible. But the situations to which the math is applied are typically interesting. So I can suspend disbelief by that much. That aside, I love this show. The characters and relationships are the big selling point for me. I am very disappointed that the Colby character is gone. I hope Megan will be returning and I hope Larry is back to stay. Otherwise I think this show could be in trouble. The whole family watches, we never miss it.
  • A Mathematician uses his knowledge to help the FBI solve serial crimes.

    Although I've only seen a few episodes of this show, I'm really digging what I've seen so far. It doesn't have the suspense of a 24, or the Humor of House, but it is a very solid show. I'd liken it to CSI, but it's better than that. There are plenty of characters, and the storylines are varied so that it gets interesting enough for everyone. There's a good amount of character interaction and development. I like the fact that they don't overdo it like on Grey's. The action is sparse, but effectively used. In between seasons of 24, this is a good alternative to help me bridge the gap.
  • Numb3rs is number 1 in New Zealand!!!!

    I reckon that this programme is so popular here in New Zealand, that it is my all time favourite!!!! Finding maths more fun when it is put together with crime!!!!

    Even though it's on a Sunday night here in my country, I never miss a episode!!!!!!

    That is why I am the biggest fan of Numb3rs in New Zealand (in fact - the world)!!!!
  • It's another CSI follower

    I found the first episode interesting... using math as the basis of investigating is interesting.. something new for me but then.. after many episode ahead.. it seems they lost the creative story... the story is not challenging anymore... the case seems not so special... the connection between the case and the math is sometimes not make any sense... especially the second season... i don't know why i still watch it anymore... when i watch this show i always do something else... this show never make me focus on the screen... boring is the right choice of words for this show
  • Agood brain teasing show

    Ok I grew up on cop shows all my life and lately the new shows make you see how they think out crime solving. This show is tops for that. We see how a math brain is able to use statistics and develop patterns that enable the FBI namely his brother and associates solve crime. Also I like Charlie Epps' interaction with the other characters; that shows he not just a brain but also a human being. Writers fior this series I believe do an excellent job in not just solving thuis weeks crime but also expanding each character's personality. Well done.
  • It's a terrific show full of smarts and suspense. The cast of the show work well together. I love how the crimes and situations committed can be solved with different calculations and algorithms. It's nice to see that a family can work together as a team.

    I love this show. It's amazing how numbers are so influential in this world. They are everywhere and I had no idea. This show has really opened up my mind to all of the possibilities out there. To be able to solve crimes with different calculations of numbers. It's mind boggling. I'm really looking forward to next season. To be able to see all of the ways crimes will be solved. The characters in the show work really well together. I like how their father even helps out with certain problems. It's really wonderful to see a family that works together as a team.
  • Math+FBI=Emmy!

    Don and Charlie Eppes are frome totally different worlds. Don is the street-smart FBI older brother and Charlie is the genius lost-in-his-own-world younger brother. Their worlds colide and a whole new way of looking at solving crimes emerges. This is definetly, as my friend is fond of saying, "CSI meets a Beutiful Mind". I personally think NUMB3rS is much better than CSI. When i was i Freshman year, I hatede math. Then i started watching NUMB3RS and i became an Honor Student. This show is a combination of FBI action, mathematicians raising your self easteem, and family bonds. If i could pick a life to be in from any TV show, it would be NUMB3RS!
  • Solving the NUMB3RS Problem

    While not having seen every episode of CBS’s mathematically oriented crime drama, I believed I have sampled enough of them to identify a statistically significant pattern. Using the Sarnoff-Paley Hypothesis of TV drama plots, measured against the Farnsworth Algorithm for Consistency Modeling, it appears that every episode of this series is basically the same, only with modified variables as to names, places, and the specialized terminology of academe. This leads us to an inevitable conclusion: NUMB3RS is written by computers using sophisticated algorithms that take different criminal behaviors and homogenize them into a predictable sequence of events. The FBI gets stumped and turns to the math wonks at the university who will provide solutions not once, but three times over the course of the hour, with intermittent updates on their personal relationships. When the wonks are stuck, Judd Hirsch or a surrogate will make an offhand observation which turns out to be a vital clue. There will be police action near the end to make the FBI feel better about itself. So there it is. By watching NUMB3RS I have developed the analytical skills to figure out why it does not rank as one of the top TV crime dramas today.
  • Great!

    I always make sure I have my VCR programmed if I'm not going to be at home Friday night. This is a great show with a great cast. The storylines really hold my attention and are exciting. Don, Charlie and the father are all great. Amita and Millie both really had a personal touch and humor. I don't know if Larry is still on or has gone to 24. He was good in his role but sometimes was a little "too quirky". But maybe geniuses can really act like that; I'm not one so don't know. I like Megan too but can't even begin to see her with Larry so thought that was a little unrealistic.
    But a great show !
    Keep it going !
  • I kinda like this show now.

    Okay so my dad force me to watch this show with him. The episode i did see were pretty good so i try to watch when ever i can. So its about a group of genius who try to figure out crime with there special ways of thinking. Like most are math genius but there are other areas too. So i seen the main character on the movie ten things i hate about you. It was decent but it would give me a reason to keep watching numbers even though i'm starting to like the show. But think missed to much to understand it.
  • I wasn't sure about this show but it is incredibly intriguing. I love Numb3rs can't wait to buy Season 3 when it comes out.

    I really like Rob Morrow on this show, he is great as the tough older brother FBI agent. David Krumholtz is great too, as the geeky math genius a great chemistry is brought to this show that makes it so good. I bought the first season because i heard it was good but i really didn't know and it was an excellent choice because it is an excellent show in every way. This could be a show that is one for 10 years or so it really is that good. Next season remember to set your tivo so you can catch Numb3rs.
  • brother to brother...

    I think that this is a show that can really go somewhere, I really like the way it is played out, keeps you interested in what is going to happen, a brother that is a dectective and one that is a genuis, now that is a good combination, like how they work to together to solve a crime and who done it, brother ask brother, but just when one of the genuis'es gets involved with the girl detective then he decides to dissapear, and right when she wants him, kinda odd there, but did he give this up completely to be on twenty-four, or will he re-appear again to come claim his prize, really good friday night show to watch, keeps me there after i get home from work.
  • A show about math as good as Mathnet!

    I was very confused the day my friend told me to watch numbers, because I mean, how is that possible? After some explaining I finally got it was a show. Sure, it sounded like it might be dumb, but really, a show about math?

    I'm glad to say that my thoughts about this show were completely wrong. The moment i started watching it I couldn't stop. Charlie's character was just so great and the math factor played a role, but the whole show wasn't about it. I'm also someone that likes to learn, so everyday I watch the show I learn something new about math that I will never use.

    It's a great show filled with action and adventures, twists even popping up every now and then.

    I've even come to give names to some of the characters, or say all of Charlie's math knowledge comes from his Mini-Fro.

    If you're looking for a show packed with action, and maybe even want to learn something, this is the show for you to watch.
  • When I have fridays off this is what I watch.

    What can I say about Numb3rs well it is a show that shows the usefulness of mathmatics and its many aplications. Some of the show is slightly unrealistic, but the actors make up for it with great intereaction. This is what got me adicted. Watching Judd Hirsch (Alan Eppes), David Krumhotlz (Charlie Epps), and Rob Morrow (Don Eppes) they look like a real family unit. Their co-workers are just that concerned co-workers ever pushing, reassuring, ever questioning their minds and their resolve. Rather than push this family apart the two brothers working together makes them see each othere in new light. Ever revealing their true core the good the father Alan Eppes and their mother taught them.
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