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  • "We all use math everyday - Charlie Epps"

    I never believe that math can be use every day. I never even like the subject Math. Numb3rs is remarkably one of the best TV programs that can motivate a not-so-math fan. It’s surprising too that each episode was inspired by actual cases and experiences confluence of detective work and mathematics. The site dedicated to Numb3rs, manage by Texas instrument gives me enjoyment that I never had with Math.
  • A crime solving show using math.

    I never in a millions years ever thought that this show would ever make it past the first season but it has and I think that it has gotten better. I thought that it would be able to pull this show off because who knew that you could solve a murder by using math evan though I have never heard of any of the problems they use in the show. I really like the cast that the creators of Numbers put together for the show i think they are really good at they ways they poytray their characters. I hope that this show will be on for a couple more seasons.
  • Best fictional 'Crime' show on TV.

    With all the various hour-long fictional Crime television shows currently on TV, Numb3ers is the only one I truly enjoy watching every week. It has a rather bad time spot (10:00 to 11:00 PM on Fridays), which I believe is the only reason why the show doesn't have the same type of hype nor the amount of viewers each week.

    The 200-plus (exaggeration, but not by much) variations of 'CSI' and 'Law and Order' currently still on the air is mind-boggling to me. 'Criminal Minds' and 'Cold Case' could easily be added to the list.

    But Numb3rs stands out, in my opinion, because of the mathematical analysis that is so prominent in the show and the outstanding lead actors. It is the only 'Crime' show currently on TV that I may not watch every week as it is on the air, but if I don't watch a new episode while it is on the air, I make sure to record it.
  • Very good drama!

    With all the reality shows and formulaic sitcoms and extreme violence (including gore) on television nowadays I have to say finding this little gem was indeed refreshing and proves that there are still creative spirits out in the world of TV conceptual development and developing interesting scripts. The eloquence of Math and it's relation to practically everything we encounter in our everyday, mundane lives is depicted in layman's terms through what most of us non-academic types need - visual clues - in other words "acting". This series, hopefully longer lived than the ones I fall in love with and end up being canceled by the second season, reminds me of a book my husband gave me more than 20 years ago called "Godel, Escher, Bach". The close ties between math, art and music and essentially life! The casting is excellent, Judd Hirsch has always been a favorite, ever since 'Taxi' and 'Dear John'; Rob Morrow is a fine actor whom we haven't seen enough of since the days of 'Northern Exposure' and David Krumholtz is wonderful, as the young genius who sees the world the the not so myopic eyes of a Mathematician, his lack of sarcasm and sweet sense of family love for his Father and Brother are all endearing qualities. Who would have thought, a family oriented show in the guise of a mystery thriller series. Tony and Ridley Scott were no surprise as being integral to setting this show up on the small screen, I just hope it gets fair air time and more advertising so we can enjoy many more episodes to come. By the way, the person who commented against this show being "too Jewish" was right on the mark! This show is not about a Jewish family, it is about a family that functions with love and respect without the presence of a Mother figure and it is about solving crimes using one's head, rather than a weapon straight off. I hope to see more television shows like this soon!
  • i think this show is a good idea...

    this show has a original thought about criminal.
    and i think it will continue...
    and there is a good idea in this show which is the mathematics...becouse mathematic is begining of the everything in the world. the producers must read these opinions,and they decide to continue these shows...
    the show
    this show
    they showww...everything :)
  • I know I was one of those kids that absolutely hated math when I was younger. Ever since I discovered NUMB3RS, it has been more enjoyable than anything.

    NUMB3RS is right up there with all the other crime shows/procedurals that I watch. I have one on every day, but NUMB3RS is the highlight of my week. If anything, it makes math interesting. Charlie (David Krumholtz) has a knack for making the totally confusing utterly possible. I know that may not make much sense, but this show deserves your attention. Plus, once you give it two seconds, you'll be forced to give it the world. My favorite character is Megan Reeves (Diane Farr). She is so smart and funny and plus I just love a girl who can handle herself! I want her back on the show!
  • Makes you appreciate math..even if you hate it

    this show, shows how math can help you solve a crime...personally i think thats pretty cool!! i mean i hate math (im no good at it) but this makes me see that we do use math everyday and it does help if society. i love charlie he's so funny and geek-ey and you cant help but love him and don is the coolest big brother you could FBI agent and a Math genius god thats gotta be good genes. keep up the great work guys and i hope that this show continues on for a long time
  • Even non-math people will enjoy it :D

    This is a really great show, and it shows the beauty of mathematics and its usefulness in everyday life. As a statistician, and someone who loves numbers, this is a truly fantastic show. Non-math lovers would love it too though because of the twists and the funny side stories. Some of the episodes, you really wouldnt understand the math behind it, but nevertheless, it still makes a great show.

