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  • One of the best dram series around at the moment with math and crime puzzle plus the menagre of complicated character involvment...

    Series three is shapping up to be throughly entertaining. Charlie is an amazing character showing depths to genius status beyond nerdy but hip and sexy. his relationship with Amita has been hotting up and i am hoping for some clasic love scenes from these to. Meanwhile the relationship between Megan and Larry is incredibly captivating with swirls of lyrical quatum comspos entwining the relationship will they develop this further than just a roster ?
    Don is a strange character the handsome lead with i have everything on my shoulders does not seem to fit him. His consistant need for Charlies help on his cases should be at least a little bit belittling for him yet he copes amazingly well. Using Maths to solve the most complexes of cases seems ingenius to me and i hope the writers continue to work this dynamic enteratining drama.
  • The death of a baseball player was connected to steroid use. The investigation lead to a young Fantasy Baseball participant who had developed a mathematical formula to determine which players are “juicing” (using steroids).

    This was one of the most interesting and entertaining episodes yet. I\'m a newcomer to this series and have been watching for the past several weeks. Each storyline is interesting, but this one kept me on the edge of my seat. The guest performers were well cast which makes it easy for the regulars to look good. I\'m an old fan of \"Northern Exposure\" and \"Taxi\", so the familiar faces make it easy to become a regular viewer.
  • \"Numbers,\" is Outstanding, smart, and cutting edge show!

    For someone who can barely add \"1 plus 1,\" I thought that \"Numbers\" would be a show that bored me to tears and would be lame. But, surprisingly I watched it once, and was completely...\"hooked!\" It\'s cool to that their is a show that spans age ranges too. I can\'t believe that I actually watch a television show that my parents also enjoy. Moreover, \"Numbers,\" story lines are smart, fresh, and cutting edge! All the acting is outstanding! I am a huge Rob Morrow fan and his rotrayal of Don only adds to my enjoyment of him as an actor. He is wonderful; as is \"Charlie.\" (Mr. DK)-- actually, everyone on the show is great!!! Thanks to \"Numbers\" for making Friday evenings a \"Stay at home\" night! :)
  • I came late to "Numb3rs", didn't watch it until Season 3. Now I'm hooked - finally, another intelligent TV show that doesn't take its viewers for complete idiots. That's rare these days... look at "Psych", for example.

    My absolute favorite character is Dr. Larry Fleinhardt, played by Peter MacNicol. Brilliant. I didn't like MacNicol all that much in Ally McBeal, but here he really shines. I like the many references to "A Beautiful Mind", what with Dr. Fleinhardt and his many bags (just like Russell Crowe's character), the very unpractical but cool-looking preference of writing math formulas on windows, Judd Hirsch playing Don's and Charlie's dad when he was once playing the headmaster of John Nash's university in "A Beautiful Mind"...

    All in all, this is one of the few highlights on TV these days. Hope it stays on for another while.
  • One of the best shows i've seen in a while.

    Numb3rs has quickly become one of my top three favorite shows, the other two being 21 Jump Street and F/X:The Series. I've only seen three episodes, Rampage, Traffic, and Longshot. But i\'m hooked already. It\'s such a good show that it\'s like it just started and then it\'s over. I like how Charlie uses his math to help the F.B.I solve caes. I also like the way Charlie sometimes seems like a little boy, and other times acts like the adult he is. The story line is very original, and the show is appealing to viewers both young and old. You don't even have to know anything about math to enjoy it. Can't wait to get seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.
  • What a show

    Numb3rs is one of thoes shows i have to watch it is gripping beyond belife the mix of maths and crime is facinating and a great combination, i never get bored of the maths in fact i must admit i think it has given me a better knowledge of the subject lol,
    The characters are played by talented actors who make the parts thier own which makes the show very beliveable and very watchable.
    I very much like the dynamics of Numb3rs and wish there where more Producers and backers that would take a leap of faith and try new concepts for shows so we dont get revamped clones of old shows,

    "We Use Numb3rs Everyday"
  • 'Numb3rs' will make you re-think dropping that trig class.

    It's true: we all use math everyday. Some of us take it a little farther though, and become professors. But, for the vast majority of those who like to sit down on Friday nights and watch Numb3rs with uncomprehending faces, this show brings to a head the reason why math so intrigues everyone. Some of the concepts are difficult to understand, but in the end, Don and Charlie Eppes get their guy (or gal, as the case may be). This is not just a math show, however; Peter MacNicol contributes very 'Ally McBeal' dialogue and humor, and the budding romances between many characters gives it a very human taste.
  • Numb3rs grabs you from where every you are and wont let you go until the case is solved.