    Some comments: sometimes the characters speak too fast for you to understand what they're saying, and sometimes, Charlie can really be a pain. :D hehe

    I hope it continues for more and more seasons.
  • Numb3rs-the show that made math sexy...

    Most people hate math...they may not appreciate the show...they may not understand what Charlie Eppes is talking about...since i'm an engineering student who really loves mathematics-the most beautiful and the best subject in the world, Numb3rs ROCKS MY WORLD!! i love this show so much, that i even feel upset whenever i miss an episode....the acting of the cast is fantastic, the portrayal of their roles is superb...the phasing of the stories are fast, quick, and easy to understand..i mean in every episodes, there's a new case...and the other thing which makes numb3rs more interesting is that there is an application of mathematical and scientific principles which lie behind a certain crime...GOOD JOB GUYS...

    I wouldn't say i wouldn't miss it for the world but I love watching it and have just got my self back to watching it. I watched numb3rs when it first came out then a certain australian network changed the times and put it on to late so then they put it on earlier and I couldn't understand it. Numd3rs would come in on my favourite list just under doctor who and thank god your here. Brilliant sho but it sould be on earlier and those who complain about to much math will make it no where in life - unless they've got lots of english skill of course!
  • Great!

    I love this show! Me and my mom watch it every time it comes on. I just can't get enough of it or shows in the same genre. They are great! I adment at first I didn't like it refused to eatch it matter of fact, but I watch it all the time! Don't forget it comes on every Friday!
  • Murder + Equations = Crap

    There's been a murder, break out the maths text books! What is going on with the world today? How can this even have got past the first season let alone struggle on to it's third. It's just so boring with no way in the world for the viewer to guess what has actually happened. It's similar to watching a program following a group of addicts through three tough months when at the end of the show the narator says 'And three months after filming they are all still using copius amounts of drugs'. What was the point of watching the damn thing for 45 mintues!

    In summary, this program is uninteresting and pointless (but well made)
  • I'm a geek, how can I not like it?

    I'm a math guy, I have a college degree in math, so I can't help but be fascinated by this show. It's amazing how many ways they find to use math in solving crimes. I said it was the show that's making it cool to be a math geek because of Charlie. Some of the episodes are really intense, and it shows how many ways to use math. There are math applications that most people don't think of or don't realize involve math. As a mathematician, even I'm fascinated by the way they use math. I think it's really cool that they can use math to save the world
  • Amazing story line, you will get this show if you like crime scene shows like CSI or Without a Trace.

    This show is awesome!! It shows us how we can actually use math e v e r y single day. I myself despise math since im not a mathmatician like person. This show is like a not so grotesque and "smarter" version of CSI (which i also like). The guy that plays Charlie Epps is really cute. I also like this show because what might seem like a cold case will eventually open because of patterns and well, MATH!
  • Math never looked so interesting before. This show is a must watch at my house or on my ipod.

    This show is wonderful, a must watch at my house and on my ipod. The cases are interesting and the solutions are quite unpredicatable. It involes real life topics and new ways of thinking. Math never looked so interesting!The characters are realistic, they all have dreams and fears. Plus Larry is entertaining with his metaphoric way of thinking. I also love the examples Charlie gives on what he can do with his math. Those are some of my favorite parts in any episode.Now in my personal opinion this show would be a bit better if it actually helped me with my geometry homework but otherwise it's one of the best shows out there.
  • How to look geek with a title and find who's the murderer between two sudoku grids...

    The police of wherever-city seems to be in trouble as they need mathematicians to solve their cases.
    I didn't manage to follow many numbers' episodes. In fact, I often watch the ten first minutes then I fall brutally asleep. This show is as fun and as interesting as a math class.
    I just hope that the idea was not to prove that math are usefull in real life.
  • Now here's a really different, really good, really special show for guys of all ages... and girls will enjoy it too!

    Now here's a really different, really good, really special show for guys of all ages, and girls will enjoy it too!

    This show is already well known for introducing the value of higher education to the average american, which is quite an accomplishment, while being entertaining at the same time! This suggests very good writing!

    However, in my humble opinion, the real place where this show truly shines is less obvious: It takes a peek into the complexity of the male sentimental life, the soul, the feelings, the depth, the beautiful, the ugly, the reality, the pressure, the brotherly love, the bonding, and everything else that the contemporary male is. It succeeds beautifully in this respect.
  • Not my favourite but...all right

    I watched less than a dozen episodes from the first season and I thouht that most of them were great. After that, I watched whenever I could and I completely lost interest because I think that show really repeats itself and should have stopped after the first season. Basically it goes like this: theres a muder or a crime, cops cant figure it out to the smart guy using numbers figures it out. Bad guys go to hail the end. I find that really repetitive. I think that it's just pretty unoriginal now and even though I haven't seen more than 1 episode from season 1 and 2, I don't like it anymore but I can understand why others do.
  • This show is a never miss in our house.

    I love the cases that they cover and how subtle as well as dramatic math and numbers come into play with every case. The teamwork from every team member shows everyone different strengths. They have definitely stepped aways from Charlie's college responsibilities. When was the last time they showed him teaching? I know he's a genius, but I guess that's creative license. I love the relationships between Don, Charlie and their Dad. Judd is great, as always. I think that Judd in this more dramatic role suits him. But he still has the classic one liners down. It's a show that's rarely missed.
  • Great show, very intricate!

    This show is one of the best mystery shows of its time! it is so good because it has all these aspects that are really suspenseful yet really good! This show is great because it make you want to solve the crime and put the bad guy behind bars! The characters in this show are also great there are all variety's of characters that are awesome and they have great personalities that makes them their own person with their own quiks! This is one of the first shows that not only has a great plot to it but it uses numbers to solve their cases which is really cool because you usually need all these different sorts of high-tech gadgets to solve these cases but instead the producers incorporate numbers which makes this show very unique and very awesomely great!
  • Quirky, Exceptional, Educational

    Who'd have thunk it? That a television show based on mathematics would take off like this one has? There are so many crime drama shows out there, one would think it would be easy for a new one to get lost in the shuffle. This one certainly has not. The crimes are challenging yet universal. The characters are well rounded and fun to watch. The familial dynamics are interesting and compelling. I think the one character that really stands out for his quirkiness would be Dr. Larry Fleinhardt, he's really hilarious and exhibits some atypical behaviors. I love the way the show portrays real relationship woes, the uncertainty, the poignancy, and the happiness and fear. This is a truly well put together show as well as educational and I look forward to sticking with it for the long haul!!!
  • A bit boring but nice...

    This show is definately quite nice - at least first few episodes of the first season. Than it starting to become less realistic every time. The characters getting too... "tacky" and predictible. There are few nice mathematical theories, but yet again, every time they work , and no serious continuous plot , and absence of quality action (like 24 ) make it a bit boring. Moreover I can't seem to shake a feeling that the actors sometimes a bit overacting their parts, and in my opinion it definately deteriorated. In my personal opinion the show is too politically correct (but i believe it is a problem with most shows today), I mean what is the deal with having to please EVERYONE?! Never the less It's a nice show, and there are some decent moments. I would watch it, in case of a spare time, but definately not holding my breath waiting for the next episode.
  • The first "science" show that has "succeeded."

    There have been a few science based TV shows in the past, not the CSIs but shows about scientists and adventures. The one that comes to mind is Probe with Parker Stevenson. I thought for sure when I watched the first few episodes of this and Charlie kept throwing around all the theorums and writing equations that this thing was going down hard. Now in the third season it continues to balance the math, with the Epps family interaction, with the action, and now the love interests of the Epps boys. I look forward to each episode and they continue to deliver good story lines that incorporate math that is at least plausible as an answer to the problem.
  • We do use math every day.

    Its kind of biased because I am seeking my doctrine in mathmatics and specializing in algorithms. But this show is outstanding to say the least. I will put a little information you way, alot of what they talk about on the show is not real, I have search for certain terms and factions of realisms that they have discussed on the show and to no luck found proof that the statement was true. I left emails on the shows website but still have not received anything back, but after thinking about for a little bit I realized they were probably bombarded with emails from math geeks like me.
  • I love the show noramally but this episode 1-05-07 was poorly written and poorly acted. find another dog to kick, real religious zealots have way more class than the person who played the religous leader.