    Don and Charlie Epps are completely different which is probably the reason this show is so entertaining. They bring both aspects of crime solving together to produce the best crime/drama show on television these days. Numb3rs grabs you like a snake on a mouse and wont let go until the suspect is in custody. With a superb cast to guide it, numb3rs always seems to come out on top. Iv watched CSI, Law & Order, and NCIS but were never intrigued enough to watch more than one episode. But with numb3rs I can't get enough, and about kill someone when the seasons over. I would say it's the best show on television.
  • I'll take my David with a side of Rob.

    Can there be a better show than one that brings together Rob Morrow and *swoon* David Krumholz? This is my favorite TV show on the air and it isn't just because of Rob and David. I think the plot of the entire show, the backround of the characters, and the way it makes math more interesting to the younger generations is astounding. The concept of NUMB3RS is also original and fresh, making for fewer cliches.
  • Don Eppes gets help from his brother, Charlie, who happens to be a mathematician.

    This is a great show. I enjoy it because of the use of math to solve crimes that the FBI cannot solve alone.

    Charlie is a proffesor at a college, and a mathematician. Whenever Don, his brother, comes up with a case he cannot solve, he enlists Charlie's aid. Don needs alot of help to find these people. It isn't that Don is a bad agent, its just the criminals would always stay one step ahead of him if it weren't for math. Charlie applies many different mathematical formulas to the suspects to narrow down the list for Don. They always solve the crime togethor.

    This show is not really all that funny, although it has its moments. This show is a great cop, well really FBI, show. I love how they solve the crimes. This is a show that I look forward to every time it is on...even if it is a rerun.
  • A show that makes math cool...And encourages me to do my homework!

    The is a show I would die if it didn't air. I go to bed thinking about this show...The math is completly awesome and it made doing my schoolwork a cool thing..I love math now...and science...and history...and even spelling..(well maybe not spelling)
    I am on the edge of my seat every time I watch and am totally a fan...If I could have one thing on a desert Island it would be a non-ending numb3rs marathon that played new episodes one after another. . .
    David Krumholtz brilliantly portrays Charlie and Rob Morrow is the absolute best actor to play a FBI agent ever (only next to David Boreanez,Alimi Ballad, and Dylan Bruno.)
    Thanks to the makers of the show and every actor...even the under used background actors...You set the trend and make school cool...
  • Not a bad show.

    Almost similar CSI, but this one differs with the way the crime is solved. In Numbers, at least in theory it's possible to solve a crime by using mathematical formulas, it's a nice concept. The show isn't boring, you don't have to be a whiz to enjoy the show. Rob Morrow looks great in his role as an FBI agent. His brother, the math wizard is a perfect sidekick for him. It's a nifty way to solve a crime using math, it's a very entertaining plotline. The stories aren't so bad, you get that CSI pacing when watching it. It's pretty good.
  • I love it!

    I knew when I saw the previews for this show that I would definatly have to give it a look; and I was not dissappointed. It'll probably sound contridicting but, while I'm not really great at math, I really enjoy the mathmatical theories on the show. And the whole mix of genius little brother teaming up with special agent big brother is great. This show is really set apart from the other crime shows because of the personal touches that it has. Most shows just have a case and solve it but in Numb3rs you really get to know the characters personally making the episodes that much more meaningful.
  • Awesome show. Makes you see the world in a whole new way. A thinking show for a change.

    Truly great. I love the show because instead of just another crime show it has a wonderful and innovative twist. The use of math rocks the world. It\'s hard to believe how it can influence and guide so many aspects of our lives. The characters are believable and not just copies of the other shows. It is not a soap opera drama; there is just enough character development to keep us intrigued but does not take over the premise of the show. Well written, fantastically cast and the best show on TV. It will get you hooked if you give it a try.
  • Great show with a great mathmatical background!