    concerning the show of 1-05-07,I thought it was rather juvenile of the writers to use a poorly played religious leader which leaned towards what happened in waco and david koresh. obviously people remember waco but for the most part they dont really know what david koresh was like. the entire country has some inkling that the end of time is near, some religious, some not. as a christian person who has seminary training, this particular show offended me, the religious leader was terribly played while the rest of the cast was as average as each show has been so far. doesnt it hit anyone that a bad actor and a good actor only make for poor acting?.....geeeesh !....the subject was about as fanciful as the wizard of oz. I for one am offended by this particular episode and the writers have simply hit a low point in their efforts. I could write better than that and i\'m an illustrator!....c\'mon guys get real. i know \"not every show is gonna be a winner\" but this was just offensive. in america, there simply isnt that many cults that exibit what this episode portended. you want ideas?...gimme a call. by the way, I used to live about 2 miles from mt.carmel, I knew David Koresh, he wasnt a monster by any means, goofy maybe, crazy?....not by a long shot, the entire waco ordeal was greatly exagerated and if the truth were known?....the law comitted at least as much atrocity as the Davidians did. find another disaster to kick around and do your research a little better, maybe read the bible a bit, you might find that it was not uncommon for a pair of kids to be married at age 13, why's that?......because age 12 was the age a boy turned into a man. now look at your dollar bill, it sez "in god we trust". for the most part I disagree with two kids being married but at the same time, our social ideas in this country have become really twisted and yet, even mormons these days still marry very young and or have more than one wife, I should know, I was once married to a mormon gal who's father had more than one wife, it still goes on but it isnt really acknoweged and I assume it will never become an issue.
  • Review

    This show is very udnerwatched mainly because people continue to try and compare it to the all ready successful 24. Well, that and the fact that it comes on 10:00 on a Friday Night isnt the best time to get the 18-49 year old bracket to come in. I really like the show and think that it has a very interesting story to it. I guess I wish there was a little more outside story and a little less math investigation, but I still think the show is really good. The show is similar to 24 because it deals with "cops", but the show really does stand out on its own
  • Cop Show+Math=Numb3rs, horrible equation!

    Just when you thought there couldn't be any more cop shows on TV, CBS comes with this Numb3rs show. I really think they made this show just to show kids that you do use trig,calculus and college algebra in everyday life. A nerd using math equations to solve crimes......... a little crazy in my opinion. Besides the using of complicated and ridiculous equations to catch criminals this show is not all bad. Has a good storyline with good characters. But has anyone taken the time to realize that most dramas on TV are cop shows. Not that I don't like cop shows, but one can only handle so many of them, and I can do without this one.
  • numb3rs is the first in a line of us cops shows that i enjoy watching

    a tv show bout two brothers helping each other in n out of work with a parent who just lets them get on with it, i like the way they mix maths with everyday fbi situations, plus it made a change for two main characters not to get together even thought we want them to, plus with the math student n prof to balance the show out, well just seen the second series cant wait for the third.
  • An excellent Variation on the CSI theme. Good chemistry between charaters, right mix of action, plot and charater development. Worth watching with many top notch episodes.

    Charaters are qwirky intellectual geeks but have enough insecurities to make them human and interesting especially since relationships are starting to bloom. The use of science by the charaters to solve crimes and the issues they confront harkens back to McGyver, as the crimes are solved with intelect and not always bullets. Nice change from the same ol\' predictable cop shows.
  • A show following a LA mathematician's work as he's commissioned to help solve crimes for the FBI. This original, and intellectual show takes a look at the math behind everyday occurrences that can help solve complex systems to investigators' benefit.

    At first I was skeptical about a show based purely on forensic mathematics, but after watching just one episode of this refreshingly clever show, I was hooked! The protagonists, a young and innovative, yet highly skilled mathematics professor, and the older, seasoned and wise head of the math department combine efforts to help put their skills to practical use. The FBI commissions the team to analyze data pertinent to it's criminal investigations in order to find evidence, in the form of patterns and trends, which helps to nail perps and save victims just in the knick of time. While the two help solve crime, they also go about their lives, exploring less familiar fronts such as relationships and romance, as well as administrative pressures from the University. The characters in this show are well developed with lots of room for further revelation. The writing is superb and the acting is top notch (from the cast regulars which features such film and TV veterans as: Judd Hirsch, David Krumholtz and Peter MacNicol). This is a very accurate and realistic portrayal of forensic mathematics as well as the mathematicians themselves. Great show! I hope it goes on for many seasons to come.
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