    Numbers is an awsome show that shows us that math can be used in our everyday life. In Numbers, Charlie, a world recognized mathmatician, helps his brother Don, an FBI agent, solve many crimes using mathmatical equations. The criminals are usually caught because Charlie elaborates equations that tell where the next strike will be, where is the point of origin, etc. He tries to cover as many aspects as he can in his equations, more facts mean a more acurate equation. It has its share of romance with Charlie and Amita. It has its humorous moments specially with Larry and his teories. In numbers we see that family can overcome many problems.
    Great show with a great cientific background!!!
  • "We use math everyday"

    what an awesome show! i mean... before this show came on television.... people like the character charlie would have been seen to be "not cool" or "geeky". but the show has changed viewers opinions on mathematicians! :) its interesting, different from other shows on tele, has some of the most interesting characters ever and the best inter character relationships (don & charlie, boys & dad, don and co-workers) !!

    i love the show and how it changes slightly from season to season smoothly with the character changes. now my only wish is for Channel 10 to get it back on television for aussie viewers!!!
  • Two brothers (Don and Charlie) are helping eachother solve major crimes in the FBI. Charlie does the math and Don executes the mission. They go thruogh their problems together working as a team!!!!!

    This show is just amazing and has opened a new perspective in math for me!!!! The crimes are plotted very well and the characters do their job very well.It is my favorite show and always will be!!!!!!! Rob Marrow, David Krumholtz, Judd Hirsch, Alimi Ballard, Peter MacNicol, Diane Farr, and Navi Rawat do their jobs just perfectly. Their job takes a lot of practice ,but they do it perfectly!!!! I have the first Season on DVD and I'm hoping I can get my hands on the second Season on DVD!!!! Overall for the rest of my life I will watch Numb3rs over and over again!!!!
  • Cool show, just not my speed

    I like the idea behind numbers; One brother, the FBI agent gets the cases, the younger brother, the genius, solves them using mathematics. The relationship between the brothers is also a plus for this show. They along with their Father have a strong bond that transcends their job. However, something about this show isn't special enough for me. Maybe it's the fact that it's missing some of the most important emotional aspects that I usually see. I don't know, but I haven't had occasion to watch this show more than a few times. For people who like a complicated who dunnit, Numb3ers is perfect.
  • Numbers is a great show to watch for anyone, but especially for parents to watch with their kids.

    I have been an avid fan of Numbers since seeing it in flight. (It hadn't come to my country yet.) Watching Numbers with your kids is not only a great way to help them discover that talking and thinking about math can be cool; it is also good for generating discussion of the deep subjects they touch on in the show, such as the multi-dimensional issue of illegal aliens, etc. They don't sugar coat things; the good guys aren't all perfect and the bad guys aren't always all bad. In addition, the show let's the kids see that a family can work well together, even one that has had its issues. And to top it all off, so far it isn't over-the-top with sexual stuff, which is fine with me since I don't like them watching certain other popular crime shows for that reason.
  • A new way to look at Math

    I was always one of those kids in school what on earth am I ever going to need advanced math for, well now I know. I'm glad I studied so I have at least a vause idea of what Charlie does with all those equations. I wish this show would have been around 10 years ago. I'd probably be graduating from college with a different major. I'm glad that there is another show that allows focuses on family dynamic. But unlike Judging Amy which was mainly women this show is the reverse by focusing on a family of men. I can't wait for the new season to begin......
  • I love everything about this show! I watch it constantly! My friends and family are sure that it's unhealthy to like this show as much as i do!

    I've been watching Numb3rs since episode 2. I don't remember why i didn't watch the pilot, but ever since I started watching this show, i've been completely adn totally hooked. The storylines are interesting and unique, the acting is excellent, basically, the whole show is awesome. All of the episodes are interesting, not just the first time, but the second, third, and fifteenth (and i've watched quite a few of them that many times). What's more, I actually learn from this show. It makes me feel really smart. All in all, Numb3rs is my favorite show ever! I absolutely love each and every episode!
  • The only thing I watch...

    Except for "Star Trek: The Next Generation" I essentially stopped watching television in 1968. However, since another scientist friend told me about Numb3rs, I have watched nearly every show. The math is generally good, the plots are realistic, and the human interactions are fun. Yes, the episodes have a similar structure and we know the good guys will win out, but it isn't always clear who the bad guys are. It's that anticipation, that edge, that keeps me watching. Couple that with the fact that it portrays "our kind" in a favorable light, and it's irresistible. My only complaint is that occasionally, Charlie and the rest of the group at Cal Sci are portrayed as being just a little too one-dimensional. Most of the people I know who are at the high end of one bell-shaped curve are at the high end of several; they're not so narrowly focused.
  • The first season brought a new and innovative concept to television.

    The first season started out with a new and innovative concept -- solving crimes by using mathematics -- which is the way it is actually done. The characters and the actors chosen to play them were wonderful. But Something Hollywood happened before/during the second season that turned this innovative show into just another CBS crime procedural that resembles CSI and all its other clones. When math became cool, Numb3rs stopped being interesting. Add to that every storyline in the second season had already \\\"been done\\\" on another series and viewers could figure out \\\"who dunnit\\\" halfway through the hour. The two new characters (Megan and Colby) took the show so far down on the likeability scale that most likely only the young and impressionable fans of David Krumholtz will remain as the core viewers.
  • A great drama that avoids becoming a CSI clone or a Law & Order wannabe.

    What drew me initially into Numb3rs was my "OMG is that BERNARD from the Santa Clause with curly hair?!?!" response to the previews CBS was putting out in January 05.

    The reason I stayed with the show was much different. Yes, I still have my unnatural obsession with David Krumholtz's hair, but that doesn't make me tune in every week. I love the dynamic of the Eppes family (the ending tag-scenes are a big favorite). I love how the "procedural" part of the show isn't too much like CSI or JAG and manages to show the characters' various personalities and qualities.

    Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz and Judd Hirsch mesh so well that I totally buy them as a family. Don and Charlie's interactions are very believable as brothers and utterly adorable.

    I must say that, as much as I liked Sabrina Lloyd, the season 2 cast was by far superior to the first. David has shown hos growth in the way he deals with Colby. Colby is such a puppy that I just want to pet him and give him a biscuit. Megan, if possible, is even more awesome than Terry, in that she successfully wrangles not only the boys on her team but also the various Cal Sci egg-heads that her team drags into the FBI offices.
  • Well this show puts a new spin on cop shows, and its soo good…

    I’ve always liked the cop shows that are on TV but this show just has that edge over the others, I suppose that it actually makes sense in a way, (not that I understand all the maths involved) the way they come to conclusions makes sense to the real world. Where as in some shows they would magically find the piece of evidence that leads them to the criminal, Numb3rs doesn’t have this but instead they find the criminal via the maths involved. Admittedly it did take me some time to like the show, as some of it is unrealistic. Then again it is a TV show and not reality so anything can happen.
    It’s also totally unrealistic as to how the FBI agent is the brother of the math genius, but then again it does make for some very good TV. It is also good for the interaction of the two when they are trying to catch somebody.
    It’s defiantly a show that I am rapidly becoming addicted to.
  • Numb3rs is a show featuring Charlie Eppes a mathematical genius. Don Eppes, Charlie's brother, is an FBI agent who uses his brother's gifts to solve crimes. Charlie uses extensive mathematical skills to piece together the puzzle of the criminal mind.

    Numb3rs is one of my all-time favorite shows, it uses math to solve everyday mysteries that plague our society. It uses different methods, unlike other crime analysis shows, to figure out murders and other felonies. This show is interesting to watch the educational side behind the crime solving experience. The methods used in Numb3rs actually use real ways to solve crimes, unlike other crime analysis shows that use fake machines to do the work of DNA replication, and identification. I myself like math and find the methods used in this show very interesting. This show disproves the average student quote, "when will I ever use this stuff."
  • New twist on an old concept

    I like cop shows and when I first saw Numb3rs it was refreshing, to see that criminal investigation wasn't just about tracking people down and interviewing them, that there is a lot more to it.

    It is well acted and differs from a lot of other cop shows by showing the family side, which makes the characters more human by showing that they have lives out of work.

    The math aspects are always well explained, even though i don't understand the formula I can understand the pupose and how each aspect of it brings together the case as a whole.

    The show tone as a whole is somewhat lighter than Law & Order or the Shield but there are just as many twists and turns. Numb3rs deserves a good few seasons.
  • This show is great and I can't wait until the new Season three episode airs. Can't wait.

    The first episode that I saw of this show was the one with the 10 000 year old skull. I think that this show is great and that it should go on for a while. I also hate how I have to wait through the whole, entire, summer in order to watch the next episode. Repeats of shows aren't really my thing, unless I haven't seen the episode before. I like this show because it teaches me things about math and it is like a drama show. It really does show us some of the feelings and emotions of the charecters.
  • lets say that this show brings out some friendly family competion.

    thsi is the best educational tv show! lie its unlike any other show with crime because they use math to solve it along with evidence and stuff but they use math to predict stuff and it is great like thta. then at the end of every episode, they show the eppes family having a joke together and it is always funny! and hilarious! i love charlie cuz he is the math genious and he likes to joke around with people just like his brother and i think thats why i just love this tv show! cuz its funny, educational, and the best at solving crimes.

    This show sometimes makes me cry because well I suck at math but it's not ALWAYS about math whch I like. This is the show ment for math fanatics (which I am no where near of). I sometimes get a headache after this show because of all the big numbers!
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